Tour Track Info and Orientation

Welcome RTV virtual tour provider. We would like to introduce you to RTV’s Tour Track program which offers exciting opportunities for you to earn extra money with RTV. Tour Track was designed to give companies with a national presence a way to order high quality photography and virtual tours while keeping a consistent look and feel. RTV streamlines this process by working with the clients to place their orders and understand their design and photography goals. We then distribute the photography and virtual tour orders to approved professional photographers within our network. Photographers are paid for each order they successfully complete. The beauty of this system is that RTV photographers are able to receive extra business they didn’t have to spend marketing dollars on, business that they would not be able to earn on their own since these national companies operate on a national level. Together we leverage the power of our network to contract with these companies and provide you with additional business.

Step 1 – Download and review our Tour Track Guidelines Document

Step 2 – Review Business Insurance Needs

Step 3 – Learn the system – Please watch the videos below

Step 4 – Get Paid! – Download RTV’s Direct Deposit Authorization Form Here IMPORTANT: If you are a provider that has additional photographers working with you, you must have each photographer approved for Tour Track if you want them to be able to accept and complete Tour Track orders. If you are an approved Tour Track photographer and you accept a Tour Track order, you cannot send one of your photographers to complete the order unless they are Tour Track approved.

Fill Out the Form Below to Join Our Network & Test Out Our Virtual Tour & Photo Delivery System!