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Real estate marketing is very competitive in the digital age so you need to stand out among your competitors. There are many Realtors in the Los Angeles area who know that Virtual Tours, Quality Photography and Drone Videos are powerful tools to help sell homes quickly. They are essential marketing tools in today’s competitive digital world.
The National Association of Realtors published a study in 2014, that showed 94% of today’s technology savvy home buyers use the internet to find a home. Additionally the top 5 most important, valuable necessities every listing must have, are:

1. Quality Photography
2. Detailed property listing
3. Neighborhood information
4. Interactive Map
5. Virtual Tours

Everyone uses photos and many use virtual tours, but most of the time quality of the photos and virtual tours is amateur and it shows. They say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words so why not let GooGoVu Estate View provide you with quality photography and virtual tours to showcase your property listings.
As buyers are spending an increasing amount of time on the Internet to find their next home, you need the most effective online marketing tools available.

• Have an open house 24/7/365
• Avoid spending your day with lookie-loos
• Get targeted leads that convert to buyers
• Does not bother the tenants, for showing
• One time cost, can use images and virtual tours for social media marketing
• Get better listings by showing potential sellers how you are going to market their property
• Mobile ready

We have been providing Southern California and Los Angeles virtual tours, quality photography and exceptional customer service to realtors since 2001. Watch our short video of all Real Estate services that we provide,


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