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Call Outs, Property Lines & Droppers For Drone

Attention real estate photographers and drone pilots alike: If you’re looking for a way to make your drone videos pop and stand out among the others in your area, you won’t want to miss this RTV exclusive webinar event. Join us for this live broadcast on August 11th at 8:00 PM Eastern and learn from one of BlueLaVa’s best.
We will be sitting in with Shawn Bradford from BlueLaVaMedia, LLC as he goes through the process of adding in Call Outs, Enhanced Property Lines & Droppers to aerial drone video footage. This is a MUST-DO for your business if you want to differentiate yourself and make your productions genuinely pop. During the show, Shawn will show you the programs, procedures, flight capture techniques, and video editing steps required to add these captivating features to your aerial drone footage.

Shawn has a commercial helicopter license and has flown unmanned aerial vehicles as a contractor for the Naval Air division of our armed services. He has numerous hours of aerial photography in several areas ranging from real estate, commercial construction, boats, and vehicles. Shawn has also been actively involved in commercial video production and surveillance.

Register for this show now and claim your seat. We are limited to 500 guests, so be sure to register now and get ready to separate yourself from the pack. Learn how to do this and see why over 80% of the drone orders at BlueLaVaMedia include our property line package!

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