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The Impact of Virtual Tours on the Commercial Industry

Virtual Tours are a necessary investment in the world of travel. Think about it, If customers and potential vacationers could see what your hotels look like before planning their vacation it would make choosing your hotel much easier. On the majority of hotel websites, there are pictures of the rooms but they only show the sleeping area and not the rest of the room. If there were virtual tours of the rooms it would allow potential travelers to get a virtual in-person view of your accommodations.

Another profitable addition would be to add 360 virtual tours or still shots of the local area. Suppose that someone were to plan a vacation to the Caribbean and they have never been there before. Give them a sneak peak that could seal the deal over other hotels that opt to not provide virtual tours of the area. The hotel and tourism industry is always booming. This is one industry that will never die out. People will always take vacations but what would enhance the vacation process is to see a bit of where they would be staying as well as local virtual tours of the area. If you took a poll and asked 10 people if having seen a virtual tour before making reservations would make them reserve their vacation faster, 8 out of 10 would say yes. This only furthers the proof that virtual tours are becoming the norm in the commercial travel industry.

There are people who are going to plan a vacation regardless of what the accommodations look like, but if they had a choice to see a virtual online tour or while at the office of the travel agent they would, more often than not, opt for accommodations that have a virtual tour. It, obviously, would not entice anyone to change their destination, but it would increase the amount of travelers who have never thought to take a vacation in an unfamiliar (and not yet popular) vacation destination. Virtual tours are the wave of the future of commercial travel. Give us a call now and let an RTV virtual tour provider help you increase your revenue through the use of virtual tours!
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Marketing With 360 Virtual Tours

Marketing With Virtual Tours For Rental Managers

Summer is quickly coming to a close. Time to gear up you marketing programs for next season. 360 Virtual tours can be a cost effective way to market to past and potential clients.

A minimal investment can go a long way with adding 360 virtual tours to your website. Display a tour of the amenities your property has to offer. Include pools, lobby exercise facilities, beach access, nearby attractions, etc. Having an interactive virtual tour on your website gives clients a tool to explore your property in an enjoyable manor from the comfort of their home. Include tours of the types of rooms offered. Being able to view in advance what the client will be receiving boosts confidence in your establishment.

Take things a step further. Email your guests a link and invitation to view the virtual tour of the room they will be staying in a couple of weeks before they are due for arrival. This will get them excited in anticipation of their stay. Further, send them the link again a month after departure and recommend re-booking for next year!

View a resort virtual tour HERE

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Online Marketing is Key

Realtors(R) are quickly learning that establishing an online reputation could make them or break them in today’s market. The days where families want to drive from house to house are long gone. With children schedules to coincide and gas prices quickly rising once again, using 360 virtual tours to shop online for houses has become extremely commonplace.

When I first opened SLP Virtual Tours, my best friend was ecstatic. She told me that her and her husband wouldn’t even consider buying a home that didn’t have a 360 tour. They spent a few hours a week online reviewing houses on the market that had virtual tours. They narrowed them down to their three favorite and then began calling Realtors.

From the three, they picked “The ONE!” and live in it still today. And what was the exact quote of my 32 year old best friend with a husband and four children? “If a Realtor gets a listing and doesn’t think it’s worthy of a 360 virtual tour-then why would it be worthy of my time to see in person and be worthy our money?”

By using virtual tours on every home, Realtors are quickly seeing a rise in their client lists. Using a top leading virtual tour company such as Philadelphia’s SLP Virtual Tours-the Realtors reputation gets catapulted into a “who to use” real estate agent status. The agent’s photograph is included on every tour as well as contact information and company logo. It’s a surefire bet for a real estate agent to “Brand” themselves in today’s ultra-competitive market. And the 360 tours offer top notch conveniences for each viewer including music, crisp clear images that rotate 360 degrees, a zoom feature that allows viewers to zoom in and out on the fine architectural details of a property.

Not all virtual tour companies out there offer top quality virtual tours. It’s a buyer beware market. In fact, the newest game on the net is companies claiming to be virtual tour companies when in fact, they only make up a slide show of still photos. Let’s face it here, more consumers enjoy their experience when they utilize a 360 degree virtual tour that modern technology gives us the ability to create. Listings that utilize this technology become what they call in the industry as sticky and keep shoppers coming back for more.

Making the right decision and trusting virtual tour providers in the Real Tour Vision network is imperative for any real estate agent who understands the importance of online presence and reputation. With our great virtual tour software we simply make you look your very best online. And of course it does help that Real Tour Vision providers stand out above the rest too.

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A Little “Bread” and Breakfast

Recently , while searching for additional business clients, I decided to do a free 360 Tour for a local Bed and Breakfast establishment. The 360 tour was time consuming, as I had to return another day and shoot some pictures of a wedding to include in the virtual tour. The extra time was definitely worth it; as I found out to my surprise, that the owner is also a Board member with Virginia’s Bed & Breakfast Association.

He liked the tour so much Click Here To View Tour that he agreed to email other owners in the region and also try and get a link of my Virtual Tour Business added to the associations website!

Besides all the free advertising I received from this one tour, the owner also said I had two nights all-inclusive stay for 2 any time!……Now, ….if I can just find that second part of the equation?!

If you are a certified virtual tour provider with Real Tour Vision log into the forum as I have posted some secret tips on how to secure a LOT of Bed and Breakfast virtual tours in your area all at once. All virtual tour providers should know about this!! A Little “Bread” and a whole lot of free breakfast.

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Real Tour Vision – Welcome to the Family!

When I first discovered RTV what impressed me was the quality of the 360 Virtual Tours. The see-through windows were AMAZING. What HOOKED me was the incredible treatment we received and continue to receive from the corporate side of RTV. Never have we felt like a burden or that our questions were bothersome. Since starting my virtual tour company in Longmont, CO I have found something even more amazing than these first 2 discoveries…the Network of providers!

On the forums I have seen people from all over the world banding together to help each other succeed in this business I have come to know and love. I have even relied on the forums for answers to my own questions as I learned my way around Virtual Tour Photography and Building. Along my path I have talked with many different RTV providers; some more than once, a handful countless times! Names many of you know as regular “posters” to the forums and some not so frequent.

As I continue to grow and learn, Ken Bowman from In And Out Services has become my most valuable “mentor”. The time he has spent answering my questions, whether they be about Photography, Tour Building, Business operations or most recently Web Design, and the patience he has shown with regards to the number of emails I have sent shows what a Top Notch person we have in our midst! I am truly grateful for everything he has shared! My tours and my business are better for his influence.

Real Tour Vision advertises that they have the Leading Virtual Tour Software and Technology, and they do – without a doubt. This is not, however, their only #1 Asset. Certainly their network of providers is equally as valuable as the technology itself!

I’m proud to be among this network. One day, I hope to be in a position where I am able to “pay it forward” to another RTV provider just starting out on what has proven to be one of the best journeys of my life!

Heres to the network!

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