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A Clean House is a Happy House

Here at Hintz-Rice we know that first impressions are key to leaving that lasting impression. Before our open houses, virtual tours and showing we give our home sellers a nice checklist to run through so everything will be in order. Here are some of our tips to making that lasting impression before your virtual tours and showings:


* Windows – Wash until they sparkle!
* Walks, steps and driveways – Sweep or hose down to remove debris and dirt
* Siding – Hose down and use a cleaner for vinyl/aluminum if necessary
* Gutters & Downspouts – Remove debris and hose down
* Decks, Patios & Backyards – Use a deck cleaner or power wash if necessary, stain, wipe down patio furniture and grills.


* Floors – scrub, wash and wax floors.
* Carpet – have carpets cleaned and deodorized
* Walls – wash walls, remove fingerprints & cobwebs
* Woodwork – clean with Murphy’s oil soap to remove film and restore luster
* Draperies & Curtains – dry clean or launder if possible
* Lighting Fixtures – wash and clean fixtures, replace light bulbs
* Windows, mirrors, glass cabinets – wash and clean to a sparkle
* Doorknobs, handles and pulls – clean and polish or replace if necessary


* Clean inside and out with mild detergent or Murphy’s Oil Soap to restore luster
* Clean, degrease and deodorize vents and exhaust hoods
* Clean appliances thoroughly inside and out
* Polish and clean sinks, remove stains
* Clean and deodorize garbage disposal and garbage bins


* Clean and polish fixtures until they sparkle
* Re-caulk tub and sink if necessary
* Clean and organize vanity drawers & medicine cabinets
* Scour sinks, showers and tub to remove mildew or mold
* Clean grout
* Wash mirrors


* Sweep or vacuum floors and ceilings
* Wipe down furnace, water heater, washer and dryer

Pet Areas

* Vacuum and deodorize area


* Scrub & deodorize all hard surfaces
* Spray an odor neutralizer on carpeting, drapes & upholstery

If these tasks seem too great, or time is of the essence consider hiring a professional cleaning company. The result will definitely be worth the small amount of investment.

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Preparing For Your Virtual Tour

Many homeowners may not realize home preparation is a very important aspect that should be considered when thinking about selling your home. In fact staging your home for sale, open house and for the shoot for your virtual tour is crucial is getting your home sold faster. Generally this doesn’t cost much more than your time and a little forethought. When done properly it will increase the money you receive from the sale and showcase your 24/7 interactive virtual tour in it’s best light all the time.

Keep it simple, is the golden rule. Remove clutter and personal items. Since you will be taking personal items with you when you move, the sooner they are packed and ready to go the better. This also give your potential buyer the idea that your home is ready for someone to move right in and make it their own.

Each room should be clean, spacious and full of light:

  • Be sure all areas are free of clutter, including shelves, closets, tables, and counters. Less is usually better.
  • Be sure to arrange the furniture in a manner that give a free walk way from room to room and remove any unnecessary furniture.
  • Don’t forget to make sure all light bulbs are replaced, to give the just right ambiance to each room. Remember photographers need light to shoot.
  • Bring the outside inside, by opening your drapes and curtains to show your view from each room.


  • Make sure your yard and patio is in the best condition it can be.
    • Mow the lawn
    • Trim shrubbery
    • Be sure outdoor furniture is in good shape
    • Put trash cans out of sight
    • Put toys and bikes away
  • During winter, make sure the sidewalks are clean of snow, ice and tripping hazards.
  • Home entrance should make a statement and help give the home curb appeal. Since this is the first impression potential buyers will have of their future home, it is critical that you present a lasting impression.


  • Remove everything from counters. People who view your buyer tour wants to see the counters, not your electrical appliances.
  • Be sure there are NO dishes in the sink. All dishes should be clean and put away.
  • Empty trash cans.


  • Put away everything. Personal items that you use daily can be put in a small box that can be stored away easily.
  • Close toilet lid and empty trash.
  • Be sure mirrors and glass surfaces are clean.

Overall it just takes a few minutes to stage your home for sale and your virtual tour. Put your time to work for you and make your home clutter free. Sandra M. Gibson
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Shreveport Virtual Tours – PRESS RELEASE

Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours Announces New PanoRider™

SHREVEPORT VIRTUAL TOURS Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours is proud to announce the addition of PanoRiders to its line-up of POWERFUL marketing tools. The addition of these unique real estate sign riders to Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours’ current services will allow their current and future clients to have the competitive edge in marketing their property listings and businesses utilizing these advanced marketing tools, which drive traffic to single property websites, in the Shreveport and Bossier City area.

Gary Bolda, Owner of Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours stated: “We are excited to be able to offer this new virtual tour service to our clients. The addition of PanoRiders and single property websites to our already powerful line-up of marketing tools will give our clients the competitive edge they need in this tough market.”

Rebecca Bolda, Owner of Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours stated: “This unique real estate sign rider will enable our client’s listings to stand out in the crowd and add unique curb appeal to entice neighborhood shoppers. It also provides the buyer with a simple and memorable single property website address of the home that they can revisit again and again.”

Since 2005, Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours has continually led the way as a Shreveport and Bossier City area virtual tour provider with marketing implementations such as Real Tour Vision proprietary interactive software, interactive virtual tours, PanoRiders, single property websites, on-demand Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting 2.0, 2D – 3D floor plans, 3D Animations walk-throughs, custom websites, proprietary order-dispatch system, tour audio solutions, and tour discs. For more information call 318-572-1779, or visit their website.

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The Power of Blogging

Last month I wrote an entry for the RTV Blog on the subject of Home and Business Inventory virtual tours using our virtual tour software. It was put out there to get a response from other providers in order to see if any of them were currently producing 360 virtual tours for this market sector. There were a few responses on the forum but the biggest surprise came from two people that weren’t providers (one is now). Both had found the blog through RSS Feeds keying in on home inventory services which they have been involved with for some time. We have traded info on how their format works compared to ours and are trying to come up with a system that will be efficient and worth the effort money wise.

I’ve also been in contact with RTV about this lucrative market and will continue to post info as we learn more. If there are any RTV providers that are currently serving this sector, your input is greatly appreciated. Step forward with any criteria or materials that may help us all.

Just another reason to post on this blog. Not only will it give your business better rankings in the search engines, but it can also lead you to entirely different markets that we have yet to tap into. One little suggestion from one person may give an ‘ah-ha’ to another that could break this wide open!


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Real Estate Outlook: Positive Trends

We thought that we would share this article with you that was written by Kenneth R. Harney and published in Realty Times on March 13, 2008. We encourage all of you out there to share this story with your customers and potential customers:

You might assume from the steady drumbeat of bad news about housing and real estate that there’s nothing encouraging out there in the economy. But you’d be wrong. And you might just be missing some positives in the market equation that you could put to work for you. So amid the gloom and doom, here are a few examples of trends that are at least slightly hopeful … and might even be helpful:

Number One: New mortgage applications nationwide jumped last week for the first time in more than a month, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

New applications for loans to purchase houses — a very important indicator of home buying in the months ahead — were up by 1.4 percent on a seasonally-adjusted basis. But they rose by a surprising 14 and a half percent on an unadjusted basis — that’s the raw numbers last week compared with the week before.

Why the sudden increase?

Get the rest of the story here: Real Estate Outlook

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