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Watch our video series explaining how photographers and entrepreneurs maximize sales using RTV’s powerful real estate virtual tour and marketing system.

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Since 1999 RTV has been the leader in virtual tours. From our cutting edge software to our top notch customer service RTV is the solution you have been looking for!

Start Your Own Virtual Tour Business:

Making the decision to choose RTV to drive your real estate virtual tour business, virtual tour division or enhance your website, is making an intelligent business decision.

With RTV You Own Your Own Business! There are no hefty franchise fees, or requirements that you operate your business in a certain fashion. If you start a real estate photography business with RTV, you have complete freedom to operate how you want.  

Take a look below and see a virtual tour company testimonial from one of our many successful providers.

Virtual Tour Business Testimonial:

Approximately two weeks ago I plunked down at my desk in my office at the local real estate company for whom I was working and sighed deeply. I was tired and it had been a long day. I had been run all over creation doing all sorts of busy work that no one else wanted to do. I had become the Jane of All Trades for the company and I was exhausted.

Over the last year and a half I had gone from the full time in-house virtual tour provider to someone that all of the junk work was dumped on. Meanwhile, bound by my contract to only do business within my own Real Estate office, I was turning down calls from other local real estate companies wanting virtual tours in the worst way. The frustration was building.

So there I was, sitting at my desk in the semi dark gloom of my cubby when I decided, this is it. I’m calling RTV and that’s exactly what I did. And right then and there I began the journey to startup my very own virtual tour business!

It didn’t take long talking to one of RTV’s sales reps to know that this was what I wanted to do. He was confident in his product, knowledgeable and above all else, he gave ME the confidence to take this thing head on. We crunched numbers together, worked out a tentative plan, discussed marketing strategies and then he wished me luck.

Within a week I had purchased my own equipment and hit the road to do some marketing. Sure, it was scary to give up the stability of a weekly paycheck but already I am thrilled to have my freedom back and to be doing something that I do well and truly love. It’s a pleasure and an honor to represent the best virtual tour franchise out there and I can confidently walk into any real estate office in this area and be certain to sell at least one virtual tour. In the last five days I have sold four individual virtual tours and just today I closed a deal with a rental agency for 10 full service virtual tours! This job can be done and more importantly, it can be done by ANYONE who has the drive to go after what they want and the ability to work well with the public.

This job can be done and more importantly, it can be done by ANYONE who has the drive to go after what they want and the ability to work well with the public. RTV provides unparalleled virtual tour technical support, sales support and marketing resources. The provider CD that is included with the virtual tour software has a multitude of marketing resources that can really kick start your own virtual tour marketing campaign. And to top it all off, RTV is ALWAYS on the leading edge of virtual tour technology. RTV has made this process so seamless that it’s hard to believe I waited as long as I did to start my virtual tour business!

-Meghan McLaughlin, Camden, Maine


We encourage you to research the industry and feel free to contact your RTV sales representative at any time if you have questions on how we compare to other virtual tour technologies. We are one of the oldest virtual tour companies in the industry and that means technology shoppers, our customers and their clients get only the best, most experienced advice and help from our staff.

Whether you are building our virtual tours or ordering virtual tours from one of our many virtual tour providers, you will quickly see that our tours are published online quickly, contain a wide variety of feature sets, offer flexibility, customization of your branding and are very competitively priced in the market. Are you ready to look your best online and in front of your clients?

Our Virtual Tour Business Benefits:

You won’t find another virtual tour company online that can guarantee you will receive virtual tour leads to build your business and promise that you will get compliments from real estate home sellers. Our trained and capable staff is dedicated to the success of you as a virtual tour business owner. We promise that all of our systems are well tested and allow for your ability to produce your own virtual tours and 360 virtual home tours with ease. You will love the extensive training that we provide for our business owners and find ease in our virtual tour building process. RTV utilizes proprietary virtual tour software and precision virtual tour hardware which is created in-house by our staff of engineers. All of our virtual tour business bundles will ensure you success as a virtual tour provider whether you are just starting up your business or as an existing business owner bolting our system onto an existing one.

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