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RTV Announces New Services

Have you checked out your Tour Management System (TMS) Lately? With all the exciting and new things that are happening around here, we have decided to make things a little easier for you to snag and take advantage of. Just log into your TMS and look at the right-hand side and you will find many new buttons that link off to our services and the services offered by our strategic partners. You’re just a mouse click away from the following features and services:

  1. Ordering virtual tour credits
  2. Signing up for our latest talk show (Did you know that we do three every month?)
  3. Getting properly setup to receive deals from our national accounts
  4. Setting up your email marketing system
  5. Setting up your elevated photography department
  6. Setting up your floor plan department
  7. Ordering your website
  8. Accessing your virtual tour marketing control panel
  9. Learning all about SEO and Blogging by taking our free 12 week course
  10. Ordering custom made virtual tour CD’s and duplication hardware
  11. Establishing a relationship with one of our recommended professional voice talents

Please take some time now, login to your TMS, and visit each of links to become familiar with the new offerings. Visit these links often to stay up to date with us and attend our monthly shows. A big thanks to all of our virtual tour providers out there that have made RTV the World’s largest virtual tour company.

Buy Tour Credits - Click Here
Register for Webinars - Click Here
Tour Track Preparation - Click Here
Email Marketing - Click Here
'Eagle Eye' Elevated Photography - Click Here
Create Interactive Floor Plans
Get A Site Just Made Just For providers
Get A Site Just Made Just For providers
Search Engine Marketing
CD DVD Duplication Products & Services
Add premium audio to your tours

A Walk Around Spokane Washington

Hello to my fellow RTV virtual tour providers out there shooting virtual tours all over the World. Here it is and another week ends and it is time for the next installment of the Digital Showcase blog. Well, I think today that I will simply take my camera and one speedlite and take a very long hike around my hometown of Spokane Washington.

There are actually quite a few things that you can shoot simply by walking around your own hometown and trying to fill up your digital card with local shots. When I’m not out shooting Spokane virtual tours, I enjoy just sitting on a bus bench and watching people. It has always amazed me what you can capture by just people watching. I always end up with some really natural shots to add to my gallery and have a rather large database because of it.

Another favorite subject of mine is shooting old time billboards, you know the kind that they used to paint on the sides of old downtown brick buildings. My old time collection has become rather extensive and includes advertisements for five cent cigars, old Indian head stout as well as Coca Cola and other products and services from the early 1900’s. I have always enjoyed working in the local urban landscape. There of course many many different things you can shoot in the city. I can go an entire day and shoot nothing but hobos. (got some real interesting ones there) Has anyone started shooting city virtual tours to give to local real estate agents?

Here out West, we have some very creative business owners and a seemingly endless supply of commercial material to shoot. One day I keyed on animals and their masters against the backdrop of the city. Got some real award winners there. After a long walk and hundreds of shots to add to my collection it is always nice to come home to my studio and take those shots to the next level with Photoshop.

As most of you know, there is an endless range of possibilities you can apply to your photos with that image editing software. I like to take my best shots and turn them into works of art and have sold them in various events and craft fairs all over eastern Washington state.

You can actually end up with a tidy sum after a long day of selling my creations both by myself or through other friends that have booths set up at the various craft fairs all over the Pacific Northwest. If you have not yet taken advantage of the Photoshop resource, perhaps it is time you gave it a shot. I did and once I got started, I never looked back. Until next time, good luck setting up your local virtual tour company. Please be sure to visit my site for the latest in Spokane virtual tours!

Steve Stephens
Spokane Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 509 868-4043

SUV-Limousine Virtual Tour

If you ever need a stretch limousine in Evansville Indiana be sure to visit SUV-Limousine. Here is a virtual tour of each SUV-Limousine limo :

They have five different limousines in different styles from “elegant” to “party time”. SUV-Limousine is the premier limo company in Evansville Indiana and surrounding areas. Their website is

Customtours360, the only virtual tour provider and photographer in Evansville Indiana, is honored that SUV-Limousine chose us to do their virtual tour and photography work for their company website.

Customtours360 is a proud provider in the Real Tour Vision family of providers and has been providing virtual tours and website photography in the Evansville Indiana area for over two years.

Brad Hahn
Evansville Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour today! 812-550-5321

Bradenton Virtual Tour Company Wins Large Customer

e-toursonline Interactive Media is pleased to announce our newest client, SunHost, Corp. After looking at several Bradenton virtual tour providers, SunHost decided to use e-toursonline for their virtual tour solution because of the marketing abilities incorporated into each customized virtual tour.

“Ultimately, we owe many thanks to the technology of Real Tour Vision. I really have no sales pitch and so basically I explained how our virtual tours are search engine optimized for indexing, “My Tour Gallery” hosts all tours and is also optimized for the serps and finally how the tour stats will help monitor weekly virtual tour tour traffic.” said Lance Ziegler of

We explain to everyone that we talk with that our virtual tours are social media and social network ready. With the click of the mouse you can instantly tweet or facebook your virtual tours. It is simple to use, easy to implement into any website or blog. The virtual tours are also very easy to use both online and offline.

I always like to leave a new customer by telling them that our virtual tours are are by far the most inexpensive and useful property marketing tool that drive business back to their company and website.

SunHost has already requested that e-toursonline begin fulfillment of the contract by creating 360 virtual tours for Madeira Norte Resort, Surf Song Resort, Beach Place Condominiums and Crimson on the Gulf, all situated on the sandy white beaches of Madeira Beach, Florida. Historical John’s Pass, the world famous Bubba Gump Shrimp, CO., dozens of site seeing expeditions, a casino cruise ship, and shopping are all located directly across the road and are within walking distance from these resorts.

Each resort has undergone many renovations and individual unit upgrades to greatly improved the quality of each visitors stay, giving them a feel of luxury right on the Gulf of Mexico. The virtual tours have now captured this beauty in 360 degrees and definitely gives resort shoppers the true perspective of being on location.

Using e-toursonline Interactive Media (Bradenton Virtual Tours) is a great way to showcase your business or real estate property. Visit us now at and get the best virtual tour solution.

Lance Ziegler – Owner
e-toursonline Interactive Media
Bradenton Virtual Tour Company
Order a virtual tour – 941-795-6978

Improving Your Photography

Often times we are asked down here in Corpus Christi for some hints and tips on taking better photos. Many people have asked us about what camera they should purchase and what number of pixels should they be looking for. When it comes to pixels it’s important to note that many of today’s cameras take photos that are very close to the quality of photos that up until just a few years ago were reserved for cameras that used film.

The higher the number of pixels the more detailed the photograph can be and the larger you can print the photo without distortion or pixelation. Many of today’s cameras are capable of a resolution of 10 megapixels or more. The side effect of the high resolution images is the amount of space used on the camera’s memory card or on your computer for storage. For example, on a popular camera we were able to film photos in one of four resolutions.

10 Megapixel takes 3.61 Megabytes of disk space
5 Megapixel takes 2.12 Megabytes of disk space
3 Megapixel takes 1.52 Megabytes of disk space
.3 Megapixel takes 106 Kilobytes of disk space

The 10 Megapixel size is great for printing photos and should be used for occasions such as weddings and close-up photos such as flower petals where you wish to show great detail. If you are going to email these photos remember that with larger photo files you will need more time to upload the files and that many email sites limit the size of email that they will accept at less than 10 megabytes.

For photos that you are going to use for your MLS listing or even for a You Film The Tour, virtual tour with Island Digital Images; you should use a photo size of less than 2 megabytes. The reason for this is that many publication services limit the per photo size to less than 2 megabytes in size.

In all practicality you could use either the 3 or even the .3 megapixel size for your MLS photos as either setting will look okay. I would consider the .3 megapixel size as an absolute minimum as that would produce and image of 640×480 pixels that is equal to VGA on computers. A best choice in this example would be the 3 megapixel setting producing an image of 2048 x 1536 and a file size of 1.52 megabytes.

Alan Fon
Island Digital Images
Corpus Christi Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: (361) 749-0901