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Virtual Tour LensRTV virtual tours can be created with any digital camera. Our system does not require the use of a special virtual tour lens or one-shot adapter. A real estate agent with basic camera knowledge can create beautiful virtual tours and property marketing photographs. Our software also handles the work of professional photographers with ease and virtual tours are a great enhancement to a photography business. RTV virtual tours are now available fullscreen in HD! View our virtual tour gallery to see some amazing HD virtual tours. Take the Next Step RTV offers real estate agents and virtual tour providers access to The IMAGE, a monthly photography webinar. The IMAGE covers introductory and advanced photography tips and reveals how to capture the best property marketing photographs. We explore useful techniques that photographers and real estate agents can use to help overcome special situations when creating virtual tours of properties. The IMAGE is ideal for any level of photography knowledge and is free to you as a member of the RTV family. We want to do whatever we can to support you and help you build virtual tours with high quality photography. Learn more about: Shooting your own real estate listings Starting a virtual tour company Ordering a virtual tour from an RTV virtual tour provider Virtual Tour Camera and One-Shot Lens Systems RTV uses a 12 shot system with photo stitching software to create our virtual tours. This is great technology that allows the photographer control over each image as well as the resulting panorama. There are other virtual tour solutions available, mainly one shot systems that occasionally increase in popularity. These types of systems proclaim that the end result of the tour is all dependent on the special lens attachment used to shoot the tours. Rather, it is the result of lens, the camera and the photographer’s skills working together. The virtual tour camera solution sounds so simple that it becomes very attractive to potential clients. The problem is that one shot systems are sold with the promise that clients will never have to pay for a virtual tour again. They sell against the stitching systems by telling clients that stitching creates too many mistakes. The companies also say that upwards of 15 tours can be shot in a day and that one-shot systems are the best volume solution. Any salesman pushing a one-shot system is looking for people who don’t take time to learn about the virtual tour industry. Take a moment and ask yourself why there would be so many virtual tour camera systems for sale on E-bay if they are so wonderful. There are now several manufacturers of virtual tour cameras but the underlying technology remains the same as described below:

  • One picture must be taken into a mirror at one exposure setting and one white balance setting.
  • Most often the camera is held over the head or put on a tripod and the timer must be set allowing you enough time to exit the room.
  • You cannot utilize the virtual tour camera’s on board flash
  • You cannot shoot a 180 degree shot with the virtual tour camera
  • You cannot print images from a virtual tour camera or a one shot lens.

  Virtual Tour Lens and Camera Real estate agents WANT images from their virtual tours for use in the creation of additional marketing pieces for their homes. Using RTV’s technology allows you position yourself as a property marketing expert that provides virtual tours as well as property photos for use in other types of marketing. If you are trying to maximize time and money, why would you ever choose a one-shot virtual tour lens system that limits you so much? Using our 12 shot system also allows for less than 360 degree panoramas giving you the flexibility to provide exactly what your client wants. Take the Next Step In almost every case while photographing a virtual tour of the inside of a home, you will need to turn lights on. Since the light that will be coming through the windows of the home is different from the light coming from within the home, you will be dealing with two different kinds of white balance. Have you ever taken a photograph and wondered why the colors were all off or why you have an area of your photo that is blue or green? If so, you will get to see an awful lot more of that here in your attempts to get your lighting set up properly for your virtual tour. In the end you will have far more post processing time and editing/setup time than you were sold on in the first place. We have plenty of people in our virtual tour network that use our photo stitching software who would be more than happy to talk to you about their past experiences with one shot lens and virtual tour camera technology. Making the right choice in technology from the start could save you thousands of dollars and more importantly lots of precious time. Start your own Virtual Tour Company Virtual Tour Software for Agents and Brokers

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