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Five Virtual Tour Tips

For real estate properties, the main goal of a virtual tour is to sell a home or business. And the better looking and more informative your virtual tour is, the easier it will be for the tour to do its job of selling a property.

Whether you’re a home seller or real estate agent using virtual tour software to market your property, or a virtual tour service provider looking for ways to improve your presentations, these tips will help you create stunning virtual tours that sell.

Vary your photo types
A virtual tour that simply shows room shot after room shot can be pretty boring. Instead, take multiple pictures of each room from different angles, with different zoom areas, and choose the best of those pictures to include in your virtual tour. You can even vary the number of photos used for each area—such as including several shots of the living room with fireplace, balcony, and cathedral ceilings, but only one or two of the standard-issue bedrooms.

Include surrounding amenities
While you’re taking pictures, don’t forget to snap some shots of the community and the best places in the neighborhood. People who are buying a new home or business want to know about the area they’ll be living in, and if you can show them it’s a great neighborhood, you’ll grab their interest.

Put your best foot forward
With a virtual tour, you don’t want to save the best for last. Begin by showing off the remodeled bathroom, or the gourmet kitchen—whatever features are most sellable. Another approach is to start the virtual tour sequence with the exterior and grounds, and then move to the most desirable features of the home or business.

Add extras to your virtual tour
Stunning photos and video are the heart of a virtual tour, but additional information can really sell a property. Don’t forget to add descriptive text to your images, and explain features that might not be immediately apparent from the image. You can also include a professional voiceover that delivers even more information to viewers.

Distribute your virtual tour widely
YouTube isn’t the only place to showcase virtual tours. The more people that see your virtual tour, the better your chances of selling—so make sure to post the final video to your own website, as well as Facebook, real estate sites like Trulia, and even Pinterest.

Remember, RTV’s virtual tour software kits make it easy to create stunning virtual tours with features like captions and image text, voiceovers, interactive floor plans, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our Fusion HD+ and Fusionmax X3 software, or how to start your own virtual tour business.

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Virtual Tours Sell Homes Faster!

Accents Virtual Tours has had the pleasure of working with a realtor located in Peachtree City, Georgia that has had great success with listing their properties and having an interactive virtual tour with their listing. 

The Tamara Bourne Team, agent for Keller Williams/Atlanta Partners has had these 3 properties under contract in less than 30 days, with two of these listings under contract less than 5 days.  These 3 homes were listed within a week from each other and each one “under contract”.

Accents Virtual Tours took a snapshot of this scene because it is a scene that one rarely sees, 3 homes in a row, same agent for all 3, and under contract at the same time. 
“Perfect World Picture”

With the support of RTV virtual tour software company, and all the unique digital marketing methods the company provides,  Accents Virtual Tours presentations handle all forms of media, are mobile ready and accessible all day, every day, worldwide!

Our exposure engine sends your listings to the most popular real estate portals.  Using our SpiderLink Technology, we make sure your listing ranks in the search engines on your property address. 

Our virtual tour traffic reports break down hits by day, month, quarter and year. See the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, viewed on mobile phones and sent to friends.

Accents Virtual Tours goal is to provide Interactive exposure & professional photography for every listing. With 85% of home shoppers turning to the internet before they pick up the phone, it’s more important than ever to increase your reach,  online & deliver a lasting impression.

Visit tour samples at

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Alamo Area Virtual Tours Gives Curb Appeal!

Alamo Area Virtual Tours LLC, a San Antonio virtual tour provider provides internet curb appeal for real estate listings and business’s wishing to showcase their establishments. There are, of course, other companies out there that provide virtual tours and I must admit, some do a pretty decent job.

  Through RTV, we provide true and high quality Virtual Tours. We would be hard pressed to provide the platform that RTV has developed, but that in itself is not enough. Other platforms have good presentations as well. So, why do customers come to Alamo Area Virtual Tours LLC? 
I believe that we offer what the customer wants AND more! 

First and foremost, we do not purport to be photographers, we market ourselves as Marketing Partners. We use photography as our part of the marketing effort. I continually push the Marketing Partnership as our niche in their marketing program. They like and appreciate what I have to say concerning that. I tell them upfront that we are not JUST photographers that will take pictures, give the pictures to them and they are on their own. I also tell them that if they aren’t being seen in their best, then we aren’t doing our jobs and they don’t need us.

Second, I let them know about our SIGNATURE SHOTS. If you aren’t pushing your Signature Shots, you are missing out on a great marketing tool. Just the fact that you can discuss Signature Shots already sets you above the rest. How many tour providers have Signature Shots. We have at least four and we let our customers know what they are and why we take them.

1)    Elevated front shot.  We have a Dodge MegaCab and the first shot of the tour is from the back of the truck with the tripod set as high as possible. We used to take a pole shot, but that took too long to set up and the difference is not all that great. I would push a UAV shot these days as we have acquired a DJI Phantom with GoPro camera for those that need more height.

2)    Second Signature shot is from the front door open standing in the doorway, showing the view as you enter the house.

3)    Third Signature shot is from the kitchen sink looking out, if the view from it is pleasing, such as looking out to the backyard, or the living room, but not if the next door wall is your view. I ask the Realtor, who buys the house? 

4)    Next is the stairs. I take a shot of the stairs with wide angle showing the relationship of the stairs to the rooms upstairs as much as possible. This is a great point for separating the two story house. With the Ken Burns effect, starting at the bottom of the stairs, we move up the stairs into the second story. Great and helps in the ordering of pics in the Fusion Photo Manager.

5)    Another signature shot is the Laundry Room, or as corrected by one Realtor, the Utility Room. Again, who buys the house? 

Having Signature Shots is just another bit of marketing that will set you above your competition.
Alamo Area Virtual Tours LLC at serves the greater San Antonio metroplex and as far away as Eagle Pass (150 miles SW) Del Rio (150 W) and the Greater Canyon Lake area, including New Braunfels, as an independent agent with RTV, virtual tour software company.

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New June 2014 Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces

This June our virtual tour company marketing team has created two very special pieces for you to snag just in time to run a promotion and to also arm your real estate agents with a brand new home seller preparation sheet. 

Our Summer Lovin’ Flyer is a single page double sided flyer and can be sent to your current customers or prospects via email or printed and dropped off.  We’ve added a new customer coupon in the lower right corner on the first page to grab their attention.  The back side of the flyer recaps some of your most powerful marketing tools and virtual tour offerings. 

Next you’re going to love giving your home seller prep sheet to your existing real estate customers so they can use during listing presentations and hand out to their home sellers.  This detailed prep sheet is sure to make your job easier when you arrive on-site on the day of the virtual tour shoot. 

Both marketing pieces have been made using Microsoft Publisher and are ready for you to customize to your liking. Enjoy the new marketing pieces and please be sure to send us your blog postings to showcase your Summer success with your virtual tour business

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Add Stunning Night Shots to Virtual Tours

Night shots can be stunning additions to a virtual tour, especially if you’re creating 360 virtual tours for businesses like hotels, restaurants, lodges, or cruise ships (yes, even cruise ships can benefit from a virtual tour!).  Check out this amazing virtual tour production that includes night shots:

If you’ve tried taking pictures at night the same way you take them during the day, you might find that you get nothing but a black frame with a few points of light.

How do you take great pictures at night? These tips will help you enhance your virtual tour with stunning night photos.

Have a good camera and tripod
Most digital cameras today are pretty high quality, but in order to take great night pictures, you might need a little something extra. You won’t have to invest in a “specialty” night camera, but you will need one that allows you to control the settings for exposures and apertures (the size of the lens opening, which is measured in F-stop). In addition to a good camera, you’ll also need a tripod to take the best night shots.

Scout your location
Many businesses that look great at night are somewhat isolated, and don’t have enough “city glow” for a photo taken normally to turn out clearly at night. It’s a good idea to visit the area and figure out where you’ll take your pictures from during the day, so you know where you’re headed once it gets dark. This is also advisable for safety purposes.

Choose the right time
While it’s possible to take great night shots during full dark, your pictures can also look great if you take them at dawn or dusk—either just before the sun rises, or just after it sets. This is a very short time frame, so it can benefit you to visit the location in advance and decide exactly which shots you’ll want during that time.

Use long exposures
Setting your digital camera exposure for several seconds allows you to bring more light into the picture, even when it’s dark. For this reason, a tripod is an essential piece of equipment for great night photography, since it prevents the camera from shaking during the exposure.

Adjust the aperture accordingly
 Finally, use aperture size to capture great night shots. Opt for a smaller aperture when you’re taking a photo with a long exposure, and use a larger aperture for short exposure pictures taken when there’s a bit more light, such as at dusk or dawn.

Adding great night photography to your virtual tours can help you create stunning presentations that will impress your virtual tour clients—and their customers.

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