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Homes in the Midwest | South Dakota Virtual Tours

Well, as one of the newest “RTV providers” I must say “Thank You” to the RTV Staff for their patience and assistance during my South Dakota virtual tour company start up.  I have learned so much in the past few weeks that my mind is so full of data, I wish I had a sort button to sort it all out and put it into files for future use. 

Purchasing the RTV Virtual Tour Software and becoming a member of the World’s largest virtual tour network has given me the opportunity I needed to advance in my career.  I am excited to be an RTV representative and look forward to working with their virtual tour company Staff and all of the other RTV providers around the globe. 

This business is not just about taking “pictures” for virtual tours.  It is about producing a quality product for thousands of customers and millions of viewers.  The RTV Marketing System can help all providers to set achievable goals and a path to success. Each photo shoot is different and can sometimes be challenging, but I believe with all of RTV’s extended learning classes that are FREE to me as a provider such as The Formula and The Image we can be very successful virtual tour company owners. Furthermore, RTV’s in house support staff and all of the other RTV providers out there that communicate in the social networks can help each other out too giving us more power then ever since we work as a community. All of this combined will lead to great opportunities for us all!

This past two weeks, I am proud to say I completed my first South Dakota Virtual Tour (Residential Real Estate) and I’m very excited to say that I’ve already got my first “Tour Track” order from RTV from one of their many national virtual tour accounts that they have.  Not only was I excited, but very nervous about being the “new kid on the block”.  I surely didn’t want to make any mistakes, but of course I did.  In the end, I’m glad I made those errors, for I have learned how to better prepare myself, look at things differently and become a more professional virtual tour provider.

As with any new business; it will take time to become known for my style, experience and dedication.  But as a RTV provider, I have no doubt that “Homes In The Midwest” a South Dakota Virtual Tour Company will become a main source for buyers and sellers of homes in our area…State perhaps!

Barb Young
Homes In The Midwest
South Dakota Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour: 605.770.3229

Have Camera Will Vacation

Well, a working vacation that is 🙂 . . .

Last year I took part in the RTV SEO workshop for Inner Circle marketing members. The boost in Google rank as a result of my training paid off in a big way this summer when a leading Gatlinburg TN cabin rental and real estate company called me for a quote on creating online marketing photography and virtual tours for some of their cabin owners. It’s unlikely they would have found my Middle Tennessee virtual tour company otherwise.

After some negotiations, my wife and I ended up staying four nights in a nice log cabin at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She got some much needed quiet time in a Jacuzzi and watching and reading the Twilight series, while I had the unique opportunity of photographing some awesome real estate. These properties are some of those places where I probably would never have visited were it not for being an RTV provider offering a great virtual tour marketing system.

Before the adventure was over, my wife had enough of solitude and she decided to assist me on the last couple of days of shooting. She now has a new respect for what it takes to create a good-looking virtual tour. I was also exhausted but exhilarated at the end of each day. Best of all we got to spend some time together.

In the “remember to always be prepared” department I have a story. One of the Gatlinburg cabins I photographed was basically at the highest point and farthest from the main highway as you could get on the resort. When we went in, somebody (I still say it wasn’t me!) left our vehicle’s ignition in the accessory position. You guessed it! The battery was completely dead when we started to leave. Of course we had no jumper cables, but what would we do with them if we had them?

Luckily there was life in the next cabin down the road and they called the resort security who responded quickly to our plight. I didn’t take any chances. I left the van running until we reached an auto parts store and had the battery checked out. It was of course dead, so there went some of our profits. Yes, we came home with cash even after staying four nights in a great mountain getaway and buying a new battery. That’s what I call a great business!

Since then I’ve been back to the mountains once by myself and once where we were able to bring along another couple and their kids because the cabins I was shooting were four-bedroom lodges. Talk about having a great time! Again, this great summer was brought to you by RTV.

Brett Weaver
Middle Tennessee Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: (931) 201-WEAV (9328)

New Marketing Pieces From RTV

Childcare facilities are an often over looked component of today’s economy. Parents who work, typically spend a great deal of time researching and choosing the daycare facility that meets their unique needs. This type of business is a great example of a company that truly benefits from a virtual tour. As you can imagine, having potential customers stopping by during business hours not only would be disruptive to the program but could potentially be unsafe. Virtual tours for a childcare facility allow prospective families to really see the physical environment and then schedule an in person tour.

If you haven’t contacted or become familiar with your local Chamber of Commerce then you need to get going. The Chamber is a wealth of connections for a community and potentially an organization that could offer your virtual tours as a part of their membership packages. You might consider doing a free virtual tour for a community so they can see first hand how amazing they really are.

The New Angle postcard is a touch more casual and brings the idea that point and shoot cameras do not take professional photographs. It urges potential customers to use your services for all of their professional photography needs. This postcard can use the basic postcard backside.

Not Everyone is a Photographer! That really says it all. People like to think they can take a good picture and really, most likely they can when it come to family vacation pictures. When it comes to advertising or selling, there isn’t a replacement for the skills a professional photographer has. This postcard highlights what unique things you can and will do for a client. This postcard can also use the basic postcard backside.

As always, all of the RTV marketing pieces are easily customizable and typically just require you to insert your specific company information and a logo. We do recommend using Vistaprint for postcard printing and other printing needs. They seem to have fast service and extremely great rates. Take a moment to read the text though and make sure your company can deliver the services delineated. If you can’t or don’t know how to provide a service such a birds eye view shots or nighttime stills contact us and we can set you in the right direction. If you have an idea for a piece, have suggestions, or want to see something in the next few months send me an e-mail. Best wishes, Jill K. Sill Jill(at)

Thanks and have a great day!!
RTV Marketing Center

What RTV providers Say About Our Marketing

“Thanks for all your kicking marketing expertise. It has really improved my rankings and put my business on the map… Type in virtual tours [town] and I’m there – BAM!… Still need to get my website up toward the top in the left. Only see the active rain blog there. Very pleased with what you have taught us. Anyway just a little success story for you. Now it is time to put the inner circle material into action and start marketing.”

“I really appreciate all the very good information and tips that are available on Real Tour Vision’s blog and on Active Rain. I have already put some of it to use. It has been hard to find time to do the actual blogging: 1) I write pieces that are too long and take me too much time; 2) Business has been brisk with tours and virtual assistance. I hope to catch up this week! Thanks for all you are doing!”

“I got a call from a major healthcare marketing firm here that wants to partner with me to do tours for the companies that they represent, like assisted living centers, nursing homes, etc. And, guess how they found me, yep, GOOGLE. So my ranking is definitely being impacted by our group.”

“Just wanted to give you a quick update. First, I love your assignments – they are very clear and are pushing me to spend more time blogging which I never really did before to any extent. One of the things I would like to get out of this at the end is self reliance. In other words, I am not sure at this point how to prioritize activities to get the most bang for the buck if you will. I am hoping your summary doc that comes at the end will help with that. You are definitely making me aware of all the things I don’t know!!! LOL”

“We are doing fine. I like active rain. I have noticed that our blogs are at the top of Google. Our website seems to come and go on Google. Maybe I need to be linking to more specific articles on our website. Having a little trouble coming up with something new to blog about each week. But, loved the webinar and we are very excited to be learning about SEO.”

Thank you all for making the RTV marketing team best in show!
RTV Marketing
RTV Virtual Tours

RTV TxT Connect Officially Live!!!

Attention RTV…Our all new TxT Connect Program is Officially Live!

To all of you that have already signed up to the TxT Connect text message service, we are now officially live on ALL USA mobile phone carriers. You can begin selling the service!! Wait though…there’s even more good news.

We’re going to extend the discounted sign up rate and 5 free plans promotion for this program until November 30th!!! We’ll be holding one more webinar on the TxT connect program next week so please be sure to look out for that announcement coming soon. This webinar will be open to the entire RTV network. If you’re not an RTV virtual tour provider yet and would like to offer this service you MUST sign up before this deadline to take advantage of this amazing new property marketing tool at the discounted startup cost.

For only $250, you can get your own white label (Private Labeled) website to resell the text service. You will then receive 50% commissions on all sales that go through your site! See a live example of this on Alan’s website here:

Remember that on December 1st this promotion will end, so be sure to attend our webinar next week and also be sure to start up your virtual tour company this month to get things moving on this exciting new technology. Remember that the typical sign up rate is $995 and if you sign up after November you won’t be able to lock in the 50% commission rate. If you sign up for this program after November your commissions will down to 20%!! Even though 20% is a very good rate you really need to snag this deal while it is hot.

For any of you that want to TRY A LIVE CODE NOW, Text prop123 (message) to 43766 (number) right now and check this out for yourself. You can reply to the second message with the word MORE to get a link to pictures as well.

Thanks for your patience on this and we look forward to seeing your custom site!

Sign up now in the left nav of your TMS!


Team RTV