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Curb Appeal on the Internet

Think good photos and an accompanying 360 tour don’t make a difference when selling a property? Think again.

An recent article appearing in the Nashville Tennessean Newspaper supports the return on investment to be realized from the utilization of a virtual tour – emphasizing quality of photos as a key necessity successfully sell a property –

GOOD PHOTOS and VIRTUAL TOURS…”It’s everything,” says Trish Woolwine, a broker with Fridrich & Clark about posting good Internet photos. Last year she sold a house to a California couple, sight unseen, based solely on the Web photos. “People see the houses on the Internet, and a lot of them have told me if there aren’t a lot of pictures they just pass that one over and go to the next. You have to compete, and you need to have the best pictures you can — and as many as you can — and just really showcase that property.” If yours don’t make the grade, potential buyers may never knock on the door. When the home looks photogenic and the professional-looking photos are posted online, sellers will reap an important benefit: Eliminating people who aren’t serious about buying. And that means you don’t have to pack up the family and leave every time someone wants to check out your digs. – Curb Appeal Moves to the Internet – The Nashville Tennessian – 05/20/07.

As the article states – “Potential buyers may never see house if pictures fail to impress”
This is why more and more successful real estate agents are turning to a professional online marketing expert and virtual tour provider to provide their listing shots and virtual tours.

Here is the full article: FULL ARTICLE

Quality Counts!
Jason Bennett
Nashville Virtual Tours & Photography

360 Tours Bring Love

What was your funniest, most shocking or most crazy 360 tour making moment? Some of the stories I’ve heard have been bizarre even hilarious. Here is probably my favorite interesting story that has come from one of our RTV Full Service providers:

A love story blossomed during a 360 Virtual Tour shoot. While a photographer we’ll call Don was shooting a real estate home tour he met the daughter of the former owners. She let him into the home and followed him politely at a distance, watching his every move. During the shoot he stopped and admired a silver framed black and white picture of a young newlywed couple from the 60’s. They were standing in their wedding clothes barefoot on the beach.

“Must have been hippies” Don said smiling. To his surprise the young woman’s face crumpled and she started to weep. Don didn’t know what to do so he went to pat her gently on the shoulder as she cried, offering a tissue. He ended up sitting there with her for over two hours as she told him about how her parents had just died tragically and she was an only child left to deal with the aftermath. She had just moved back to the area and didn’t know anyone, they were all she had. Feeling sorry for her he invited her out for dinner that night. And they’ve been together ever since! That was 4 years ago and they are expecting a baby girl in July.

Real Tour Vision Tours do bring love and new life to the world!
Submission by Jacque Stephens-Burke
Your Friendly Tour Track Administrator

My sample tour’s evil twin

We used one of the very first tours we did (as RTV providers) as a sample on our virtual tour company website.

I was not aware the agent we had done the virtual tour for had lost the listing until we received an email from the new listing agent. Their email to us stated that since our virtual tour company was not contracted by the new listing agent to do the virtual tour we had to remove the virtual tour from our website altogether. We were very surprised to hear this and decided to comply all the same so we removed the 360 home tour from our website.

Upon removal my team and I were very curious as to why the new listing agent was so adamant and hurried to get the virtual tour off of our website. We payed a quick visit to their website only to discover they were paying for a Visual Tour subscription. We quickly located the listing that we had done the tour for and found they had used visual tour technology on that listing already. It became very clear to us after looking at the tour why they wanted our tour taken down.

The virtual tour (if you could call it that) was of very poor quality and was not a good representation of the home at all. Because we wish to remain anonymous here on this submission we are unable to post the two virtual tours side by side for all to see. We are pretty sure that the listing agent felt embarrassed to see the old virtual tour hanging out there. They wanted it down as quickly as possible. The agent knew if they were to use the virtual tour they would never be able to go back to their DIY technology again. Everything in this situation has to do with the difference in quality of our original virtual tour and the visual tour which replaced it.


A Full Service Provider

Thanks RTV!

We received a call from a Realtor(R) with a restaurant/bar for sale. We were somewhat concerned that the restaurant would seem too dark, not only because lighting is inherently darker in bar/restaurants, but because it’s located on the Oregon Coast, where the weather is impossible to predict but for the most part, it’s raining :))

The restaurant owner LOVED the virtual tour. This gave us even more confidence that Real Tour Vision was the correct choice when deciding which virtual tour technology would work for every possible need.

Dawn Shaffer

Real Estate Agents-Online Marketing is Key

Real Estate Agents are quickly learning that establishing an online reputation could make them or break them in today’s market. The days where families want to drive from house to house are long gone. With children schedules to coincide and gas prices quickly rising once again, shopping for houses online using virtual tours has become extremely commonplace.

When I first opened SLP Virtual Tours, my best friend was ecstatic. She told me that her and her husband wouldn’t even consider buying a home that didn’t have a tour. They spent a few hours a week online reviewing houses on the market that had virtual tours. They narrowed them down to their three favorites and then began calling real estate agents. From the three, they picked “The ONE!” and live in it still today. And what was the exact quote of my 32 year old best friend with a husband and four children? “If a real estate agent gets a listing and doesn’t think it’s worthy of a virtual tour, then why would it be worthy of my time to see in person and spend our money on?”

By using virtual tours on every tour, real estate agents are quickly seeing a rise in their client lists. Using a top leading virtual tour company such as Philadelphia’s SLP Virtual Tours-the real estate agent’s reputation gets catapulted into a “who to use” real estate agent status. The agent’s photograph is included on every tour as well as contact information and company logo. It’s a surefire bet for a real estate agent to “Brand” themselves in today’s ultra-competitive market. And the tours offer top notch conveniences for each viewer including music, crisp clear images that rotate 360 degrees, with a zoom in and out feature that allow viewers to zoom in and out on the fine architectural details of a property.

Not all virtual tour companies out there offer top quality tours. It’s a buyer beware market. In fact, the newest game on the net is companies claiming to be virtual tour companies when in fact, they only make up a slideshow of still photos. There is no 360 degree “spins” that modern technology gives us and that consumers demand. That is why trusting virtual tour providers in the Real Tour Vision Network is imperative for a real estate agent who understands the importance of online presence and reputation. The tours are uploaded quickly, the viewing window is large, and they are true to life. Virtual Tours will get an agent every listing that comes their way. Consumers want to be in the “now” of technology and expect their properties to be listed with the top marketing pros who will save them money in the long run. The tours help to sell the homes quickly and warrant to be placed in every marketing budget of every property.

Jennifer Stiefel
SLP Virtual Tours