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What is your Professionalism Score?

Do you know what your Professionalism Score is? What!? You say… Many would be surprised to find that there is a Professionalism Score. While not in the same sense as the official Credit Score, it is more of a subliminal Score but it screams volumes about your level of professionalism. This is how you are perceived by the public and perspective clients.

In today’s high-tech world people have easy access to your virtual tour Business which can be  great but can also be detrimental to your success if your professional score is not high. Just as in the credit world where a missed or slow payment can bring down your score and cost you that loan or prime interest rate, your lack of attention to your professionalism could could subliminally tell your clients that you are less than professional and result in drastic results for your 360 tour business.

Let’s have a look at some areas that may need a bit of tweaking in the professionalism area. Some may seem more obvious then others.

Professional Dress: The way you present yourself to clients should be a no-brainier but take a hard look at yourself. Do you look as neat and professional as you could? While a three-piece suit is not necessarily in order today, a clean, neat appearance is a must. Hair trimmed, clean shoes (no tennis shoes unless you’re actually playing tennis with a client or you walk on a treadmill all day at your desk like Jason), take a look at your clothing, does it present a professional image? This will be different for everyone depending on client type and /or geographic region.

Business Cards: This in many cases will be your first introduction to a potential new client as business cards are often passed on to others you have yet to meet. Is your card professional or did you print it with your ink-jet printer? Do you have “Free” on-line business cards with the providers ad on the back? Consider a professionally designed and printed Business Card.

Language : This includes how you speak on the phone and face-to-face with clients as well as what you post on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Wrong spellings and improper grammar may be the most glaring offense to your professional standing. Proof read everything you post! Do not rely on spell-checker 100%, it’s a nice guide but not foolproof, use the wrong word and if spelled right, it will not be caught by the spell-checker.   Is your language peppered with “like, basically & actually”? Basically, you should like, actually check that! In addition, never use slang or colloquial speech with clients even if they are using it. Speak proper English. Speaking anything less, doesn’t project professionalism. At the same time, make sure you aren’t using words that will go over your client’s head. You don’t want them searching Google to understand what you are trying to convey, as that can also be counterproductive. While your clients may think you’re very intelligent, they will not appreciate you talking over them.

Photography: Are you using your yearbook photo on your web-page, blogs and other media? Are you taking your own listing photos? Do your competitors use professional images and/or a Professional Virtual Tour for their listings? How do your listing images compare to those of your competitors? Will they hold up in side by side comparison with your fellow Realtors when sellers search for a Realtor? Unless you are a professional photographer in your own rite, you should consider hiring a professional photographer or Virtual Tour Provider to photograph your listings. Studies after studies have indicated that a Home with a professional Virtual Tour or professional Images will get more viewings and better qualified buyers then those without professional images. “A Realtors’ association survey found that when it comes to web features that buyers consider “very useful,” 83 percent cited  pictures, 81 percent cited detailed property information and 60 percent cited virtual tours.” JR-Signal vs. Noise here is a graph showing the # of clicks a Virtual Tour gets vs the MLS listing.
The difference is crystal clear!

The Front Office: Do you have a front office or do you often work from home? Do you answer your own phone, often putting clients on hold or are your calls going straight to voice-mail? Do you spend a lot of time coordinating viewings, open houses, scheduling Virtual Tours, inspections, closings etc, etc, etc… all of this running around and playing phone tag can lead to missed appointments, unanswered calls and general appearance of being unorganized and unprofessional. In order to exude a professional appearance consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant can help you with as much or as little as you want at a reasonable hourly rate usually billed to the minute. A Virtual Assistant can perform many duties for you such has but not limited to general virtual administrative work, real estate virtual administrative work, transaction coordination, data entry and lead qualification. This would give your business the appearance of a large organization if working from home, free up your time to list and sell many more homes and make you look very organized while at the same time appearing very professional.   

Website:  Do you have a professionally built Website? Or did you build it yourself? Yes, you can build your own website these days, there are many on-line portals that let you build your own website including your Domain provider but once again, this should be left to the professionals. There are many inexpensive yet professional website builders available that won’t break the bank. Even a template Website geared toward Real Estate Professionals will appear more professional then one you build yourself and lets face it, do you really have time to build your Website from the ground up? 

In conclusion, Your professional virtual tour business image determines how others feel, think, and see your business. Moving forward, why not implement the above suggestions to put your business on the professional track and increase your Professional Score.

Albuquerque Virtual Tours

DragonFly 360 Imaging is a locally owned and operated virtual four company providing a wide range of photographic services and real estate marketing services to the Greater Albuquerque NM area.

At the helm of this fast growing company is Dale Hart. He brings over 30 years of professional photography experience to the table, much of it working with interior designers and architects.

Dale Hart
Owner – DragonFly 360 Imaging
Order a virtual tour: 505-359-8885

Virtual Tours for Insurance Documentation

Just close your moment………… mentally make a list of everything in your house.

In the past few weeks, two of our close friends in two different cities have had their homes broken into. Imagine walking into your home and finding that someone violated your sanctuary and taken your stuff. The trauma and shock of that experience must then be followed by the stress of dealing with police reports and insurance companies to detail what is missing.

Next weekend, Ben and I are going to Ringold, GA with our church to help that community which was decimated by a recent tornado. Homes and businesses there were literally flattened by the tornadoes…families lost everything. Again, in addition to the trauma of surviving the storm, can you imagine trying to remember everything you own and providing that detail list to your insurance company?  While we are there we hope to do a little hotel photography too!

Our professional photography business has recently finished shooting 30 cabin virtual tours for a North Georgia vacation cabin rental company. Within a week after shooting these tours, one of the cabins had an unfortunate incident where renters using fake identification and stolen credit cards stole many of the valuables from the cabin including electronics, linens, decorations, dishes, and much more.

Luckily for the cabin owner, there was no questioning what was stolen because they had a room by room cabin virtual tour that showed the cabin exactly as it looked prior to being wiped out. Virtual tours are not just great for marketing, they are also invaluable should there be the sort of tragedy that we have seen examples of recently.

We specialize in high definition 360 degree virtual tours and vacation rental photography too! Professional photography, cutting edge technology and a national presence are just some of the reasons that we have been chosen to provide healthcare virtual tours, school virtual tours and vacation virtual tours to businesses in 26 states this year.

Corpus Christi Virtual Tour Provider Goes to Vegas

Home Video Studio was recently nominated for four Hanley Awards at the 11th annual Home Video Studio (HVS) Getaway in Las Vegas, NV.  The Hanley Awards, HVS’ version of the Oscars, recognize achievement in the video industry.  Home Video Studio is the world’s largest international video production services franchise with studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden.

    Studio owners Alan and Kim Fon who also run a Corpus Christi virtual tour company submitted their video work in several of the thirty-three Hanley award categories. Studio owners from across the world entered to win Best Video Production, Best Documentary, and Best of Show to name a few types of honors.   The Hanley’s, named after Robert Hanley, the founder and president of Home Video Studio, are in recognition of a studio owner’s work during the past year.

    Home Video Studio – Port Aransas was nominated for its work in Best Press Release, Best Open House, Best Use of Green Screen, and Best Marketing Plan categories.  The videos for Best Press Release, Best Open House, Best Use of Green Screen were all produced and edited at the new Home Video Studio location in Port Aransas. The video for the Best Marketing Plan was filmed on location in Las Vegas.  

“We couldn’t be more pleased that our video was recognized by our peers,” says Alan Fon, Home Video Studio owner.  “We strive to produce the best 360 tours and videos for our customers and it’s nice to know that other professional video studio owners are impressed as well.”

In addition to being an honored guest at the gala black-tie Hanley Awards ceremony, the Fon’s attended several days of intense course-work in HVS’ proprietary marketing plan and video production.

HVS studio owners provide at least 27 different types of professional video services as well a real estate virtual virtual tours from sister company Island Digital Images. Some of those services include video to DVD transfers, photo/video montage keepsakes, home movie transfers, videotape duplication, video editing, legal video services, and sports or music scholarship videos.

Alan Fon
Corpus Christi Video Production
Port Aransas Video Reproduction & 360 Virtual Tours
(361) 749 -3200.  For more information visit their website at