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GREAT Webinar RTV!!

Hey RTV – “GREAT virtual tour Webinar last night!!!”

I have been playing with this idea of using a painter’s extension pole since last years Webinar with Douglas and his elevated rig on Elevated Photos. I thought there must be a less expensive way to get elevated shots so I did a Google search. I found The Roller Aerial Monopod and built it but found it a bit unstable, the wood extensions too weak and difficult to control the direction of the shot. This made the amount of time used to get a decent shot not worth the $30 you could get for it.

Here are the before and after shots.  I don’t remember the height of the pole I used (I returned it). As you can see, Great shot but time consuming to achieve.


I like what was offered last night much better. The Pole Pixie is shear genius with its protective foam plate, directional arrow and ease of use is simply a no-brainer! Less then a $100 with enormous potential, I ordered it right away and if you’re an RTV provider use the promo link above and snag one while the discount for RTV providers is still on.

I really believe this will boost business once Realtors start seeing it out there. I plan on offering this service and upgrading some existing virtual tours Free with any tour for the next 30 days to get the exposure. Then it will be a $29.99 upgrade.  I have a new client I’m working with tomorrow (a referral). An associate of hers asked why she didn’t use “0 pix”, because they give you 5 Panos (she ordered the 3 PanoTour, didn’t want to pay more…). I explained to her that what we do and “0 pix” does is Night & Day. I explained that we have HD Full Screen Virtual Tours with an additional HD Slide Show, Hit reports and a slew of other features they don’t offer. The photographers for “0 pix” are hired sub-contractors with no real investment in her satisfaction and will not be available to service any changes needed to her virtual tours.

She is now looking forward to showing her associate how much better her Virtual Tour is compared to “0 Pix” When I get my Pole Pixie and upgrade her tour, it will blow them away!  Can’t wait!

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