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A Walk Around Spokane Washington

Hello to my fellow RTV virtual tour providers out there shooting virtual tours all over the World. Here it is and another week ends and it is time for the next installment of the Digital Showcase blog. Well, I think today that I will simply take my camera and one speedlite and take a very long hike around my hometown of Spokane Washington.

There are actually quite a few things that you can shoot simply by walking around your own hometown and trying to fill up your digital card with local shots. When I’m not out shooting Spokane virtual tours, I enjoy just sitting on a bus bench and watching people. It has always amazed me what you can capture by just people watching. I always end up with some really natural shots to add to my gallery and have a rather large database because of it.

Another favorite subject of mine is shooting old time billboards, you know the kind that they used to paint on the sides of old downtown brick buildings. My old time collection has become rather extensive and includes advertisements for five cent cigars, old Indian head stout as well as Coca Cola and other products and services from the early 1900’s. I have always enjoyed working in the local urban landscape. There of course many many different things you can shoot in the city. I can go an entire day and shoot nothing but hobos. (got some real interesting ones there) Has anyone started shooting city virtual tours to give to local real estate agents?

Here out West, we have some very creative business owners and a seemingly endless supply of commercial material to shoot. One day I keyed on animals and their masters against the backdrop of the city. Got some real award winners there. After a long walk and hundreds of shots to add to my collection it is always nice to come home to my studio and take those shots to the next level with Photoshop.

As most of you know, there is an endless range of possibilities you can apply to your photos with that image editing software. I like to take my best shots and turn them into works of art and have sold them in various events and craft fairs all over eastern Washington state.

You can actually end up with a tidy sum after a long day of selling my creations both by myself or through other friends that have booths set up at the various craft fairs all over the Pacific Northwest. If you have not yet taken advantage of the Photoshop resource, perhaps it is time you gave it a shot. I did and once I got started, I never looked back. Until next time, good luck setting up your local virtual tour company. Please be sure to visit my site for the latest in Spokane virtual tours!

Steve Stephens
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SUV-Limousine Virtual Tour

If you ever need a stretch limousine in Evansville Indiana be sure to visit SUV-Limousine. Here is a virtual tour of each SUV-Limousine limo :

They have five different limousines in different styles from “elegant” to “party time”. SUV-Limousine is the premier limo company in Evansville Indiana and surrounding areas. Their website is

Customtours360, the only virtual tour provider and photographer in Evansville Indiana, is honored that SUV-Limousine chose us to do their virtual tour and photography work for their company website.

Customtours360 is a proud provider in the Real Tour Vision family of providers and has been providing virtual tours and website photography in the Evansville Indiana area for over two years.

Brad Hahn
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Spokane Virtual Tours

Even though I am very new to the “Virtual Tour” scene I have already been asked by many friends and family why I decided to start producing Spokane Virtual Tours. I would think back to the time when I first decided to get an AAS degree in Photography. The year was 1998 and I was going to find my niche in the digital photography market. In fact, I decided to add another year of digital imaging technology so I could “Photoshop” those digital images I was about to start stacking up.

I had a great time learning all those things and plying my trade when out of the blue, my College professor told me about these fantastic 360 degree images on the web and that they were being used by most of the major players in marketing and advertising on the internet. That he was actually creating them himself and would I be interested in learning how with him. I jumped at the chance and it was not long before we had everything of interest in our hometown of Spokane Washington photographed and stitched and placed on the net for all to see.

We tried to market to local businesses and we did sell a few, but back in 99 the technology was new and the file sizes were rather large at one to two megabytes per “spin”. Additionally, there was not much broadband available so it took quite a while to download each file. In other words, we really didn’t get this enterprise of the ground.

Well now, here it is ten years later and things have changed. By total chance, I ran across a company called Real Tour Vision. They happen to be world leaders in the virtual tour field and they offer state-of-the-art technology. I immediately realized that this was the opportunity I had been looking for. Turns out the software had improved tremendously and now everyone seemed to be hooked up to broadband allowing for very fast downloads.

The game had taken a complete 180 and was now a viable advertising option. This company keys on the Real Estate market but can be utilized by many different types of businesses. For example, imagine that you want to take a vacation to the Florida keys but having never been there, you have no idea where to stay. Simple, just plug in your Google search for local hotels and “voila” there they are complete with virtual tours of each individual property. You can see what your getting into before you plunk down your cash. Wonderful. This is an idea that years ago no one even thought about. What a great idea!!

I can only imagine where this is going. I look forward to the future when this application evolves into who knows what. Until then I plan on making many virtual tours in Spokane and thoroughly enjoy my association with RTV.

Remember – there is nothing to fear but fear itself !

Steve Stephens
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Kohala Coast Virtual Tours

Reporting here from the Sunny Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Take notes folks because virtual tour business has been booming this summer! The state of our currently distressed economy hasn’t really slowed us down…if anything, it’s created a wealth of opportunity.

With more and more sellers competing for the attention of buyers, it’s become extremely important to utilize every marketing tool available…especially those that are online. Yes, some will claim that they ‘just can’t afford it’, but as we educate them more on the value of our Kohala Coast virtual tours, they come to realize…they really ‘can’t afford not to’.

No matter what the economy, visual marketing via the internet is here to stay and those that aren’t utilizing this technology to its fullest are drowning in the virtual flood. In Fact, I’ve had numerous clients report an instant increase in real estate showings as a direct result of using our virtual tours. One agent even reported a super short ‘eight days to accepted contract’. Get that? In this economy??? This home had been on the market for months and months prior! So as they say, ‘The proof is in the puddin’… So be sure to get those testimonials for your web site. These things sell themselves!

Me Ke Aloha…

Debrasue Stutts
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Palm Canyon is Back on the Map

I remember getting my first still camera at the age of 10. It was a simple Kodak Instamatic. It went with me everywhere. No one could keep me from capturing their image for eternity.
That little camera served me well until high school and I started taking some photography classes. Photography became a part of my life and I eventually became a photojournalist working at TV stations in Atlanta, Houston and Tampa Bay.

I got a chance to experience what some could only dream of doing. I had a lot of fun but eventually it was time for it to end. So what does a photojournalist do when the video camera gets put away after its final shoot? You go back to where it all started, with your trusty still camera. But it wasn’t enough. I still had the need for adventure. Since I hadn’t seen much of the left coast I decided to move to Palm Springs, California and do something really different.

One evening while searching the internet for a new home I came across this website called Real Tour Vision. This is where I first learned about virtual tours. I had already looked at a lot of homes online and not one of them had a tour. I asked my real estate agent why he didn’t use virtual tours and he said he didn’t think there was anyone doing Palm Canyon Virtual Tours. That’s all I needed to hear. It didn’t take long to put two and two together. This was going to be my new adventure.

Believe it or not, that was over a year ago. It’s been one of those “what else could go wrong” or “you’d never believe it if I told you” years. But that’s all behind me and I am now putting the finishing touches on my website and getting the rest of my marketing materials together and soon…very soon…Palm Canyon Media will be up and running serving the Inland Empire of Sothern California.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support from Team RTV, Jason LaVanture and many of the RTV providers from around the world. I may know a lot about photography but a year ago I knew absolutely nothing about the virtual tour business. You all helped me more than you will ever know. How? Through your BLOGS!

Everyone learns something new about their virtual tour business every day. You might not think so, but you do. By sharing that information in your blog, you have now made it possible for every other provider to know what you just learned. It’s called team work and that’s what makes RTV great.

When I was ten I didn’t know I would become a photographer. I didn’t know one day I would own a Nikon. And I sure didn’t know I would become an RTV virtual tour photographer! I think I have made some pretty good decisions in my lifetime. Let the adventure begin!

Thank you RTV!
Kurt Beabes
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