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Time – A Virtual Tour Photographers Enemy

Hello out there to all you RTV virtual tour photographers. I must tell you all that things have slowed down just a bit getting my Spokane virtual tour business off the ground. No, not because it is difficult to get this kind of a business started. We all know the amazing part that RTV corporate plays in helping you startup your business!! I’m sure that I’m not the only one making AWESOME use of all the virtual tour marketing materials and the amazing webinars that Jason and his team put out there for us. Anyone going to go to the next episode of the Formula? Setting up Shop? Anyway let me fill you in on what has delayed my startup of Digital Showcase Virtual Tour business by about three weeks…

The first slow down is the Spokane home remodeling and rental business. I have been working my tail off trying to get a rental house of mine put back together. I had what I thought was a real good tenant and they suddenly skipped out on me after a full year of paying their rent on time.

After not hearing from him for several weeks I made it over to the house and what do you think I found?? Yes you guessed it my friends. Before me was an abandoned property totally trashed. Upon entering the domicile I quickly discovered a forest growing in the basement.

After summoning over Spokane’s finest and having them clear the place out, I was able to finally get on with the usual clean-up and repairs. Thank goodness I was lucky and able to re-rent the place almost immediately. I am sure that getting to be a good landlord is going to be a work in progress for several more years yet.

So you can see it has really been a rather daunting task getting my virtual tour business off the ground with such little time. I thought I could go right in and start shooting the 360 shots just like I used too. Unfortunately that has not been the case. There is so much new virtual tour technology to absorb and master now that it has taken a little more time than I thought it was going to take originally.

I want it all set up very soon and in a state of readiness that allows me to work without limitations. Deadlines in the distant future have never worked for me, I need pressure to be productive so I have set some crazy deadlines to get this thing off and running, In the past few weeks I’ve been working out pretty much every night in the studio. I have studied up on everything “photography at Real Tour Vision” and now I have gone on to the finishing touches. I actually got all the software working and produced my very first virtual tour in Spokane!! I am very proud of it, looks to me like the exposure is just the way it should be, there is no light fall off. All and all, mastering my new Canon 50D was a breeze and I am very happy with it. This is the first virtual tour of many to come. Good night everyone out there in RTV Land!

Steve Stephens
Spokane Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 509 868-4043

The Heartland Property Tours Exposure Engine

Heartland Property Tours is a Central Illinois virtual tour provider now offering a truly amazing extended service to our customers called “The Exposure Engine”

The Heartland Property Tours Exposure Engine sends your listing and interactive 360 virtual tour to more than 15 websites so your listing can get the MAXIMUM exposure possible. And if you include with your purchase the Submission to your tour will be pushed to nearly 100 sites in all!!!!

With our Exposure Engine your listings will get more views because your listing is on more websites and the Exposure Engine creates back links to your listings and website. What that means is that if any potential buyer would search by agent name or listing address the properties run through our Exposure Engine will return in the search engine results page. Everybody likes a little google juice with their virtual tours!

But that’s not all. Included in the New 2010 Exposure Engine is a new Smart Phone Tour and E-Flyer!! Are you putting all of your listings on YouTube? Well don’t worry because we are doing that for you. Our Smart Phone Tour allows agents to carry with them at all times their virtual tours on their cell phones for instant viewing. You never know when you may come across a potential buyer.

The E-Flyer is an HTML email-ready flyer that agents can easily send out to potential buyers.

Look us up online today. Heartland Property Tours is ready to take your listings to the next level.

Michael Robinson
Heartland Property Tours
Central Illinois Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour : 815-549-6844

The Benefits of Entrepreneurship

The economic changes seem to be effecting everyone I know, but the good news is that my Denver Virtual Tour and Architectural photography company, Denver Image Productions is off and running with great successes!

I started my virtual tour business just a few months ago after being laid off myself from a International Real Estate company that was not able to keep on the staff due to the poor economy and lack of sales. After much thought and consideration on whether to stay in real estate or not, I decided to do the next best thing…stay in real estate in a different avenue and also something that I really love – architectural photography and virtual tours.

After a LOT of research and discovery, I found Real Tour Vision. The reason I chose RTV was that I recognized the advantage of owning your own virtual tour company vs simply working for one such as the Obeo or Circlepix business model is. Although, I may have had a smaller startup and would have been busier in the beginning of this process, the benefits of owning my own company, making my own rules, setting my own pricing far outweigh any benefits of working for somone. The key with RTV’s business model is that you have be business savvy and intelligent to make it work not to mention be confidnet in yourself. These are all qualities that I have and finally I really enjoy exploring my own territories and working with clients that I can build a good repore and lasting relationship with.

I’ve found in my discoveries over the last few months that Realtors and commercial businesses understand the value with online e-marketing and Virtual Tours. We are not creating something new, so talking to folks about the product is easy. What RTV provides that so many other companies don’t offer is many additional great property marketing tools. It’s these additional features that makes attracting new clients easy and fun. I am getting busier and busier and am expanding to new companies everyday. I look forward to seeing how big I can grow Denver Image Productions over the next year.

Tahvory Bunting
Founder, Photographer
Denver Image Productions
Denver Virtual Tours
Mobile: 720-382-8328

Nova Scotia Virtual Tour Newbie

Having launched Supernova Studios to Nova Scotia real estate companies last Thursday, this week was (finally) about shooting some tours!

The feature tour at is of my own home. Filling my gallery with stunning 360 degree panoramas of Nova Scotia Residential Real Estate would add to my credibility.

Several of my clients had taken the time to prepare testimonials for me to include in my website. As a thank you, I gave them each a free virtual tour.

I had booked three homes to shoot on Monday. Sunday night I tossed and turned I was so nervous. It wasn’t the alarm however, that woke me that morning. It was the sound of rain! Rain? I hadn’t even considered that. How could I not have considered that? I contacted each client and rescheduled the tours to the following day. (Thankfully I did not have tours booked for the following day!)

Night number two. Again, tossing and turning and finally, Tuesday morning. My first tour was a 40 minute drive from my home. I was to meet the agent on the side of the highway as she said “I’d never find it”. No wonder. We drove another 20 minutes through the woods on what we call in Nova Scotia a “cow path”.

The home owner was there to greet us and I wondered if it was my imagination that he was scrutinizing my camera equipment as I unloaded the car. Quietly, I’m talking to myself, “You’re just nervous.”, “Don’t be silly.” “You are used to sitting behind a computer, being out in the field and face to face with clients is new”. “You’ll be fine.” “Your product speaks for itself”.

“Is that a Canon Rebel XT?” I could feel myself freeze. Yes. I have taken some photography classes in the last couple of months. Yes. I read the 4000 page manual that came with the camera, 2 times. Yes. I had taken the Canon on-line tutorial. Yes. I had followed the instructions given to me by Ben to set up my camera. But…. can I talk “camera talk?” “Yes.”I told him, in a voice that didn’t sound like my own.

“I spent the day yesterday, deciding which angles would be best for you to shoot your pictures” he said. “I’m a photographer myself”. “I just took over 5000 photos of the Nova Scotia coast line”.

“Super!” I said. “You’ve saved me some time then”. (that was NOT what I meant AT ALL). I level my camera and begin with some still shots of the front of the home. It truly is a spectacular property. Amazing vistas of the ocean and complete privacy. “You can’t get a good picture of the water from this angle”, he said.

He followed me around the property, moving around the rooms as I took the panoramas. “Don’t you think your tripod is too low?” “I can go and get my tripod.” “Do you want me to show you how to make your tripod higher?” He wanted me to take panoramas of the bathrooms and laundry room.

“I’ll be looking at the quality very closely” he said “When you deliver the tour.”

“Thank you very much sir, I appreciate a discerning eye, and I’ll certainly be back if you are not pleased.”

The sweat that had been accumulating in the small of my back was now trickling down my pants. My very first (free) virtual tour, and I had promised to come back if he wasn’t happy.

Certainly, virtual tour number two would go much better than that. It was of a vacant model home and there would be no vendor at home. Yay!

I couldn’t have been more pleased when the agent said, “Go ahead, I’ll be back in the office, come get me when you’re finished”. Absolutely, music to my ears.

Much more relaxed now, with no one staring over my shoulder, I start outside again with some still shots. I can see already, that I am developing a routine. Ahhh. this is better. A little level here, a little level there, snap, snap, snap, and let’s go inside. My confidence is building now, I’m guessing I even LOOK like a professional photographer.

Inside I decide on a partial pan of the living room and setup the equipment. Snap, snap, snap, and then, nothing? I keep pushing the button, and pushing the button, but the picture won’t take? How come? I look at the camera, adjust ISO, white balance, turn on the flash, and try again. NOTHING! Why won’t my camera take a picture of that wall?

I try in the kitchen. Same thing. Master bedroom. Same thing. OMG! What do I do now? I spend an hour on 3 rooms trying to photograph them and realize my agent must be wondering what is going on. I pack up my stuff, telling him I may be back tomorrow to re-shoot their photos to ensure the best quality.

Back in the office I download the photos of the first tour. I quickly stitch them, export a high-res copy and open in Photoshop. They are beautiful! I can see where I would have changed a couple of things, taken more interior still shots, and stills of the view out the window, as opposed to partial pans. But, the good news, I wouldn’t have to go back!

Time to look at the (incomplete) panoramas of the model home. And as they are downloading they all have one thing in common. THEY ARE BLACK. Every one of them. I get out my notes from Ben again, look at the camera and I see it. It was on the wrong mode. Nice.

Just as I’m about to head out the door to my third appointment, the phone rings. A frantic agent calling to cancel her virtual tour.

Mom always said, “Some days are diamonds and some days are stones”. She also said, “You’ll be able to laugh about this someday”. Mom is usually right.

Book your Nova Scotia virtual tour today. If we don’t get it right the first time, we’ll come back.

Supernova Studios

Dallas Virtual Tour Company

Dallas – October 8th, 2008

Dallas Virtual Tour Company 360 Web Expeditions has announced expanded service offerings for Real Estate clients all over the DFW Metroplex. The company announced from its Allen, Texas office that in addition to 360 Degree Panoramic Virtual Tours, it will now be providing YouTube Video Tours, Text Message Marketing, Custom Single Property Websites, Custom VisoRider Signage, and a host of Social Networking Resources and Features as part of its efforts to remain on the cutting edge of Real Estate Marketing.

Justin Burns, Owner and Lead Strategist of 360 Web Expeditions stated, “This is an exciting time to be combining the power of 360 Virtual Tours with these up to the minute marketing tools. With more people than ever before making purchasing decisions based on what they see on the Internet, we believe these resources are the key to success for our Real Estate clients who are serious about staying competitive in today’s market.”

Most of the new products and services fall within the $25 – $75 range, which has many Real Estate Agents excited that they can remain competitive without having to stretch already tight budgets even further. The Allen based Virtual Tour company came significantly into the public limelight when they were selected to provide Virtual Tours for the Rangers Ballpark and the Arlington Convention Center, among other high profile projects.

360 Web Expeditions is a full service Internet Marketing company specializing in Virtual Tours, Web Design, Interactive Media, SEO, Corporate Blogging, and Social Media Products and Consulting. With over twelve years of experience in Internet Media and Business Consulting, owner of this Allen, TX based company Justin Burns brings a good dose of practical experience to the table.

Burns says the company has a “positive focus on propelling other businesses and entrepreneurs towards their marketing goals.” He also shared that the company has experienced great success in the last year, despite the economic downturn. “We are very blessed, and that is why we want to assist others with their success as well,” said Burns.

Justin Burns
360 Web Expeditions
Dallas Virtual Tours
Lead Strategist/Owner
Phone: 214.383.9464