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What is a Virtual Tour?

Many virtual tour companies lately have been advertising a “PowerPoint” like slideshow as a virtual tour. The “Virtual Tour” tag line is powerful and many companies with inferior solutions are trying to cash in on it. We at and others belonging to the RTV network of providers use proprietary software and hardware to produce real virtual tours – a 360-degree panoramic moving picture of a room or location.

We are able to provide not only the high-resolution photos that the others supply; but we also deliver high quality moving panoramic spins that will be sure to impress your customers. We are all looking for the one thing that will seal the deal. There is nothing more impressive than a Realtor being able to “walk” their clients through a home in the manner in which it truly exists. Bonus benefits include not having to drive all over town to look at homes because of the inferior slideshow quality. Homebuyers can decide to look or not look at a home based on true to life images.

Wayne Frenck
Tampa Virtual Tours

The FORMULA | Create a Virtual Tour Feed – Hot Sheet

Join us on TUESDAY July 7th, 2009 at 7pm EST. Jason LaVanture will reveal just how easy it is to create a virtual tour feed or Hot Sheet for all of your newly posted virtual tours. Once setup, the feed is 100% automated and is sent out to all of your prospects and current customers for viewing. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!! See you there on the FORMULA.

Find out how easy it is to apply ‘The Formula’ to your business!

PS. Please notice that we have moved all of our shows to Tuesdays.
Title: The FORMULA – Creating a Virtual Tour Feed | Hot Sheet
Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Time: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM EDT
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Awesome Tiny Tag Generator

It is so funny that I ran across this little tag generator… Mike (Detroit Virtual Tours) worked on a tag for his web site for numerous hours using Adobe Photoshop and it has been repeatedly “stolen” for use on other virtual tour web sites.

So, now you no longer need to spend hours looking for a tag graphic to modify for your web site and then spend more hours trying to get it the way you want it! Check out tinytags. Tinytags will generate a tag graphic with the words of your choice and then you can download it to your computer for use on your web site, newsletter or e-mail marketing. Easy, cheap and time-saving!

Good luck out there!
Mike and Joy Thompson

The Importance of Internet Presence

Multiple authors are emphasizing the importance of getting a greater presence on the Internet. Some are quoting the different papers published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) referring to the increase of prospects starting their house search through the Internet, and the increase income earned by those realtors that are already getting a good return on investment on their Internet presence.

All these authors emphasize that a good practice of SEO is the correct way to achieve this goal. Once your page rank increases to a correct level the prospects searching for information in your area will be able to locate your page. You need to portray yourself as the expert for all those seeking information on your neighborhood. The greater amount of people finding you on the Internet will represent more business that will come your way.

The problem that many of you will face is how you make these people give you their contact information so you can contact them back. You will need to find a way to entice these prospects so they give you their information. You can achieve this by offering a monthly newsletter, an online course that you provide, or a virtual tour for sellers or information just tailored to their needs. It is very important that these prospects receive feedback as soon as possible after they give their contact information. Good luck out there!

For all your Internet marketing, SEO training and virtual tours in the counties of Miami Dade and Broward contact Virtual Florida Tours at 305 331 8960!

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Office Space Virtual Tour Portal

Create a Virtual Tour Of Your Unused Office Space and Stand Out From The Crowd

As the inventory of unused office space continues to rise across the country, the ability for spaceholders to get their properties to stand out from the crowd is growing increasingly more difficult. With an unused commercial property representing anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month, to several tens of thousands, investing in the right marketing tools to help get your property noticed definitely makes financial sense. While single shot photos are great and highly recommended for all properties posted on Open Office Space, an alternative marketing tool taking our site by storm is the virtual tour. Well known in the residential real estate market, virtual tours are beginning to make quite a splash in the lagging commercial real estate market as well. A virtual tour is comprised of 360 degree panoramic images, partial panoramas, and even still images. In many cases, virtual tours are more effective than a single shot photograph as they show a space in its entirety. This helps to better refine the search results for a small business/entrepreneur looking for a space, and more thoroughly qualifies the incoming leads for the spaceholder. Click to see a sample virtual tour of a commercial property. There are several available virtual tour technologies on the market, however the best ones we have seen involve shooting twelve photos at a pre-specified overlap. The twelve overlapping photos are then stitched into a 360 degree panorama. Real Tour Vison, based in Traverse Michigan, offers one of the most impressive virtual tour technologies in the industry and also has the largest full service virtual tour and property marketing network in the world. (this means you cannot use your location as an excuse not to one created for your space) Of their many, many features that RTV offers, the ones that amaze me the most are the size of their virtual tour window along with how crisp and glossy their images appear. If this does not convince you, here are 31 more features offered by a Real Tour Vision virtual tour. Rtv A virtual tour of your open office space can be easily added to your property listing. Simply copy and paste the link into your listing admin page and a link to your virtual tour is automatically added to your listing. So here’s the question: Will you take the steps to get your unused property noticed or will your start shopping for nerf hoops to make use of your unused space yourself?