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RTV Marketing WORKS For Listing Solutions

As a St. Augustine virtual tour provider, I realize that our value to our customers is only as good as the products and services that we bring to them. That philosophy was one of the determining factors in becoming a Full Service provider with RTV. We are in our second year with RTV and I have just uncovered the best tool and product to date. I know that most of you have heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water but, you can’t make him drink.” Well, saddle up and meet the horse that was standing at the water refusing to drink.

I can’t tell you how many times Jason LaVanture has told me about the “Inner Circle Membership” and the benefits of joining. He told me about the webinars that would help us grow our business. Not thirsty! He told me about the free search engine optimization tips and tools that we could benefit from. Not thirsty! He told me about the never ending supply of marketing tools and flyers that we could incorporate in to our marketing strategies. Not thirsty! I finally decided to join and see what all of the fuss was about. (Two days ago)

I spent several hours exploring our new membership and the tools that were available to us. True to form, RTV delivered what they promised. I was like a kid on Christmas morning! Marketing Materials, Marketing Systems, Newsletters, Press Releases, did I mention that I was thirsty? Email Campaigns, Professionally Voiced PowerPoint Presentations, webinars, webinars webinars….did I mention webinars? I’ll have that water now! I downloaded a few flyers to start distributing and decided to take one with me this morning to a meeting that I had with some Realtors®.

The flyer that I chose was titled, “Social Networking Built In.” Perfect! That was exactly what we were meeting about. After our discussion, I gave each person in attendance the flyer. I know that I will get some business off of that flyer that I handed out. How can I be so confident that a simple flyer will result in business? I walked away with THREE new orders!

I can’t wait to unleash the new arsenal that the Inner Circle Membership has provided. I never really considered myself to be a slow learner but, why I didn’t sign up earlier is haunting me. RTV has been and continues to be the BEST business decision that we have made. They are truly one of our most valued business partners. In closing, I have one question for Jason: “Dude, I’m thirsty! Why didn’t you tell me it was water?”

Dave Hall
Listing Solutions, Inc.
(904) 540-9962

Be Careful Out There

I had a shoot over this last winter that left me without virtual tour business for about 3 weeks!

I went in to this vacant remodel on a day just after a 3-4″ snow storm. Walked in the house and had this odd gut level feeling that something was not right. Immediately realized that I had forgotten my cell phone and returned to the car to get it. I returned and had the same odd feeling, so I decided that I would start the shoot in the back yard and get some of the exteriors done.

As I was walking across the yard, in the 3-4″ of snow, I fell in a hole. Yep, you heard it. The hole was about a foot in diameter and about four feet deep. So basically, I have my entire leg underground,with my other leg bent up into my neck and chest! Pretty visual, eh?

I am completely alone outside of the vacant home trapped in about 5 degree weather. Looking back now, I have to say that the worst of it was when I looked 6 feet ahead of me I could see my my camera equipment laying in the snow. My external flash had completely broken off at the hot shoe. This came to about $300 in virtual tour camera repairs.

Fortunately for my well being I was able to pull myself out of the hole and return home to attend to my sprained ankle and twisted knee. This of course ended up ruining my snowboarding for the year. Either way I am grateful for the minimal injuries.

I went back a couple weeks later to do the shoot and was stunned to see the holes after the snow melted. As it turns out there were 7 of them there holes…part of the remodel was removing an old dog run with posts dug very deep into the ground. Snow had covered up the holes, leaving me a sitting duck on the shoot. This time around however I could see and avoid them.

Have to say it has changed the way I shoot. Much more cautious, constantly evaluating my moves, etc. Be careful out there folks!

Lori Reece
Denver Virtual Tours

Is Linkedin Worth the Time

You know people who’ve used it to grow their virtual tour and other businesses – people who swear by it like your teenagers on Facebook do. You’ve posted your picture and filled in your profile, and then it just became a virtual address book. Consequently you stopped spending any time or energy on it other than intermittently accepting contacts that found you.

So, here are some strategies for effectively modifying your profile to get results: provides a step-by-step guide to setting up your account effectively – from defining yourself, to whom to connect with, to how not to be friends.

~Improve your Google PageRank and make your name pop on popular search engines with these great suggestions from Guy Kawasaki.

Here are eight things you can do to get work using LinkedIn from Freelance Switch. If you are in the market for a job, Freelance Switch is one of the top 10 most effective websites for job searchers.

Don’t know what LinkedIn is? Basically, it is a social network focused on your professional life rather than your social life like such sites as Facebook and MySpace. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 40 million members and still growing. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange information, ideas, and opportunities with a wider network of professionals. Grow your Virtual Tour Business NOW using some of these powerful sites!

Mike and Joy Thompson
Detroit Virtual Tours