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Team RTV Hits a Home Run

RTV has hit a home run on the new Strategies CD Power Point Presentation. I have had the recent privilege of using it with my own Dream House Photography spin for my local area.

From that presentation, I convinced the office manager and broker to agree to paying 50% of the real estate agen’ts cost for the virtual tour. Terry and I went from 1-3 virtual tours a week to this week when I have 5 scheduled and just got 2 more. I am so glad RTV called me to tell me about the virtual tour business opportunity. I selected them for the quality of the software and the quality of their service to their Full Service providers.

I was so happy when RTV acquired RPM to leverage their great marketing skills. With this type of backing and the professional technology of our 360 panorama software, being a first time business owner is easy. The product sells it self due to the quality of virtual tours that the software provides. It is of no wonder to me why we are the #1 virtual tour company on the market.

Thank you Team RTV for all that you do for all of us; it really helps out when we don’t have the time or creative juices to put it all together. You are truly worth your weight in gold.

Keith Frank
Dream House Photography
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Establishing a Local Presence with RTV

I have been a full service provider with RTV for over four years. In the beginning I received a great deal of support from all the folks at RTV and it has continue over the years without fail. Just last week an individual in my area contacted RTV wanting to buy a system and compete with me.

RTV determined that my company’s area coverage was sufficient for the surrounding area. Because they wanted to avoid over saturation of the local marketplace, they advised the individual they were unable to establish any new virtual tour providers in the area.

I for one, appreciate all the support I have received from the folks at RTV and their concern for their full service providers. In particular my salesperson has kept in touch over the years and has always been willing to listen and offer new ideas on how to expand my business. These ideas were very helpful in the beginning when my competition’s prices were half the price I was charging.

Over time I have established a network of clients that realize it takes a quality virtual tour to market a home effectively. My competition is now out of business and my services are still in demand. I wouldn’t be in business today without RTV’s photo stitching software and support.

Over the years, my company has received from excellent service from all the fine folks at RTV. Choosing to join the RTV family as a full service provider has been a winning proposition for me and I look forward to maintaining our business and personal relationships for many years to come.

Tom Mylett
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Traverse City Virtual Tours Now in 2D and 3D Format

Traverse City Virtual Tour Company, BlueLaVaMedia is pleased to announce that all 360 virtual tours are now delivered in both FLASH 2D and JAVA 3D based technology. It is now more important than ever to be sure that the end user is able to fully enjoy the interactive media that we create for you. By using both Flash and Java based technologies we are able to guarantee that virtual tours are enjoyed by an even larger audience than ever before without the need of stopping to download a plug-in.

Our Java technology displays virtual tours in a 3D environment and optically corrects the rooms free from distortion in a way that the eye would normally perceive the rooms.

Our Flash technology displays the rooms in a 2D environment but does not optically correct the room leaving end users with a sharper and crisper view of your property.

It is our goal to continually make online property shopping a more reliable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Team BlueLaVa
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Virtual Tour House Hunting From Iraq

About 10 days ago Claire Crawford from Keller Williams (a regular client of ours) called to place an order for yet another BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual Tour ( She ordered her team’s usual services, including a basic virtual tour, submission of the tour to the MLS/MRIS and, music and photos for marketing. While BakerB Solutions provides services for property brochures and postcard mailers, Claire uses our photos to create her own brochures and postcards and does a great job!

The virtual tour order was for a nice single family 2-level home in Germantown, Maryland with an updated kitchen. We went out and met John Lee and the owner at the property to do the photo shoot the next day. After posting the tour online

John added the link to his team’s website

So far, nothing unusual right? Well, this is where the story gets interesting. Claire was contacted by an agent 2-days ago who was putting in an offer for the property on behalf of her out of town clients. The husband is currently stationed in IRAQ and the wife is still in Mississippi. They were home shopping the only way they could…by using the Internet!

As it turns out, they viewed The Crawford and Lee website and saw the home, our photos and the BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual tour. Claire just called me to let me know that contract is now ratified even though the buyers haven’t even set foot in the house!

This particular example illustrates the power of online marketing. Many Realtors in our area are struggling with the current market conditions. But those like the Crawford and Lee team who understand the power of Internet marketing are leading the Realtors in Germantown Maryland, showing how a house, even in this market, can get sold for a fair price if it is marketed well!

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Building My Tampa Virtual Tour Company…For Free

I just started my Tampa virtual tour company about 2 years ago. Last year I cleared about two hundred and fifty virtual tours and this year is shaping up to be even better. Here is how I grew my virtual tour business and spent little to no money at all.

When I first got started in this I went all out and had some fancy flyers and high quality business cards printed. I spent quite a bit on those items as well as getting my website up and running. I knew image was everything on the web, in print and most of all…in person.

I want around to all of the local real estate offices, handed out business cards and flyers and introduced myself in person. That is really where it all began. I got a few orders from that campaign then I refined my process and stared the routine all over again.

After my second pass I realized that being a one person operation I was soon shooting virtual tours and did not have time for all of the sales anymore so I sat down and began working out a way to put my business on autopilot.

I already knew that most of my new business was coming from referrals. People loved my product, my deliver, prices and level of service so they naturally talked about me to other people. That’s when I decided to take that simple fact and make it work faster and faster for me…even while I was out in the field shooting virtual tours.

I immediately stopped printing the expensive flyers and dropped down to marketing with just the website and a nicer business card with an attractive panorama printed on it. To get the ball rolling I implemented a few basics that I had learned along the way and then simply amplified them. I was now ready to make word of mouth my primary form of advertising!

I had made it a habit to follow up with my customers weekly after each shoot that I did for them to make sure everything was in order. On this call I began asking for a referral. “Do you know anyone else in your office that may need a virtual tour?” “Have you visited any homes recently that do not have a virtual tour but could really use one?” Questions like these did not always “Pan Out” but on many occasions they did and I started landing more deals using less money and less time overall.

Next during my 360 virtual tour photo shoots I made sure to give my customers some extra business cards and told them that every new agent they sent off to me who gave me at least two virtual tour orders I would give them a free virtual tour in exchange for the referrals. That free single virtual tour that I gave away was well worth the twenty or thirty virtual tours that I would get from that new customer over the next year or two. After handing out my business cards to agents for a few months some of them actually started asking me for more cards from time to time. Why wouldn’t they? They were getting free virtual tours for simply handing out my cards to their peers and talking about my services from time to time.

Next I implemented a “Constant Contact” program into my business. (From one of the Ask Jack columns in an old RTV newsletter). My constant contact approach here meant that if I had not heard from a particular customer in three to four weeks I would call then and ask them how things were going. If they had placed a CD order with me I would drop those off at their office in person. Yes that’s right…I stopped mailing out my CD’s. It takes a bit more time to do the drop but it gets the gate keepers familiar with you at the front end of the office and it creates an amazing opportunity for you to meet the key players in the office. The more they see you around the better so long as you don’t become a distraction. The key to a successful drop off is to get in, make the delivery and get along your way. Keep in mind they are typically very busy but the fact that you hand deliver your goods shows a lot and will stay with them.

Finally I made a big focus on making my tour production as fast as I possibly could without sacrificing the quality. Turnaround time is key especially when other national companies take weeks to deliver the virtual tours. They all will remember you and talk about you more if you have fast turn around time.

Well everyone out there, I hope some of my ideas help you out and I wish you all the best.

Thank You
Chuck Small
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