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Professional Virtual Tour Photographers Make a Difference

What does it say about a real estate agent when they show up to a client’s home and shoot one of those poorly lit slideshow type virtual tours or one of those nauseating quarter pan type virtual tours? It’s says, “Hi, I’m your agent and I’m too cheap to hire a real photographer and spend money to market your home”.

We see these every day in the industry since digital cameras are so inexpensive. Many real estate agents think they can save money by buying into one of those “do it yourself” virtual tour packages or they shoot images for the MLS with their $200 camera and lens they got at a drugstore. The end result is bad images in a bad slideshow that the agent tries to pass off as a virtual tour.

Ever notice how you see a photo of the front of a house that was taken from clear across the street and the house looks like a postage stamp in the image? This is because the use of those inexpensive cameras. A professional virtual tour photographer will use the right lens and take the shot in the front yard so the person searching for a home can see the house clearly. It never ceases to amaze me just how many agents will use such bad images in their marketing.

Two weeks ago after I uploaded a real 360 virtual tour for a client. We were searching her broker’s website for comps in the area to see what other agents were doing for marketing, and up pops a listing that had a DIY virtual tour. The agent had taken one of those “nauseating pans” from the landing of the stairs looking towards the foyer. The funny thing was, it was laid on it’s left side and panning back and forth, my agent looked at me and asked “What the heck is that?”, so I turned my laptop on it’s side and that’s when you could see it was a half pan from the ceiling to the floor. I couldn’t believe it and the agent busted up laughing and said “That’s my local competition?”

So real estate agents and brokers, in today’s tough marketplace it pays in the long run to hire a professional virtual tour photographer. It makes you look more professional and you’ll save time and money overall because you will sell more homes by using crisp clear images and a truly interactive virtual tour that can be posted on multiple websites. If you’re a homeowner, you need to make sure you choose an agent who is willing to hire a real professional to shoot your home’s virtual tour.

William McCauley
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Web Cams

I am a virtual tour provider in Beaufort, South Carolina. It has been my experience, and probably other RTV providers have had the same thing happen, that once you provide a client with a service they then look to you for other services either closely or not-so-closely related.

To my point – One of my existing virtual tour clients has asked me to bid on installing, hosting and servicing exterior webcams of their amenities. Obviously this is something I am very interested in helping them with. This is a great repeat client and we are on site on a monthly or bi-weekly basis already.

I am hoping that another virtual tour provider out there has come across a similar situation and can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks to you all, and to you – the very best of this new year!

Bob Bundy
Coastal Virtual Tour Systems
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All in a Day’s Work

I have so many opportunities as a virtual tour provider in Morro Bay. We are located in the heart of the central coast of California. Namely, I get to shoot multi-million dollar homes, meet great real estate agents and see some of the most beautiful parts of our country, usually all in the same day! I also strive to meet all of my clients needs with my photography and virtual tours. Insight Virtual Tour’s motto is after all, to be our clients “partner in marketing”, an attitude that we take very seriously.

As I sat high atop a 116 acre parcel shooting a 360 virtual tour, the thought occurred to me, “This is crazy, who in their right mind would drive up a 37% grade in strong winds to get a shot of Morro Rock and a view?” It also occurred that I would! And even more funny to me, is that I was loving every minute of it! I took the opportunity to shoot a few marketing shots for myself, because when would I get this chance again? (Never say never, by the way). You can view this photo on my website at in the “About Insight Virtual” section.

Smiling, enthused and almost frozen, I shot the tour and came back down the hill, (which was actually scarier than going up) to find the home owner laughing, but nonetheless impressed with my dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to get the shot. “It’s all in a day’s work and I like a challenge almost as much as I like a good story to tell” was my reply. As I drove away from the property, I started to reflect on the experiences I have had in shooting all of my tours on the central coast and there are quite a few stories to tell.

I have been in cow pastures more times than I can recall, usually in 3 inch heels. I’ve managed to keep a horse still long enough to include it in a pano. I’ve hiked to the tops of hills, through brush and probably accompanied by critters that are best left unseen. I’ve been in occupied doggie day care yards (still don’t know the culprit was that left drool on my camera bag, though the boxer looked suspicious) and have stood in freezing weather for an hour to capture perfect back yard sunset at my clients request.

One of the most memorable experiences was when a homeowner requested that I get an “aerial view” of his two-million dollar home. His solution was not a plane or helicopter, but a tractor with a shovel attachment on the front of it. I didn’t think twice as he lowered the bucket to the ground and I climbed atop (again in 3-inch heels…I really like those boots!) He elevated me some 20 feet off the ground, backed up for a wider angle and gently brought me back to the ground. The agent was thrilled and we all got a good chuckle out of it. And hey, it’s one more story to tell.

Needless to say, there are very few things that I won’t do, or even give a second thought to, when it comes to satisfying my clients needs. I look towards 2008 with anticipation (and moderate anxiety) of what new adventures await me as I work my way up and down the California central coast doing what I love. After all, when it comes down to it, it’s just all in a day’s work.

Lori S. Nunes
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Advanced Hit Stats are a Great Selling Tool

Our technology is pretty advanced, but recently it blew me away again!

Believe it or not, one of my favorite virtual tours, a million-dollar-plus home in Ridgefield, WA, has received more hits (viewings) from than our local MLS. Click here to view it.

Take a moment and click on the small blue circle at the bottom of the virtual tour to examine this hit report.

Now, think how reassuring it is to the homeowner to be able to see for themselves that their real estate professional is “putting the virtual tour out there for everyone to see.” — AND they can click on it whenever they want to!

It used to blow me away how few real estate agents would pay the $25 to link virtual home tours to their listings. Hopefully, now that they can see for themselves that it works, they’ll consider it.

Dawn Shaffer
Provider or Real Tour Vision Virtual Tours
Vancouver Virtual Tour Provider

Big Thanks to my RTV Family

As I reflect back on this past year, on my personal and business related triumphs and struggles, one thought keeps surfacing. I am grateful to my family for their support through a tough time in our lives.

I had back surgery in October after experiencing several weeks of incapacitating pain. I managed to work some at the beginning of this traumatic time, but then was unable to work. Through this, the word “family” became redefined.

Real Tour Vision supported me through emails and calls, and made me feel like a valued member of their “family.” Many staff members showed me their concern through this tough time, and I am grateful to be a part of this evolving and expanding virtual tour company. There is a tremendous need for virtual tours in Collin County. The business is there for the taking. This adversity has helped me to focus more on my families – both personal and business – and has allowed me to put things in perspective. I am ready to face this next year with a renewed dedication to both. I want to keep learning and improving my craft and also be there for any new providers who may need some tips from someone who has been creating quality real estate virtual tours for almost four years. Real Tour Vision is absolutely the best – from the quality of the virtual tours, accessibility to technical support, ongoing research and development, and conscious effort to make the providers feel part of the “family.”

Thank you to my Real Tour Vision family for your concern and support. I look forward to this next year of continuing the tradition of quality that has made this virtual tour company a leader in the field.

Karin Gaylor
Karin Gaylor Photography
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