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Image 360 Studios, is an interactive media marketing company founded in 2006; specializing in 360 degree Panoramic photography and High Resolution architectural images.  Located outside of Blacksburg, in southwest Virginia, the studio mainly provides service to areas in Roanoke and New River Valley area; although they also service many cities in North Carolina, western Tennessee, and West Virginia.  Jim Rector, the owner of Image 360 graduated from Radford University where he first studied photography using film cameras and learning time honored dark room techniques.  Upon receiving his BS Degree, he then worked briefly as an assistant for two advertising photography studios; one in Richmond, VA and the other in Bethesda, MD.

It wasn’t until in 2004 that he began shooting in digital; and later in 2006, at the request of a Real Estate associate, began his career in panoramic photography shooting Virtual Tours. He quickly progressed on to filming hotels and commercial properties, which have now become the principal market for the studio.

Image 360 Studios provides virtual tour photography services in Virginia, West Virginia,  North Carolina and much of the Mid Atlantic area. Contact them today for your photography needs.

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Jim Rector | Image 360 Studios

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