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About RTV Virtual Tour Hosting

RTV offers the finest virtual tour hosting in the industry. We’re very proud to have maintained 100% uptime on our virtual tours since 1999!

Other companies might tell you that they have 97%-99% uptime, but that means their systems go down for three to four hours a month. Do you really want to risk that?

When you’re researching other virtual tour hosting companies, we encourage you to use valuable online tools, such as, to reveal the fact. Host your virtual tours with RTV for as little as ten dollars per production. We even allow you to private label our system as well as host your own!

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How does virtual tour hosting work?

When an RTV user publishes a virtual tour to Rack Space, our hosting facility in Dallas, TX, a virtual tour URL link is instantly created. The hosting center automatically adds dynamic keywords, meta tags, titles and a description to boost your virtual tour’s natural search ranking. Yes, your RTV hosted virtual tour will rank in the search engines!!

The virtual tour servers then automatically customize your virtual tour by adding features like Google Map, Walk Score, agent/owner information, virtual tour traffic reports, lead capture, syndication to YouTube and every major real estate portal, download tour, HTML 5 iPad – iPhone tou, and so much more.

Untitled-1We can host your virtual tour permanently at our virtual tour facility, or you may choose to host it on your own servers. Either way, you pay only a small fee of $10.00 for use of the infrastructure.

Virtual Tour Hosting Testimonial:

Dear Sharon,

I’m considering starting up a virtual tour business. What can you tell me aboutRTV Virtual Tour Hosting?

Thanks for your reply,

Hi Randy,

I started with RTV 3 years ago this spring. I bought the 200-tour package because I knew I would use them eventually. I bought my second 200-tour package in about 8 months. I think I’ve bought a couple more 200 packages since then, not sure how many exactly. The virtual tours are very well received by realtors because they are THAT MUCH BETTER than the competition, especially now with the Fusion virtual tour system. It’s AMAZING!

When I was looking for a virtual tour provider I researched online for a quality product. RTV Virtual Tour Hosting had what I wanted and so much more. I never expected their support to be so awesome! Believe me, in the beginning I was calling “support” every day, several times a day, for help. I’m sure they thought I would never last, but I was determined to learn the virtual tour system and do the type of quality virtual tours I knew I could. The learning process took about 2 weeks.

Probably what impresses me the most is their loyalty. I can’t count the times that Jason LaVanture has turned away interested people who wanted to start a virtual tour company in my area. Jason would even call me if the person was wanting to start a virtual tour company anywhere in Missouri or Arkansas to make sure it wouldn’t be infringing on my territory. I think the “loyalty” issue is one of the things I most respect and appreciate about RTV. I was a provider for another virtual tour company before RTV, and they did not show me that kind of loyalty, which is the reason I went “shopping” for another virtual tour company in the first place (and took all my Springfield virtual tours and clients with me)!

Getting started . . .
I basically started part-time. I had one “big-hitter” realtor and was doing all of her virtual tours on her high-end listings. Other agents would see her virtual tours and want tours “just like “Ethel’s”. It just grew from there. I now have several “big-hitters”, lots of “little-hitters” and full-time work during most of the year. In fact, my husband also helps with the virtual tour photography and my daughter-in-law helps with the stitching. It may start out a little slow Randy, but it will snowball if you hang in there.

In my market here in southwest Missouri, I have to be competitive with my pricing. I only charge $75 for a basic tour, so, after the $10 I pay RTV Virtual Tour Hosting for the tour hosting, I net $65 per tour. I’m doing roughly 10-15 per week, so netting $650 to $975 per week. In your market, you may have no problem netting $90-100 per virtual tour (maybe more). Our selling season slows down considerably from November–February, then takes off again. At that time I’m lucky to have 2 tours a week. Just being honest.

Please feel free to call me later this week if you have any other questions. I wouldn’t hesitate too long though. You definitely want to grab your territory while it’s available. Going with RTV’s Virtual Tour Hosting service was the best decision I could have ever made!

Sharon Wasson

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