Virtual Tour Photography – Virtual Tour Photographer

Are you looking to join a great virtual tour company while being in an exciting and upbeat industry? The virtual tour photography and real estate marketing business within RTV is full of great opportunities! We strive to be the best virtual tour software company and breed the highest caliber virtual tour photographers.  We prove that each year as we continue to grow and improve with the help of our customers.

With the professional assistance and guidance from RTV, you can become a well-established virtual tour provider in your area while starting a great career for yourself. This industry is not for every type of person but by looking over a few points below, you will be able to determine if becoming a virtual tour photographer is for you.

Have you had any previous photography experience? This is the most important question because a virtual tour requires professional photography in order to look good and impress clients. If you are a beginner with photography, this can also be a great way for you to gain experience and learn the skills needed to succeed within the photography field.

360 degree panoramic photography is also a widely used format because this creates the full 360 virtual tour playback. Learning how to take these type of photos is a must and the team at RTV can assist you with stitching software and camera advice.
Have you previously or do you currently run a small business? A virtual tour business is not just about the photography, but is also about managing clients and expenses, marketing, branding, and more. A business background can be a huge benefit when deciding to join RTV because you will have an upper hand when it comes to the competition in your area. If you have never ran a business, this can also be the perfect opportunity to learn how to do so. You will learn the entire business side of photography and real estate marketing by becoming a part of the fastest growing virtual tour company in this market.

Working full time may be a requirement, especially if things take off and your virtual tour business becomes successful right out of the gate.  Most RTV virtual tour providers however are able to work another job while getting the business off the ground during year one. Make sure that you have the time to dedicate or that you can manage a team to help you out.

Setting finances aside specifically for your new virtual tour business is also very important. Some investment will be required but the return is great and well worth it.

Are you a sociable and friendly type of person? RTV deals with both personal and business accounts and photographers must speak face to face with their clients. Sometimes this requires meeting up with a single property owner or even a large group of managers. It all depends on the job details. One thing to remember is that no matter what, you will always be handling business in person so you must be approachable and courteous. Making a great first impression is key and being comfortable around others will help you succeed.

These are some of the main topics to focus on and think about before starting up your own virtual tour business. Keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere and we are dedicated to helping those who are experienced and new as well. The bigger the family at RTV, the better!