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I am known as an award winning advertising and corporate photographer who pushes the limits searching for new ways to create more effective and persuasive images. Of late I’ve immersed myself in immersive media — 360 virtual tours — and strive for the same level of creativity there as in my commercial still photography. In many ways 360VR offers far more opportunities to produce something exceptional.

I view photography as a passport — a way to explore and experience new places and people — and then to share that experience with others visually. A still photo is brilliant for conveying a unique moment. A 360 panorama, especially one with sound and animation excels at conveying the sense of a place. Either way I strive to convey a special experience for the viewer.

If you would like me to tell your story visually please call me at (414) 345-9660.


Scott Witte
Owner – Tour de Force 360

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