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Virtual Tour Insurance

What a Nightmare:

You know it not a good day when you are rushing to get to your first virtual tour shoot and in your haste — you trip and fall on your client’s front porch stairs. In the process, you drop your tripod and camera. With that sinking feeling in your gut, you pick up your equipment and confirm that the camera is now smashed and one of the legs of the tripod is bent at an awkward angle.

Thoroughly rattled and upset, you put on your best smile when the client opens the door and invites you inside. Once inside the door and still frazzled, you unwittingly stand your tripod up in the foyer next to a very beautiful, and yes –very expensive—glass vase. As soon as you turn to your client—a sudden and incredibly loud crash occurs—telling you that the tripod has fallen and smashed the vase into a thousand pieces.

Hopefully, this scenario has not happened to anyone but the scary part of it is –it could happen – or something worse. It is not hard to imagine an incident involving grave personal injury to yourself or to your client.

The question that is raised is, “Are you covered by insurance?”

A lot of providers may think that their home owner’s policy will cover their camera, tripod, and any accidents at a job site. This is simply not true.

As a virtual tour provider you need to protect your business with insurance that covers personal injury, liability, and your mobile equipment (laptop, camera, tripod, etc). Today, most insurance companies offer a bundled insurance plan sometimes known as Business Owner’s Insurance Package. These packages are designed to provide insurance protection to you while on the job site.

All providers are encouraged to call their insurance companies and review with their agent the insurance needed to cover your business.

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It’s great to be able to offer more!

A Realtor(r) recently wrote that the virtual tour we produced for her was great and she loved the still photos. In following up to ensure that she had everything she needed, she asked if it would be possible to receive more still photos than the dozen included in the virtual tour package she ordered.

Depending on the size of the real estate listing, it’s quite possible that we have taken hundreds of photos. We are able to “go back to the raw data” and retrieve extra high-quality photos for you.

We applaud real estate professionals for acknowledging the power of the first impression and feel honored to be part of your marketing team.

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Don’t Play Favorites With Your Clients

During a recent conversation with a Realtor(r) who was ordering a Virtual Tour I was told that she had another listing coming up this week but she didn’t feel it justified a Virtual Tour. I wonder how the undeserving home’s owner would feel about this? Think about this quote I actually heard from someone using the internet to look for their first home:

“If I see a home listed somewhere on the internet and the agent didn’t think it was worthy of a virtual tour then it probably isn’t worthy of my time.”

It’s easy to see the logic of this thinking. I was also told by a long time Minneapolis Realtor recently that if he sees a listing on the MLS that doesn’t have a large number of great pictures he won’t bother sending that listing to his buyers. He assumes that these days if you don’t have at least 10 great pictures the home must not be that great.

Don’t play favorites with your sellers, after all, one of the great benefits of an interactive virtual tour is to show other potential home sellers that you are using the latest technology in your efforts to market homes. Make a Virtual Tour on every home an important part of your marketing plan and set yourself apart as a leader in your market place. Remember, search sites like wouldn’t give you the option of sorting out only homes with Virtual Tours if there wasn’t buyers out there who only want to see homes with Virtual Tours first.

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The Virtual Tour Pitch

I am preparing to give a sales meeting presentation about virtual tours in a real estate office in nearby Chester County, Pennsylvania. In getting ready to talk about using virtual tours to promote properties and market a real estate agent, I came across some astounding statistics:

Last year, home buyers were actively using the Internet to make their home purchases. What is so important is that these buyers overwhelmingly eventually use real estate agents to assist in their purchase:

· Method of Home Purchase, By Use of Internet:

· Agent/Broker – 81%

· Direct from Builder – 10%

· Direct from previous owner whom buyer didn’t know – 5 %

Source: 2006 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Consider what this means: 4 out 5 buyers using the Internet also use an agent!

So if you are a real estate agent, you have to ask what you are doing to improve your Internet marketing. Based on last year’s data, you just can’t sit back. If you don’t get active marketing on the Internet, this business is just lost to your competitor. Remember that listings with virtual tours always get selected first by potential clients. So as you allow last year’s statistics guide your future marketing plans, consider how important quality virtual tours are to your marketing plan.

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Hats Off To The Baker B And His Queen

Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Alex Saenger and his wife Sharon. Alex and Sharon have been a part of team Real Tour Vision now for over two years offering virtual tours of Rockville, MD.

Congrats Alex and Sharon!!
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