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Tallahassee Nancy Addicted to Fusion

Dear RTV,

Things have been moving quickly with Sunlight Photo Creation’s Virtual Tour business.  After going through your extensive training program I now realize how far I have come since my virtual tour company start up this past July.  You know, I had realtors asking me for the service and I knew and that was a very big sign for me. I knew after that first I call I was going to offer virtual tours as a business and was ready to move forward…not knowing fully what to expect.

I jumped in with both feet and hands moving faster than my brain could keep up.  I was so excited with my first virtual tour and then excited when that home had 2 contracts on it with 48 hours of the virtual tour going out.  I thought I could get use to this!  Then the call came from a local real estate agent who handles property at one of lakes which is about a 3O minute drive for me.  She had 3 homes and wanted me to do all 3 real estate virtual tours in one day.  When I met her at the lake that morning she told me she actually had 5 and wanted me to do them ALL five virtual tours that day. 

I had no idea how long it would take and not sure I really knew enough yet to do everything correctly, but I did them. FIVE VIRTUAL TOURS IN ONE DAY!!! And I was new at this! The amazing Fusion virtual tour software system was changing faster than I thought I could keep up since I was working the virtual tours between studio appointments and other job. All five virtual tours turned out great, the home owner was happy and the realtor was happy. Next thing I know its October and I have completed dozens of virtual tours since my first Tallahassee virtual tour on August 12.  I am amazed at this virtual tour system and I am enjoying my work way too much at times. 

I had eye surgery last week so I had to go a whole week without taking photos and I realized by Friday that I was addicted to the Fusion system! I couldn’t wait to shoot another virtual tour so I could build it on Fusion.   As a Realtor myself, I know the importance of marketing and Fusion does it all!  I have spoken to groups of Realtors twice now and have two more office presentations lined up. I’ll tell you what, all the features packed in this puppy make for an an easy going and action packed fifteen minute presentation. I am so excited to be a part of team RTV and I am looking forward to being a part for years to come. I hope as the Realtors see and learn just what Fusion can do they will take advantage of the whole system.  I shot 2 commercial real estate virtual tours yesterday that will be for sale by owner and she is so excited about all the features. 

So after a few months of doing the virtual tours, coming to all of your extended education webinars, rummaging through the hundreds of amazing marketing pieces and setting up my profitable virtual tour business over the last two months, I just wanted to say Thank You for all that you do. Have a great day.

Nancy Conoly
Sunlight Photo, Inc
Tallahassee Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 850-385-1185