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You probably already know that staged homes typically sell for more money and vacant real estate normally takes longer to sell. Most sellers have difficulty visualizing the potential of an empty home. With our new virtual home staging product, now they can!

Using our advanced virtual staging software technology we are now able to offer our virtual tour providers an amazing Virtual Home Staging product at an unbelievable low price! Take a photo of an empty room and then virtually stage it with modern or antique furniture & decorations. Our virtual staging software allows you to add in couches, tables, rugs, lamps, tv’s, draperies, pictures and many other furniture items to make the home look fully furnished and more appealing.

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Why Virtual Staging?

With more and more homes now being vacant due to foreclosures, virtual staging is in demand than ever before. Virtual Staging is frequently employed by homeowners and real estate agents to help show properties to their best advantage. A virtually staged home shows better than an empty home. As wonderful as traditional home staging is, there are some drawbacks as well. Actual staging can give prospective buyers the impression that window treatments or other furnishings are included with the purchase of a home.

Home staging is also quite expensive. The cost to rent furniture and other furnishings in a down market with extended sale times can add up. This is where virtual home staging becomes quite appealing. Virtual home staging is the process of taking digital photos of empty rooms, inserting digital furniture, window treatments, and other decorations. The attributes of each property are enhanced by the staging, rather than showcasing the taste of the homeowner. Virtual home staging costs a fraction of a physical home staging and is a great tool to help showcase the home to prospective buyers.

Learn How to Use Our Virtual Staging Software

Maybe you have heard of virtual staging on the real estate photography boards and thought it was something you should add to your virtual tour business. Perhaps you have not started offering this yet because you do not have time in your busy schedule to learn a new piece of software. Whatever the reason, the time to get started with Virtual Staging is now, and we are pleased to offer this one-hour virtual staging training webinar just for you.

Watch this recording, and you will learn how to virtually stage on your own in under one hour. Get ready to become a virtual staging expert with the help of the team over at Real Tour Vision. There is no cost for you to set up your virtual staging account so be sure to set that up before watching this show. Before watching the video below make sure you have already set up a virtual staging software account above!

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Our Customers Love Us!

Natalie Stark-Fouarge

Gold Market Media, LLC

After hours/days/weeks of research for a business that could help me with virtual home staging, I found RTV to stand out from all of their competition. I compared RTV with 2 other popular companies and RTV was a no-brainer to go with. They offered so much more than anyone else. When I contacted Jason at RTV, he returned my calls promptly and answered all my virtul house staging questions very honestly. Now that I’ve made the decision to move forward with RTV, they’ve treated me like family. There has been a lot of time, thought and work put into RTV over the years and it shows. Their virtual staging software is also user friendly and well thought out. The other competitors didn’t offer half of what RTV does. I’m pretty happy that I made the choice to partner with RTV.

Christine Caso

Action Images, LLC

I started using Real Tour Vision about a month ago to help with virtual home staging. Jason and his staff were extremely helpful. Jason took the time to talk to me and email numerous times while I was deciding which company to go with. He helped me purchase the Panono and even chased down the UPS truck to make sure I got it in time for a big shoot I had. The technical staff also went above and beyond answering my endless questions and helping me to get up and running. RTVs virtual home staging software is beneficial and cost effective for my clients. There are so many things it offers that I haven’t even tapped into yet. They really thought of everything. I am very happy with my total experience so far and look forward to working with Real Tour Vision for a long time to come. Thank you, Christine Caso

Why Real Tour Vision?

Established in 1999, Real Tour Vision (RTV, Inc.) is a privately held corporation in Northern Michigan. As a leading provider of virtual tour technology and national photography services we proudly support over a thousand professional photographers, aerial drone pilots, and independent business owners. These professionals are now ready, vetted, insured and trained to service your account.

Today, RTV dispatches several hundred jobs back into the photography network each month from our national accounts. Contact us today and learn how you can utilize our network of professional apartment photographers and aerial drone pilots on a bulk or ongoing basis! Service, satisfaction, and high quality are what we deliver!

When a home seller or a real estate agent decides to use virtual staging, the person doing the virtual staging takes digital photos of the home (preferably about five feet above the ground) and adds in digital furniture. The property being virtually staged could be empty, or it could even be full of existing furniture, decorations, knick-knacks, and so on. Most virtual staging solutions offer a way to remove existing furniture and clutter. This will typically come at an added cost. The end result is that the virtual stager is able to add anything they want into the photos which can include new furniture, decorations and more. When the virtual staging has been completed the photos are given to the home seller or real estate agent for use in the MLS system, virtual tours, and any other marketing outlets they might be utilizing. The best virtually staged photos will entice a potential buyer to schedule a showing.

There are two kinds of virtual staging that you can purchase.  The first type of virtual staging is full-service and it’s when you hire a professional virtual stager to stage your properties for you.  These people typically charge between $35 and $60 per photo. Some overseas services cost less and there are also some that cost much more than this. These are only averages.  The other option for virtual staging is DIY virtual staging. This is where you set up an account with an online virtual staging software company, upload your photos directly to the system and perform your own virtual staging.  These platforms typically cost between $7 and $15 per photo depending on the features you’re looking for.  Many of the more modern virtual staging software suites also allow you to virtually stage a panorama, or even remove existing furniture before adding in the newly virtually staged imagery. Staging panoramas and furniture removal typically come at an additional cost. 

You bet it does! It is common knowledge that 99% of all home shoppers turn to the internet before going to see a property in person. This is only natural as today’s buyers want to get a good feel for the homes home’s size, layout and construction well before they use up their time to check it out in person. With virtual staging, software is used to create a beautiful home remotely. Through the use of virtual staging software, photoshop, and other techniques, the final staged photos of the home offers home shoppers a new and fresh perspective and when done right it will entice them to inquire for more information. Ideally this results in lead or better yet, a live showing. The real estate marketing world that we live in today is nearly 100% digital. It’s not surprising that virtual tours, virtual showings and now virtual staging is more popular than ever before.