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Hi Ben,

You probably may not remember me, but I’m the Manchester Virtual Tour guy who used to call you from almost every day when I first joined up with RTV a few years back. You were extremely helpful and patient with me and I greatly appreciated it then and now. I am still learning which I guess is a good sign for any virtual tour photographer. And I know I have a lot more to learn.

Great and I mean great job on tonight’s IMAGE webinar. I already emailed Pat to order the NX2 product.

A few items;

A. Did I say great job on the It’s Magic IMAGE webinar?
B. My bogen leveler head is one of the older units and the release button has snapped off. Not sure if that matters or not. How do I release it to get my RTV Rotator off my tripod?
C. On the last seminar I remember you mentioning that the Cannon Rebel was a good camera. I currently use a Nikon D50 with an 18-55mm lens. I am considering a second camera. I do not know if I should stay with Nikon or go with another brand. Not looking to spend big $$ (what else is new). And also a decent wide angle lens
D. Again great job on the “It’s Magic IMAGE seminar!!! I have about 5 pages of notes.

Anyway, thanks again and your wonderful support and help there at RTV is greatly appreciated.

Thank again

David Wolf

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Manchester Virtual Tours

Your Virtual Tour Business Should Use Twitter

As a Virtual Tour Business Owner, your first priority after developing your service line-up is to find the people that will make your business a success. Marketing your Virtual Tour Business is a huge task and Twitter can help with that.

Your small business should be using Twitter because:

Twitter lets you engage your customers.

Posting information about your services is the clear use. But Twitter also gives you another channel for listening to and finding out about your customers – what they like or dislike about your company, how they feel about your service, what suggestions they have for improvement, what their favorite products are and why… all kinds of tidbits that you can use to make your business more successful.

Twitter is a great networking tool.

Being on Twitter will give you opportunities to meet and talk to tons of people, some of whom you would never get the chance to talk to otherwise. Furthermore some of those people might be the very business contacts you’ve been seeking, people you want to do business for, or someone you might even want to hire.

Networking works well because you can be yourself rather than a sales agent. Share your enthusiasm for what you do and speak of your work as an extension of yourself rather than giving the ‘hard sell” which tends to turn people off quickly.

Twitter can help you refine your brand.

By participating on Twitter (communicating with others, not just spamming service advertisements) you can present and build the kind of image that attracts your potential customers, and refine your brand. (Don’t forget; communication is a two-way street.)

Twitter will allow you stay on top of the virtual tour industry.

Twitter lets you hear what other people are saying. By using Twitter’s search function you can find out what people are saying about a particular topic, enabling you to keep up with the current news about your company and the competition.

Twitter is a fast way to get your message out.

You can instantly let your potential and existing customers know your news, whether it’s an announcement or a new service (like TXT Connect), a special deal, or an upcoming event they may be interested in.

It looks good to be on Twitter.

Using Twitter is proof that your virtual tour business is participating in this whole social media thing and perceptibly a “with-it” kind of company that people might be interested in doing business with.

Everyone is doing it.

The guy who runs the gas station down the street. the local pesticide company, the bridal shop owner and lots of big companies, such as Sprint, HP, Gateway and Microsoft. Having your business on Twitter is the in thing to do. You can use various Twitter tools to make your business account easier to manage. Applications, such as TweetDeck, Twitterfeed, Twhirl, Seesimc and TrackThis can be used to manage business groups, get Twitter notifications, send draft tweets to all of your customers, track packages and/or backup all business communication from Twitter.

Twitter can provide your virtual tour business with another channel to inform and engage your existing and potential customers – and every opportunity to do that is worth exploring.

Mike & Joyce Thompson
Metro Detroit Virtual Tours
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Are You Ready to Fly the RTV Flag?

Dear RTV,

I am getting two websites ready to launch, my mobile TxT Connect program and, both are live.

I am working on a marketing package to notify my customers of the exciting things I have been working on with Supernova.

I am up to my neck in production with my magazine (184 pages, half built)

But…. Your webinar on exposure engines is there on my plate. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to market my new exposure engine and TxT Connect program on my provider site as add ons.

I’m going to knock these Realtors socks off with all of the great property marketing tools jam packed in your system!!!

I remembered what you said in the webinar about when you first went in to business and made it a point to offer your customers something new and exciting every month. I’m going to really come out with a BANG and have the most comprehensive packages on my site for Realtors to see.

I can not wait to fly the Real Tour Vision flag, thanks to you guys I will have the most comprehensive package out there to market properties.

Nancy Bain
Supernova Studios
Nova Scotia Virtual Tours
159 Alexandra Ave.
Bridgewater, NS
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The Creation of Heartland Property Tours

When I started to look for a house in the fall of 2007 I turned to the internet. As my wife and I started our search we soon realized that the real estate listings in our area did not provide many pictures and the ones that had pictures were still not very good and didn’t depict the house very well. We found that after looking online we still had to do several viewings in person because the listings didn’t show what we wanted to see. At this time I realized that something needed to change.

As my search continued into surrounding areas I soon realized that some agents were using “Virtual Tours”. I was new to this term “Virtual Tours” and soon realized that the term is widely used to describe anything from a slide show of pictures to a video walk-through to a fully interactive tour with still images, panoramic images, and all the information you could ever want. The last type of virtual tour mentioned is just what I was looking for and what I would like to see when I buy a house.

My search deepened and I found out that this type of tour was offered by Real Tour Vision. After spending time on the RTV website I soon realized that this is something that I could do in my area and contacted RTV. They advised that my area was not available and stated they would put me on a waiting list in case something opened up. Well a few months ago I checked in with RTV and what do you know, they had an opening!!

I ordered my virtual tour business package from RTV and was soon off and running. My company, Heartland Property Tours, services East Central Illinois, including but not limited to Iroquois, Ford, and Kankakee Counties. We provide interactive virtual tours, property marketing, and professional photography for Real Estate, Business Owners, and anyone looking to enhance their website. I have started my marketing and will hopefully soon find my first client. In the mean time I am honing by photography skills and working on sample tours for my new website. I am pleased to offer this new service in my area as I know I can not be the only one who realizes something is missing with the listings few pictures and no information.

Michael Robinson
Heartland Property Tours
Central Illinois Virtual Tours
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OnView On Blogs

A few months back, I was speaking to a friend about joining a few social networking sites and how I had started blogging. She asked me if it was worth my time writing these blogs. I immediately said “Yes”. Then she asked, “Had I received any responses to what I had written” and I said “Only a few, but I’m new to this and it may be my writing style or the topics I’m writing about. Or, it may be that I just need to establish myself or find a niche to write about.”

I didn’t want to tell her that I wrote a few blogs that no one had ever looked at. She followed by saying “Wouldn’t it be more productive making a phone call to current virtual tour clients or writing an email to potential clients?” For a moment I was taken back by what she said, but then I said “Only time will tell?”

I wish I would have told her that writing a blog was not a waste of time. Writing is a form of meditation that helps me to crystallize my thoughts into ideas. I find blogging gives me time to think, making me calmer and more focused in on my Phoenix virtual tour company and photography business. The more I’ve written the more proficient I have become at expressing ideas. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do is increased.” I’m not Ralph Waldo Emerson, but you don’t become proficient at writing by avoiding it.

Since that day that my friend asked me “Is it worth it?” I’ve come to realize the value of blogging and I’ve notice an increase in response to my blogs. Expressing myself is becoming easier. Chances are, I won’t write any award-winning blogs and my thoughts won’t be compared to Ralph Waldo Emerson, but if by blogging I improve my ability to communicate an idea, then it is time well spent.

“If a man write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mouse-trap than his neighbor, tho’ he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only way to write a better blog is to start writing. So, what are you waiting for? Finally if you are writing and blogging in your own blog be sure to copy RTV on all your blogs so they put them here in the RTV to link back to your site on your geographical keywords! Don’t miss out on the google juice my friends. Take advantage of the RTV link back!

Rudy Gutierrez
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