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RTV Partners with US Digital Media


We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with US Digital Media, a complete media solutions firm. Over the last ten years many of our virtual tour providers have been searching for the best company to meet their CD duplication and media supplies needs.

We are happy to have found a firm that is large enough to handle our entire throughput while providing the level of sales and customer support that meets our high standards. From a corporate level we are impressed with the response time and product quality from US Digital Media. It is only natural then that we would recommend US Digital Media’s products and services to our vast RTV virtual tour provider base. The RTV network can rely on US Digital Media’s proven infrastructure to streamline projects by providing Complete Media Solutions all under one roof. US Digital Media is a manufacturer and distributor of digital media storage products and services.

Some of their products that our network will enjoy include:

• CD/DVD duplication and replication
• Custom USB flash drives
• Duplication equipment
• Blank recordable media
• Media packaging
• Supplies and accessories

As so many of you already know, it is our mission here at RTV to provide you with the very best technology and partnerships to strengthen your property marketing business. Please take a moment now and visit our friends at US Digital Media . We are confident your experience with them will be as enjoyable as our has the past two years. Thanks team!

Virtual Tour Software

Establishing Virtual Tour Pricing

How should you price your virtual tours? This was discussed in our last episode of The FORMULA so we have decided to bring it up again here for you only this time we wanted to get some concrete numbers together. Some real hard evidence that goes to show when you have a good storefront and a fair pricing business will gravitate to you.

The quotes below are the results of a quick poll to some of our top virtual tour providers in the network. To qualify as a top provider they must be producing at least 500 or more virtual tours a year.

Here’s what a few of the RTV leaders had to say when asked, “How are you pricing out your virtual tours?”

“We base everything by sq.ft. (up to 25 still shots included)
Under 3000 $105.00
3000 to 5000 $115.00
Over $125.00
Beyond that – we discuss
I do have some that only like to have really nice stills – I’ll use those and charge around $65 to $70.”
-Austin TX

“$99.99. We canned our $59.99 pkg about 18 months ago… We found the clients at that level expected more and were less likely to purchase add ons. We went back to our single pkg pricing of 99.99 for 6 spins 10 stills and $15 for extra spins. Our average ticket is $135.00.”
-St Augustine, FL

“We offer our foot-in-the-door tour that comes with 25 stills for $50.00. If you want to step into one of our Full Service Tours you pay $135.00 to $150.00 depending on size of the home and amenities, double tour for $250.00. Then of course you have your add ons!”
-Virginia Beach, VA

“Our pricing starts out at $70 bucks for our very basic virtual tour. We top out at about $199 for shooting an entire home. Of course the $70 tour gets us in the door with many of the agents. Beyond the tour it’s really all about selling the add ons. Most of our add ons are 100% profit to us.”
-Nashville, TN

“I have 3 different packages. The difference is still photos also. I do a lot of that. Most realtors don’t expect to have to take any photos for the listing.
Some I do just photos and no tours. This is what I was doing when I first started and was not with RTV yet. So this all had to come together in the pricing.

Remember my prices are based on the Sq Ft of the home
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 1 0-1500 sq. ft 69.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 2 1501-2500 sq. ft. 79.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 3 2501-3500 sq. ft. 89.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 4 3501-4500 sq. ft. 99.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 5 4501-5500 sq. ft. 119.00
Stills only 69.00
Tour only with front and back photo. 149.00
Tour and complete photo shoot. 208.00
We have to account for editing time too which is a $15.00 tour charge. I do run 10% off promos on full packages from time to time. This is Alaska cost off business is high.
I split 50% with my people who work for me. Any less and you will not get anybody to do it. I only have one person my son. He is part time while he is finishing college.”
-Anchorage, AK

“$99-$129 depending on distance from door.”
-Bend, OR

“Short Sale, Still Photos Only: $125
Basic Tour (6 pans, 10 stills): $150 (Photos for marketing are $25 extra)
Deluxe Tour: (up to 50 scenes): $250 (Photos for marketing are $25 extra) $30 ($15 with showcase) Floor Plans start at $250 for 3 bedroom…”
-Washington DC

“Full service starts at $69, if they send me the photos we charge $29.95, deluxe tour $115, discounted based on volume purchased in advance.”
-Corpus Christie, TX

“Basic Tour – $85 (3 scenes / 10 stills)
Standard tour – $125 (7 scenes / 25 stills)
Deluxe Tour – $155 (11 scenes / unlimited stills)
Premium Tour – $195 (15 Pans / unlimited stills / Sign Rider / Website)
Quick Photos Only (5 photos) – $40
Standard Photos (25 photos) – $55
Photos and Slideshow Tour – $75
Do it Yourself Photos and slideshow – $55″
-Tallahassee, FL

“$76.00 is where we start out tours out at. Plus anything we get for selling the add ons. The new add ons that RTV has come up with really help the bottom line. I would say when it is all said and done we get just over $100 bucks a tour…if not more.”
-Detroit, MI

“I’ve only got one package and it goes for $100. Need to get the add ons going but I’m just a one man show over here.”
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Some very interesting data indeed! All of the above RTV providers are exclusively using RTV Virtual Tour Software. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

~Team RTV
Virtual Tour Software

We’re Outta Here Baby

The RTV virtual tour provider Blog is officially out of the pit…or the sandbox as google likes to call it. We are very pleased to announce that after a six month run of being kicked down to a Page Rank of 1 our new blog domain is officially on it’s feet again with a PR of 4.

As all of you already know the main reason you would take the time to submit your blogs to the RTV blog is to build strong back links on over to your site and to also bring the google bot back over to your site on a regular basis. Submitting to the RTV blog not only drives traffic to your site but it also drives the spider. It is the combination of these two entities that allows you to rank quickly and easily on literally any keyword phrase you so desire!!! Don’t believe me? Google TC Virtual Tours and see for yourself!

If you have not taken the time to submit a blog to RTV please take some time and do so now. If you’re a brand new provider it’s even worth two free credits to you. We are so confident that you will see immediate results in your SEO that you will continue to submit a blog to RTV and the other various recommended sites on a regular basis.

A big special thanks to all of you out there that keep this blog kicking and alive! Thanks for all of your contributions. It is all of your blogs are truly helping keep this monster going…and of course helping slingshot your site to higher levels at the same time.

Keep the fight!
Team RTV
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It Takes Money to Make Money

The last thing on my mind when Real Estate on Nova Scotia’s South Shore (my magazine) lost 30% of it’s revenue last fall, was investing money. Anywhere.

In an economic climate where survival of small business is at stake, how should I plan my spending? We are in the middle of a recession, but as a business owner I have one step up on those that are employed by others… I am in control of my destiny. If I truly want to maintain a thriving business I needed to invest in my business. The saying “build it and they will come” is simply not true of business.

In business it is so important that you maintain a “leg up” on the competition. It surprises me that many people fail to grasp this concept. When you consider the revenue cost of losing customers, or the acquisition cost of replacing them, you can make a very strong return on investment case for the appropriate use of limited resources.

It was time to be proactive. And broaden the scope of the marketing services I offered my Realtors. As I considered that 84% of home buyers and 87% of first time buyers use the internet as an information resource during their search for a home (in the 25-44 age group this number jumped to 91%) I concluded, that a compelling use of virtual tour technology would keep visitors on their site, and would also keep them coming back.

I chose to invest and become a full service provider with RTV (Real Tour Vision). The largest full service virtual tour and property marketing network in the world. Simply put, they had the best virtual tour software, property marketing training and support.

By having a virtual tour, you are effectively demonstrating to your clients that you are not only at the top of your game, but you will serve them best by employing unique and “out of the box” solutions to meet their problems and most importantly, expectations and needs.

The competition is fierce, and so are you. Come out on top, every time – your clients don’t want to settle for less, why should you?

Virtual tours not only appeal to the local market, but to the international market as well. Increase your level of service, Supernova Studios virtual tours integrate easily into any website.

Order your Nova Scotia Virtual Tour Today.

Social Ignition System Now Live

Are you ready to completely dominate the search engines? Would you like to be the #1 ranking virtual tour company or real estate site in your market? If you answered yes to either of those questions then you are ready for the all NEW RTV SOCIAL IGNITION SYSTEM! We have been very busy testing this system out over the past twelve weeks with BlueLaVaMedia and we are now officially ready to release it to any Full Service or In House provider of RTV technology!

Over the last year while Jim Blue has been in and out of several hundred homes here in Northern Michigan, I have been busy working on something truly unique, that is so powerful, and yet incredibly easy to learn. In fact, every time I show someone what I am about to show you they always wonder why they have not been doing it all along.

I must admit that I used to plug my ears anytime someone mentioned Digg, Delicious, Furl, Facebook, Technorati, Backflip, or Twitter to me. But that was before I realized the sheer potential for literally ANYONE…in ANY business…anywhere in the World to maximize their online exposure. So yes, this does mean YOU!

Like you, I used to hear these new buzz phrases and ignore them.

I used to see little symbols like AddThis popping up all over the web and, yes, I simply looked the other way. Do you remember when email was the same way? Back when you could still run your business without a website? Times are quickly changing and once again you need to do the same.

Don’t worry because once you learn a few of the basics this will be just as easy for you to do as it is to send an email. I promise! If you would like to find out how you can start to leverage the power of social networking and bookmarking I highly encourage you log into your virtual tour manager RIGHT NOW and sign up per the instructions of our July Newsletter. The course is a 12 week course that you will be able to take from the comfort of your home via the web.

The only thing that our program will require of you is a bit of your time and willingness to make some small changes in the way your conduct business online.

Are you ready for Social Ignition?

Sign up now by logging into your virtual tour management system and find the instructions in our latest E-Newsletter! Once you sign up for our free social networking, blogging, SEO, and back link building course you will receive one email every week for the next 12 weeks. This FREE course is open to all RTV providers!

Why pay for training like this when RTV gives it to your for FREE

If you’re an Inner Circle member you can log into our marketing center and download ALL 12 weeks right away and won’t have to wait for them. Why would you want all 12 weeks at once? Because you can do just what Jim and Jason over at BlueLaVaMedia did and that’s build an opt in email list incredibly fast! Simply let your current prospects and customers know that you now offer a free course that will teach them how to better use social media sites, build up back links to their site, and teach them the basics of blogging. This is working so well that the Traverse Area Association of Realtors has even asked team BlueLaVa to speak in August to a group of agents on the basics of the course.

Not using aweber yet? Well sign up now at and you can drop our ready to go course in and setup a form on your site! This is a tested and very easy weekly course jam packed with SEO tips, social networking tips, and blogging tips. What a great way to be more than just a virtual tour provider or just an average real estate professional in your local market.

Either way know this: You will NEVER have to pay for this material because we have it all right here for you for FREE! To sign up now join the RTV network or if you are an existing provider of our technology simply login and read our latest newsletter for detailed instructions.

Watch this video below and see Social Ignition first hand:

Thanks and good luck out there!
RTV Marketing
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