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Virtual Tour Camera and 360 Virtual Virtual Tour Camera Tour Camera Testimonial: “When I first started looking into the virtual tour business, I bought a 360-degree one-shot lens adapter for my ordinary digital camera. Little did I know the trouble I was in for! I took picture after picture. I spent countless hours in front of the computer trying to make MY few NEW virtual tour clients happy. Every time I viewed the images taken from the one-shot attachment, then looked at the images from other virtual tour companies, I was more and more unhappy with the result. And every time I called the one-shot lens company to find out how to get better shots, no one was available and my calls went ignored. Take the Next Step I had previously sworn I would not get any type of stitching system, as the salesperson from the lens company had told me so many bad things about stitching. But when I started looking at companies that used stitching, their images looked SO MUCH BETTER than mine. As it became apparent that my dreaded one-shot lens was getting me nowhere, I finally sold my virtual tour camera and one-shot lens on E-Bay. With just a little bit of research on stitching technology, I found what appeared to be the leading virtual tour company, RTV. My conversation with the sales rep was very educational, and within a day or two, I made the decision to go with RTV. After receiving my gear, I was in business immediately, and was able to save face with my clients who had already paid me for the one-shot lens tours. I imagine there are lots of people out there who get tied down with a one-shot lens system, just like I did. To date, RTV has taken great care of me, and my one-shot lens has most likely been sold and resold dozens of times by now!” Stories like the one above are all too common in the industry. People are promised a quicker, easier way and are handed an inflated bag of goods. If you want to create quality panoramic images, steer clear of one-shot lens technology. Below is our summary of one-shot camera lens technology. Virtual Tour Franchise Owners Virtual Tour Camera and One-Shot Lens Systems I am amazed that One-Shot virtual tour technology is still around today. When choosing a virtual tour solution, image quality is not the result of the software that was used to create the tour. Rather, it is the combined result of the lens, the camera and the photographer’s skills. The single shot virtual tour camera solution sounds so simple that it becomes very attractive to potential clients. The problem is that one-shot systems are sold with the promise that you will save time. One-Shot virtual tour systems try to turn customers against the stitching systems, claiming that mistakes will occur if you try to stitch photos together. They will tell you that you can shoot 15 tours a day with their virtual tour camera system and will be sure to leave your competition in the dust. This is not true and any professional virtual tour photographer will tell you the same. The entire process sounds very simple in that you only need to take one photo of each room. Any salesman pushing this type of camera system is looking for people who don’t take the time to learn about the virtual tour industry and the process required to create an in demand product. There are now several manufactures of virtual tour cameras and one-shot lenses, but the underlying technology remains the same. One-Shot Virtual Tour Camera Pitfalls:

  • One picture must be taken into a mirror at one exposure setting and one white balance setting
  • Most often, the camera is held over the head or put on a tripod; the timer must be set to give you enough time to exit the room
  • You cannot utilize the virtual tour cameras on board flash
  • You cannot shoot a 180-degree shot with the virtual tour camera
  • You cannot print images from a virtual tour camera or one-shot lens

A good business owner should never rely on hope and luck. As you move from one scene to the next, you want to be certain that you’ll get a professional-grade shot. One-shot systems do not allow you to utilize your camera’s flash, so a dark hallway will appear as a black hole and any windows with sunlight coming through will be extremely blown out. All images gathered using a one-shot system are only viewable within the software or the tour window online and they are not printable. Real estate agents want to use the images from their virtual tours to create additional marketing pieces for their homes. If you’re trying to maximize time and money, why would you limit yourself by choosing a one-shot virtual tour lens system? You should also know that you must photograph the entire 360, and you will not have the flexibility to capture 180 or 90 scenes when requested by your client. While photographing the inside of a home, you will almost always need to turn on the lights. Since the light that will be coming through the windows of the home is different than the light coming from within the home, you will be dealing with two different kinds of white balance. Have you ever taken a photograph and wondered why the colors were off or why one certain area of the photo is blue or green? You’re sure to see much more of that in your attempts to set up proper lighting for your virtual tour. In the end, you will have far more post processing time and editing/setup time than you counted on. The only people who might benefit from a one-shot lens would be a real estate agent that only lists vacant land, because using a one-shot lens system inside a home is a recipe for disaster. There are plenty of people in our virtual tour network using our photo stitching software who would be happy to talk to you about their past experiences with one-shot lenses and virtual tour camera technology. As an intelligent business owner or real estate professional, you probably know by now that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Choosing the right technology from the start could save you thousands of dollars—and, more importantly, lots of precious time. RTV is the leading virtual tour company for high-quality 360 virtual tours online. Quality is ensured throughout the entire virtual tour building process, while tour creation time is kept to a minimum. That’s why our virtual tours are often preferred for virtual home tours, properties, colleges, long-term care facilities, the hospitality/lodging industry and businesses of all kinds. For information on becoming a full-service provider or an agent/broker virtual tour provider, click the link below that best applies to you. Click here to see a ONE SHOT LENS VIRTUAL TOUR using the RTV virtual tour viewer. If you have a one shot lens…our technology WILL host your images!

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