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Get More Referrals

Marketing is a critical step to any virtual tour business plan. Many companies focus there marketing efforts on seeking new customers, but forget to go after the important referral. Getting referrals is easier and less expensive than marketing to new customers, and referrals are often more loyal customers. If you ask for a referral you are likely to get one. Here are some tips to help get more referrals for your business.

~When handing out your business cards, hand them an extra to give to a friend or co-worker that may your services. Do this with your brochures as well.

~After completing a job well done communicate a thank you personally or via e-mail. Say something like this: Thank you for your business, please tell your friends about us.

~When sending out mailings to your clients attach two coupons for your business, one to print for your customer and a second to print for a friend.

~Provide follow-up via several methods. Do not just send an email, Spam filters often re-route these. Send email, make follow-up calls, and send traditional greeting cards through the Mail. Many times more traditional forms of follow-up are sometimes the most effective way to connect with a client. Sending a sincere thank you note is a great way to follow-up with a customer. Do not fill your message full of advertisements, coupons, and sales offers. Share how much you value your customers business and how you will be supportive of his or her future needs. Personal contacts are a great way to keep your name in front of your customer, hence yielding more referrals.

~Offer a small incentive if possible if a client refers others. You may also ask your client if they know of any friends, co-workers or business acquaintances that would like to be sent discount coupons. Always send a thank you note when you receive a referral.

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RTV Marketing Team
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Power Play on HDR

According to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia online, High Dynamic Range Photography is:

“In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows.

Keeping this in mind, when we use this powerful tool, we also need to remember that 90%+ of home buyers start their search online. The virtual tour’s thumbnail needs to represent the best possible photo as possible, after all this is the first shot your viewer’s will see of your tour. The color, detail, contrast and brightness of a point-and-shoot photo cannot be compared to the excellent results you get from a HDR photo.

Another fantastic advantage of using HDR photography is this technique can be done without using extra lighting equipment. These images can be produced by using different exposure levels on your camera. No extra equipment to carry and fuss with thus saving time, energy and expense.

So produce spectacular images, but remember reality. Is this a true representation of your subject? Though this process can produce a spectacular image, is this image a true representation of your subject?

Even through this process can produce fantastic luminous pictures, it can be time consuming. Is this the most cost effective way to represent your virtual tour?

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Power Play Multi Media Productions
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Hot Springs Village TRUE Virtual Tours

Challenging Designs Inc, a Hot Springs Village Virtual Tour Company is up for ANY Challenge!

Residential and Commercial Real Estate – a virtual tour is not just a slide show and it is not just a few panoramas thrown together. At Challenging Designs Inc., we go beyond the mundane and offer true virtual tours which include multiple panorama views as well as still photos, flyers, descriptions, links, information and a way to contact the Realtor to request additional information. Additional options available are also CDI Living Photos(TM), personalized website, personalized highlight sheet master, virtual tours can be added to a business card CD’s and much more. Challenging Designs also offers graphic design and web design as well to show off your property.

Business and Commercial – virtual tours are a great way for the public to see your business from their home. JD Powers has found that over 80% of consumers begin their search on the internet. Showing your facilities off makes a longer “memory” and increases your chances that they will chose to visit your business over someone who just has a phone number and address. It can create a personal connection before they even visit.

Insurance Documentation Services – Our “Vital Records Album(TM)” is great to have around in case of theft or disaster in your home or business. We take individual photographs of your valuables, then a virtual tour of the room where they are housed. We can assist you or do it all and take a written inventory log as we go. Then all the photos and the scanned inventory list is put on a CD or DVD, and you get the original disk as well as the written inventory list. We can also scan other important documents to be added to the disc. We recommend you store these in a fireproof box, or in your safe deposit box. Call us when you update your art collection, or want to update your “Vital Records Album.

Challenging Designs Inc. is your Hot Springs Village full-service design firm, from Virtual Tours, Photography, Graphic Design and Web Design. We take your Challenge and Manage It!
Designs for any Challenge!

Donna Haagenson
Challenging Designs Inc.
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Big Changes in Tallahassee

Tally Tours, a full service RTV provider and provider of Tallahassee Virtual Tours, has made some major improvements and upgrades over the past month. We have a brand new office located at 308 McDaniel St, a new photographer Amy, and a new office assistant David. Our main phone number will remain the same, 850-491-3909 and will ring directly to David to set up appointments, answer questions, and provide support.

Before we continue with our great news, we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers that had appointments during this transition period and stuck with us as we upgraded.

Until recently, Tally Tours has been a “one man show.” A single person did the photography and office work. Keeping up with the workload had become increasingly difficult if not impossible at times for a single person. Our photographer can now focus on what she does best, taking great photos, while our office assistant David will do all of the computer work, scheduling and customer support.

Our valuable customers will soon begin to see major improvements all across the board. We have retrained and retooled to have a more efficient work flow that will provide even better quality end products than ever before!

New Service Packages
When we were operating as a “one man show”, a lot of time and effort went into a great product at as low of a cost as possible. With the new employees and office space, we needed to create new packages and prices that keep the business going at this level without sacrificing quality and customer service.

After surveying some of our customers, Tally Tours has come up with four new pricing levels for our residential virtual tour customers (previously there were only three). We’ve also created new marketing services to help our customers beyond just the virtual tour at a new lower cost. We are sure that the majority of our customers will agree with the survey group that the business upgrades warrant these much needed price points.

We would love to hear everyone’s input and comments! Good luck out there!

Myles Lasco

Tally Tours Inc
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Virtual Tour Company Phone Tips

Need to call a new virtual tour customer and explain your property marketing services or products? Get a virtual tour lead from RTV and are you ready to make first contact? Here at Real Vision Studio a Detroit Virtual Tour Company in SouthEast Michigan, a full service virtual tour provider for RTV, we get and make numerous business/sales calls a day. Phone skills are critical for the success of our business, any business for that matter.

The telephone is the most important point of contact with your prospects and customers. Improving your phone skills with these tips can make a big difference in the level of your success and how quickly your business grows.

The telephone can be one of the most valuable as well as inexpensive resources available to you. These practical tips will help you with becoming more productive and profitable, whether you are making the call or your customer is calling you!

~Prepare yourself by getting mentally set for the task ahead and by having a purpose and an agenda ready.

~Follow your script, but be flexible. Don’t sound like you are reading.

~Create index cards (or cgeat sheets) with specific points that keep you on point. If it’s more natural for you to just strike up a conversation, then just do it!

~Keep it brief, and get to the point right away. Make sure you are clear concerning your reason for making the call.

~Be friendly but try not to get off topic.

~Be a good listener. That way you will be able to help your customer with making the right decision, hopefully about using your services or products.

~Avoid the hype. Show enthusiasm, but make sure it is sincere.

~Smile! Keep a smile on your face, your attitude can show through the phone.

~Understanding how your business works will help you feel more confident when talking to customers over the phone.

~Don’t get on the phone if you are in a bad mood.

~If someone is not interested, then don’t keep calling them. This will only make you look desperate, not to mention waste your time.

~Be aware of two things as you speak, what you say and how you say it. The sound and tone of your voice is just as important as what you are saying.

~Alway’s leave a message! Let your potential customers hear your voice and know that you are available.

~When leaving a message don’t speak too fast. Slow down so your message is not hard to understand.

~Say your name clearly. If it’s not common spell it, just make sure the caller understands your name.

~Slowly leave your phone number. Assume that the listener is writing it down, so make it easy! Repeat the number at the beginning and end of your message, if possible.

~Most importantly, if you don’t get an answer, leave the reason for your call. Why would they call you back if they don’t know what you want?

~People can be very impatient, so it is important to answer your phone by the third ring or make sure your voice mail is set to pick up by the third ring.

~Your answering machine greeting should make a good first impression. Be short and to the point and don’t drag it out. Leave clear instructions and what information they should leave. Such as their name, phone number and the best time to call them back.

~Check your messages often. A customer may be waiting on information to make a decision, and by taking to long returning their call they may choose someone else.

~Return all phone calls! This could be the most important thing that you do to build your business. Set a goal to return all calls within 2 hours.

~Avoid using a speaker phone. It will make the caller think that the call is not private and that you are not concentrating fully on them.

~Put together a list of answers to frequently asked questions (Virtual Tour Prices List, Tour Features, etc.) and post it by your phone.

~Decide what you will say if someone answers the phone other then the person you are calling. Should you leave a message with them or call back later?

~Don’t type or shuffle paper while you are talking, it can be distracting to the other party.

~If you must put the phone down for any reason, do so gently so you don’t startle your caller.

~Never chew food or anything else while talking on the phone.

~Cover your mouth and the receiver, if you have to cough or sneeze.

~Always speak directly into the receiver.

~Don’t hang up if you dial the wrong number, just explain yourself and verify the number to avoid repeating the call.

~Avoid any background noise such as TV, radio and computer beeps and clicks.

~Listen to how people talk and not just to what they are saying. You can learn how to connect with a person over the phone by reading “between the lines”.

~Be prepared. Have a list of calls that you need to make including the name, phone number and any other information that you may need.

~When you first begin using the phone rehearse in your mind what you are going to say. Once you do it enough, it will come naturally.

~Know what your schedule is before making any calls. That way you can set up any follow up appointments if necessary.

~Do not procrastinate. Get you calls done first thing in the morning. Putting them off may mean losing business.

~Make sure you are not hungry, cold or need to go to the bathroom before making any of your calls.

~Record whether you left a message, if you need to make a return call, who you talked to and what was said.

~Leave an email address as an alternative communication option. Many people will use email to get back to you rather than the telephone.

~Always enunciate clearly keeping the volume of your voice moderate. Speak slowly and clearly.

~Speak properly while sounding professional. Avoid using slang or jargon.

~Think before you speak! Offending potential customers will not encourage them to use your service or product.

~Never say “I don’t know”, instead say, “Let me find the answer for you”. This is a great way to set up a return call.

~Don’t do all the talking. Give the person on the other end of the line an opportunity to answer you, to ask questions, or to make comments. Never interrupt your customer.

~Remember the Number One Rule Of Selling Anything: Ask for the order. The reason most often given by people for not buying is, “No one asked me to.”

~Have fun! Remember that some will and some won’t, just keep at it!

Good phone etiquette is good for your virtual tour business. It can set you apart from your competition and it can actually get you the results you want much faster. Many customers are calling on an impulse. They have developed a sudden need and want that need filled. You have a great opportunity to bring additional revenue to your business. People buy where they feel comfortable and appreciated. Give them that feeling when they call. It’s just common courtesy.

Good luck out there!
Mike and Joy Thompson
Detroit Virtual Tours