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How the Exposure Elements Exposure Engine Works for Realtors

Virtual tour exposure is often the forgotten element of a successful marketing plan for a real estate listing virtual tour.  An exposure delivery engine can be the difference between realizing the most benefits of your photography work or a less than maximum efficiency of your virtual tour marketing investment.  The Exposure Elements Exposure Engine is a complete listing exposure package that provides a comprehensive marketing plan that assures total exposure for a real estate listing.  It is a exclusive package of marketing tools offered our real estate virtual tour customers that will extend your reach to massive internet viewers and increase your ability to deliver vital information at the point of interest.  It will clearly differentiate your listings and also provide unmatched punch to your listing presentations.

Real Estate Market Exposure Engine
Realtors have unique requirements for the exposure of their listings.  Our Exposure Engine is designed to facilitate this need for up to a period of six months.  Our Exposure Engine is offered as individual components of your marketing plan or as a complete service comprised a listing portal service, YouTube video, a 6 month on-going Craigslist campaign, Property flyers, e-flyers, a QR code for a basic mobile presence and social networking buttons enabled on your virtual tour. 

We deliver this by posting images and details to over 80 sites through our real estate image delivery portal, developing a YouTube video that we can post or deliver to you, a tour QR code and an HTML posting to Craigslist.  The power of this program, though, is that we will keep our exclusive postings up for up to 6 months or until the property listing is sold whichever comes first.  We will also repost the Craigslist advertisement every 15 days for the six month listing support period on your request.

Listing Portal
In today’s challenging real estate economy realtors are challenged with so many concerns that taking the time to post to over 80 sites just isn’t practical.  Our Exposure Engine facilitates the exposure of property listings through our listing portal so that Realtors can focus on the thing that they do best, getting property listings.  We maintain the listing for up to six months also so you and your clients can be assured that their property will have continuous exposure throughout the listing period on all the sites in our portal.  These sites include Zillow, Trulia, Oodle, Hotpads Yahoo Real Estate Listings, Vast, Enormo and over 80 more sites.

YouTube Video
We include a YouTube video that mirrors the interactive virtual tour that is purchased so that prospective buyers can view the tour in a video format on their mobile phone.  Agents that properly promote this can see excellent results by addressing the growing smart phone community and building an additional element of branding for their services that will distinguish them from the crowd.   As an added bonus Exposure Elements expertise in YouTube listings assures the Realtor that the listing will always be found by address or Realtor’s name for easy search and play.

Craigslist Listing
Due to the no cost value of posting Craigslist listing advertisements this online real estate marketplace has become one of the most powerful local marketing tools for Realtors and one of the most favored listing research tools for home buyers.  The challenge for Realtors is the regular maintenance of the posting schedule.  Exposure Elements will create an HTML Craigslist posting that includes pictures, links to the virtual tour, property descriptions and links to the listing Realtor’s website.  This graphical presentation of the property is sure to stand out against the competition as most realtors generally don’t have the HTML background to create this type of marketing experience.  As an added bonus we turn this HTML page into an exceptional e-flyer for the property for all your email correspondence.  This is an incredible value for Realtors!

Property Flyer templates and E-Flyers

With all the other value in our property marketing system we also provide two additional services to our Exposure Engine that can’t be overlooked.  Until buyers entirely embrace the age of the internet, (see single property mobile websites below) they will want property flyers that will give them some tangible piece of information about the property that can represent the property in a way that is reassuring and comfortable.  Realtors also want to have a method of interacting with prospects at open houses that they can’t open up any other way.  E-Flyers solve the challenge of forwarding an email summary of the property back to email inquiries complete with property specifications, property descriptions and images.  For these instances we create property flyer templates in both paper and e-mail form for the listing Realtor.

QR codes
Finally, we create a property QR code for the listing directed towards the virtual tour.  QR codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that can be loaded with a URL for easy access by camera enabled smart phones.  With so much information in the virtual tour and the ability to include this with all the marketing collateral a QR code is an unbelievably powerful tool for addressing the exploding smart phone market and a way to appeal to the younger X&Y generations.

Social Networking Buttons on your Virtual Tour
A frequently overlooked feature of our Exposure Engine is the social networking buttons on your Exposure Elements virtual tour.  Our virtual tours include buttons for 12 of the most common social networking sites applicable to the real estate industry including Facebook and Twitter  buttons.  While many realtors have set up social networking sites they often don’t make post due to the amount of time necessary to manually make entries to those sites.  Consequently they have fluctuating membership from their visitors that expect regular postings.  We have made this a simple process of just clicking on the button for the appropriate social networking site and the tour is automatically posted!  Furthermore, these buttons can be used by your tour visitors the same way so they can share the tour with all their friends with just a click of a button.  While being one of the least used features of our Exposure Engine this feature has the potential to be the most valuable when used effectively. Picture Path
Many tour providers offer access to the virtual tour portal known as Picture Path.  This portal distributes the tour to another 80+ sites assuring a wide viewing audience for the listing’s virtual tour.  If Realtors are Showcase agents they can get this service from us for free as a part of their package from  If they are not a member of the Showcase program the fee is $25, all of which goes to  Many of the large real estate listing sites are included in this distribution including, Zillow and Trulia, the top 3 real estate portals.  Exposure Elements doesn’t include this program as part of the Exposure Engine since key elements of the Picture Path portal are replicated in our Exposure Engine.  The biggest value of this distribution portal is the listing but since any Realtor can post up to 25 images on for free we see less value for this investment.  None the less, there is still considerable additional value to the distribution of listing information for the Realtor that wants to show the property in as many places as possible for an additional $25.

Single Property Mobile Websites
Another optional item Exposure Elements also offers is our exclusive Single Property Mobile Website.  This is a modern day replacement of the Single Property Website of a few years ago.  With more homebuyers using their internet enabled smart phone to find properties a Single Property Mobile Website presents an excellent opportunity to get the property listing, and Realtor contact information on the home shoppers phone.  As an engaging way to share this information with buyers, Realtors get the benefit of their listing standing out as memorable to buyers and as a silver lining, the Realtor captures the mobile phone number of the interested party.  This can be used to follow up with the interested party at the point of interest and if the home is right they may be open to your help finding the home of their dreams. Don’t forget that this information can be forwarded digitally also so Realtors can extend their reach to prospects that they never meet!

These tools along with an Exposure Elements Virtual Tour can be a major step in the exposure of your listing.  When done as a complete service Exposure Elements will cross-market all of your services providing the credible in-depth internet presence that home buyers want today and the point-of-interest information access that will keep your listing at the peak of home buyers awareness, even after they have left the property.  Order your next Exposure Elements virtual tour with the Exposure Engine here.

About Exposure Elements
Exposure Elements is an interactive digital marketing company serving the Silicon Valley and Northern California.  We have developed software partnerships with RTV, the world leader in virtual tour software development, and TxT2Look, a leading mobile platform for the emerging mobile marketing explosion to offer photography, virtual tour services, and various internet marketing services in the Silicon Valley,  throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and across Northern California.  Visit our website at for more information or email us to book a virtual tour.
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Getting to No

Many people who begin a career in sales get to the point where they dread hearing the word NO.  In fact, many new salespeople get so discouraged from being told NO that they quit trying and ultimately fail.  If you hear a hundred NO’s without hearing a YES, you may be tempted to give up.  The metric used to measure success in sales is the “closing ratio”.  In the most basic form, a closing ratio is how many people you have to talk to in order to make one sale. But in actuality, a closing ratio is better measured as how many prospective virtual tour customers ultimately tell you YES in comparison to how many ultimately tell you NO.

The key to success in sales is what you do after you hear the word NO. Even the best salesperson hears NO a great deal of the time. But the fact is that 90% of YES’s come after a prospective customer has said NO.   Those people who become successful in sales realize that NO is just one step on the way to YES.

In his book 12 Cliches of Selling and Why They Work, Barry Farber says, “The cliche is that extroverted people people go into sales but the fact is that introverts make just as successful salespeople as extroverts, perhaps because introverts are such good listeners.” What successful people learn is how to listen to what their prospective customers are really saying because No doesn’t always mean NEVER.

NO may mean “You haven’t given me enough information to say YES”.  For a new salesperson (or an experienced salesperson learning a new product like I was when we started our Virtual Tour Company, there are going to be many more NO’s than YES’s at first.  While it’s important to be educated before making a sales presentation, there are some things you can only learn with experience.  For any product or service that is sold, there are a finite set of objections. In the beginning, these objections represent locked doors but once you have learned how to overcome an objection, you have the key to open that door the next time you hear the objection. The goal is to collect a wheelbarrow full of keys so that you are ready for any objection you may hear.

NO may mean “Not Now”.  When someone tells me No Thank You, I ask if they mind if I send them some information in case their situation changes in the future.  If they say yes, then I add them to my Contact Management System and set up a drip campaign to stay in front of them.  This may be a postcard every 90 days or it may be a phone call every week.  I am currently talking to the owners of a cabin rental management company who assures me they are interested in cabin virtual tours.  They are incredibly busy so each time I have called, the owner has asked me to call him back.  I have called him a dozen times but each time he assures me that he really wants to talk to me but is just busy.  At some point, I will go from calling him weekly to bi-weekly to monthly to every 90 days but unless he says, please don’t call me anymore, he will remain on my drip list. 

NO may mean “NO”.  There is no such thing as a 100% closing ratio…even the best salespeople get told NO a predictable amount of time.  In fact, seasoned salespeople can tell you how many No’s they expect for every sale they make.  If NO really means “NO”, then the key is to find this out as soon as possible so that you can get on to the YES.  If it takes 100 No’s to get to Yes, then each No is just one step closer to your sale.

Keep an eye on us! We’ll be doing lots of vacation rental photography jobs real soon!

Keep up the Good Work RTV

We have been using RTV virtual tour software for  a while now and truly believe that your motives as other providers of virtual tours are to sell more 360 virtual tours, but in selling more tours – you are creating an environment that improves the skills and marketing abilities of your providers worldwide.

We have been extremely happy with your Inner Circle virtual tour marketing center. The marketing materials you have created to help the providers along with your monthly virtual tour webinars The Image and The Formula have helped all levels of providers from just starting never having done professional photography to experienced photographers like ourselves.  We are always learning something new and useful from RTV.

Vendors you have recommended have treated us professionally, priced their products well and have offered a greater level of support and upgrade than vendors we may have found on our own.  You have done a fantastic job in finding free or low priced software to get the job “great finishing touches”. 

Your national virtual tour accounts that you acquire though the tour track program has provided us with income that was unexpected, welcome and of course better national exposure for our virtual tour company.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Jason LaVanture personally, to thank Ben Knorr, to thank Jacque Burke and of course all the support people behind the three of you that make RTV function as great as it does. We look forward to growing with you for many years and to “taking advantage” of RTV and all it has to offer!