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Alamo Tours On SEO

As a hopeful SEO candidate to get my website on the first page or even within the first 10 sites on a search, I have been working and studying how, what and when to make changes or not to make changes for that matter. The free RTV SEO course you gave me as a virtual tour provider made me aware of the need to be diligent and persevere in becoming noticed by the bot crawlers.

Having said that, I can say that within, what, five months, I am either on page two or three of google, yahoo, dogpile and bing. However and it is interesting that each engine seems to crawl at a different algorithm. On one engine, I am found under L’oeil L’esprit. On another I am found as AlamoAreaVirtualTours, but not L’oeil L’esprit. On another I am found using the search ‘San Antonio Virtual Tours‘, which leads to my local virtual tour provider website.

On another it links to benefits: On that one I am number four on Google. I am also showing up with Active Rain as having a blog concerning ‘San Antonio Housing’. What am I saying? Not only that the search engines seem to have different systems, but that 1) If I can follow the RTV SEO guide, anybody can! and 2) Review and do searches for all the search engines to see where you are. I am a neophyte at this but I will continue as it is a challenge to me. I have a question of you all; Does it do any good to have more than one domain? If so would they all link or direct to the first domain or just link to the website? (Told you I’m a neophyte)

Thanks in advance for hints and or downright criticisms if need be. To check out more ideas and blogs go to Rem* Life’s a Complexity of Simplicities

James Hoback
San Antonio Virtual Tours

The IMAGE Vault Now Live

In March of this year we held our very first IMAGE webinar all about virtual tour photography and photography related topics. We started hosting the IMAGE webinars to help each of our virtual tour providers grow in photography knowledge and skills and become more successful with their virtual tour businesses. Since then we have held an IMAGE webinar each month. Since these webinars are recorded we have been developing a library of photography knowledge, and now…It’s available online to all of our RTV virtual tour providers!!

To make sure that you can reference this treasure chest of information we have created a page inside of our free virtual tour marketing control panel website where everyone can go and download any of the past episodes of The IMAGE.

To access past episodes of The IMAGE you first need to log in to It is free for anyone who is an RTV virtual tour provider! If you do not have an account yet for Rock Pointe Marketing then go create one. After you log in to the marketing website, click on the BRC button at the top of the page to go to the Business Resource Center. On the left hand side, the first button you will see is for The IMAGE. Click that button and you are at the page to download the recorded episodes of The IMAGE webinars.

Thanks for all of your contributions in making RTV a better company every day!
Ben Knorr RTV Lens Engineer and your host for The IMAGE.

Say NO to Info@

We’ve all been there. Having a busy day, working hard at building virtual tours and multitasking a million things at once. In the zone where we are getting more accomplished than an Internet cowboy on a pot of latté. Then it happens…you go to forward an email to someone and everything comes to a screeching halt. You’re trying to send an email to Jason but Microsoft outlook does not have the Jason that you’re looking for stored. If only Jason had used his name at the beginning of his email everything would be fine but now here you are searching for his email address. Screening through your sent mail from last week; pouring over your deleted emails in search of the last time you had heard from him.

Yes…. you are stuck in the inefficient zone.

The inefficient zone can be easily avoided in two simple ways. You can make habit of always adding new people to your address book as they come in to you. This way as long as you know that Jason’s name is indeed Jason, your program will automatically find him and show you that his email is Something that only C3p0 could possibly remember.

Secondly you can start spreading the word right now and encourage all of your business associates to use their name when selecting an email address for their company. Say NO to info@!

In addition, there is nothing that screams unprofessional as an email address that you got for free at one of the many email sites like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and so on. So how can you fix this? Simple, get an email address that is associated with a domain name that you own. This is an easy way to increase your online business credibility by at least 110%. Don’t forget to use your name in the e-mail address:, forget the info@ or any other gobblygook you can come up with! Again…SAY NO to Info@!

Let’s keep America moving!

RTV, Inc
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San Diego Virtual Tours

We are happy to announce new San Diego Virtual Tours. Yes, that’s right, our services have finally arrived here in sunny San Diego, CA. Photo Travel Trips is San Diego’s Premier RTV Virtual Tour provider offering the most powerful property marketing tools and interactive 360 virtual tours.

Owner, Mathieu Jonkers, being a photographer most of his life, has now dedicated himself to delivering outstanding property marketing services covering all of San Diego County. All 360 virtual tours are photographed with high-resolution professional camera equipment using HDR technology together with only the finest virtual tour software and hardware.

To celebrate this event we are running special virtual tours saver package deals and discounted prices for new clients. San Diego Virtual Tours are available now. Call or email today and let me talk to you about our virtual tour’s capabilities, answer your virtual tour questions, and make you feel comfortable about doing business with us.

Mathieu Jonkers
Photo Travel Trips
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Evansville For Sale By Owner

Evansville Indiana Virtual Tour Provider CustomTours360 is pleased to announce that we are now offering a complete Home For Sale By Owner package including a single property website, a virtual tour and a sign with the web address for your front yard.

This is a great way to expose your property to as many buyers as possible. We will also submit your virtual tour to Postlets which will syndicate it out to several other websites for additional exposure online.

Take a look at a Home For Sale By Owner that we have done recently:

As always, we continue to create and distribute virtual tours for commercial and residential clients in the Evansville Indiana, Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky regions.

Call us today for a free quote. We are a proud provider in the Real Tour Vision family of virtual tour providers.

Brad Hahn
Evansville Virtual Tours
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