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Extreme Marketing Makeover | New RTV Employees

This month RTV is very pleased to welcome Jill Sill onto the RTV Marketing team. Jill will be in charge of creating our Inner Circle marketing pieces on a monthly basis as well as writing our ‘done for you’ newsletters. Jill will be using her skills as a prior teacher and her passion for graphic arts to further RTV’s mission. After graduating from Hope College, Jill spent 5 years in Homer, Alaska teaching high School to at risk youth and running the Carl E. Wynn Nature Center.

Look forward to exciting new marketing pieces each month…Yes I said EACH MONTH! And best of all your ‘done for you’ newsletter will now be delivered to you in a timely fashion. Remember, if you would like to have a custom marketing piece made and are an Inner Circle member, simply fill out our suggestion box and we will add your unique marketing piece to our list.

New Marketing LIVE Chat

You have asked and we have listened! RTV has now setup live marketing support for you to access from TMS. For a limited time our live marketing support will be available for both Inner Circle Members and non Inner Circle Members. RTV is happy to have partnered with team Frugal Marketing U to bring you this premium service.

You can now log into your TMS and click on the Live Marketing Support icon (just like the sales support one on our homepage) Click the button to engage in the live chat. You will even be able to contact a live person over the phone depending on your needs. Yes, you certainly heard us correctly! We are actually letting you talk with members of our marketing team this time around. WHOOT WHOOT!!!

Frugal Marketing U is very familiar with the virtual tour business and has over 8 years of expertise in building a virtual tour company producing over 200 virtual tours a month, search engine optimization, email campaigns, blogging, agent and business to business presentations, web site marketing, cold calling, flyer marketing and yes…even belly to belly sales.

No matter what your budget, no matter how much time you have to spend in a day, they will have a solution tailored to your unique situation. A special thanks to all of you out there in RTV land for your continued support and urging us to make some very necessary changes with our marketing program. Without your support and comments to us this unique partnership and changes would have never happened.

New RTV Employees

In June the Tour Track team welcomed Brandi Neumann. Brandi has been a great asset to our team so far and we are so excited to have her!

Brandi graduated from Hope College in Holland, Mi. After that she moved to Chicago where she spent 4 years working in the restaurant business. After having her daughter, Ella, she stayed home full time to enjoy motherhood. During this time, she developed and created her small business, My Hip Chick, selling hair accessories for young girls. She now maintains her website, and will be working full-time for RTV as Jacque’s right-hand assistant with Tour Track. She is thrilled to be honing her skills as a photo editor, and keeping Tour Track orders processed and delivered on time.

Good Luck Out There!
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Calgary Virtual Tours on RTV

Dear Barry,

What is your take on RTV and the current virtual tour market?



Dear Jim,

There is definitely a need for RTV services. I held a photo seminar at a real estate company last week to show REALTORS that listings presented on MLS have bad photos and, in my city of Calgary, Alberta, there are few multi-media presentations and lots of terrible photos. (I would bet it’s the same where you live).

We went live on the Internet to find some examples at random and went through a few with some suggestions on how to improve them. I’m not worried that REALTORS will learn something about photography, but they will regard me as a “expert”. Of course, I told them about my company and RTV and got three bookings from the seminar.

I can’t stress enough that you have to get your face in front of REALTORS with emphasis on service. To be right up front, Jim, when REALTORS take a beating in the market, you will too, especially if you don’t have an alternative plan. RTV has that alternative with Choice Hotels and their national photography service tour track system, so when the market is down in real estate, you can be doing something else, like motels, hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. I have done six senior citizen homes this spring at rates about five times a real estate listing.

Is the virtual tour business a good business? Absolutely. I have direct contact with Jason LaVanture, the vice-president and founder of RTV for counseling and advice. So would you. The management and new marketing department at RTV is very accessible.

As far as money is concerned, there is no limit. As I mentioned above, seniors home provided five times the revenue of a real estate listing and with baby boomers reaching 65 in a couple of years, the demographics are creating lots of competition in that market.

I can’t say enough about RTV, their assistance, virtual tour product, webinars, provider network and more.

My advice to you: Go for it!

All the best,
Barry Blick
SPINNERMAX, INC. Real Estate Photography
Tel: (403) 850-0801 Fax: (403) 398-1428
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