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PRESS RELEASE – Virtual Wedding Packages

Florida Eye Tours Announces Virtual Wedding Packages

ANNA MARIA, FL virtual tours – February 11, 2008 – Florida Eye Tours (FET), a company offering virtual media in west Florida, has announced its plans to offer virtual wedding packages throughout 2008.

Located in Florida, Anna Maria Island is a sub-tropical paradise that thousands of people choose as their vacation destination every year. Many couples choose to wed on the white sandy beaches. “It’s a new and exciting product that we have thought about for a while,” said Erin Heckler, marketing manager for FET, “We just had our first wedding festival here and it was an amazing success.”

FET will be offering virtual wedding packages that will be online and ready for viewing approximately one business day after they have been photographed. Family members who can’t make the actual wedding can see the special day just one business day after the event. It also allows couples to take a sneak peak at their wedding as they wait for their wedding album and video to be ready.

Chris Grumley, owner and Professional videographer/photographer stated, “After we created the virtual tour for our new Community Center here in Anna Maria, we received a call about the upcoming basketball season. We completed the virtual tour in time for their grand opening and the Athletic Director was so impressed that he asked us to film the basketball season. It only seems natural that we extend this service to personal events such as weddings. We are very excited about this new service and look forward to helping many couples remember their special day in a unique way.”

About Florida Eye Tours

FET offers virtual tours and professional photography services for individuals, commercial businesses and residential real estate in Manatee and Sarasota counties in Florida.

Chris Grumley
Florida Eye Tours, LLC
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Virtual Tour Hit Stats Foster Communication with Sellers

Loss prevention is usually associated with theft in retail stores, warehouses or pilferage. However, in the real estate business, I consider “Loss Prevention” the prevention of losing your existing customers, especially your listings.

In addition to being a virtual tour provider in Mount Dora, I am also a licensed Broker – Associate here in the Great State of Florida.

Florida, like just about all parts of the country is undergoing an “adjustment” to the market. One of the biggest and bitterest pills for a real estate agent, and especially the listing agent, to swallow is the pill you have to take just before you attempt to make that weekly “update” call to the seller.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Seller this is your friendly real estate agent, you know the one who was begging to list your house?”…..Well I just wanted to let you know, I’m still here…..Yes, I realize I haven’t shown your house lately, nor has anyone asked to see it. I just want you to know, I’m doing everything possible to get it sold. Have a Nice Day!”

The best time to make that call is probably midday when you know the call is going to go into voice mail so you don’t actually have to have a conversation about how bad the market is, nothing is selling, no one can get a loan….blah, blah, blah. We as real estate agents aren’t telling them anything they don’t already know.

Fortunately, with the auto emailing feature of the tour stats a detailed picture of “activity” on the seller’s virtual home tour can be sent directly to them. I find that if I send it to both the seller and myself, it serves as a “trigger” to call that seller and discuss the activity for the past week. This obviously accomplishes several things. First, I have removed the “sting” of telling them what they already know, that there haven’t been any showings, that the market is bad, etc. Instead I can focus on how many hits the tour got and talk about why that didn’t convert into showings. I can venture to say: A. the price is too high B. Maybe you should move that car (the one that is up on cement blocks) from the front of your house. C. Cut the grass, etc., etc.

If there haven’t been any hits on their virtual tour, we can now determine the WHY of the reason. As real estate agents, we are taught the only reason property doesn’t move, no matter what the market, is either PRICE, CONDITION, TERMS, LOCATION or the AGENT.

If we, as agents, don’t communicate on a regular basis, we alienate ourselves from that customer, the one who originally liked us or they wouldn’t have entrusted the sale of their home to us. By not communicating with them, they will either go with some other company when their listing expires or cancel their listing and possibly go with some other agent.

As both an agent and a virtual tour provider, I can tell you that reviewing the hit stats report is an ideal “Loss Prevention” tool and the beauty of it is that it’s totally painless.

Dave Morehead
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High End Virtual Tours in Connecticut

I received a hot lead from RTV for a builder who wanted a virtual tour for a home he built a few years ago that was going on the market.

Over the next couple of days, I was buried with calls and emails with more and more questions. After going back and forth for close to two weeks, I finally closed the deal. I received the order form completed and signed the day the deal closed. The builder even offered to pay upfront for my services. What could be better than that I thought.

As the days grew closer to doing the virtual tour, I sat down to make my final arrangements for the shoot. I checked my laptop, camera, memory cards, paperwork and so on. After checking everything I sat back thinking that this gig is under control. Little did I know how wrong I was.

You see, in my numerous discussions with the builder and office manager, I neglected to ask one simple question, how large is the house? We discussed the virtual tour, picture resolution, DPI, Mega Pixels, and even the weather. We never once talked about the house. The only reference to the size of the house was that it was ‘an average sized home’. In my area of Connecticut an average size home is somewhere between 2400 to 3200 sq ft. and that was how I priced the virtual tour.

The ride was uneventful. It was just a beautiful day, no traffic, a few wisps of clouds in the sky. I thought to myself in and out in about an 1 hr. Time for coffee at McDonalds and bang out this virtual tour in just under an hour. Wrong!!!

My first hint should have been private gated entrance to the neighborhood. But I thought still it’s an average sized house. The long cobblestone driveway as I entered dashed all hopes of a simple getaway. There was the house this builder had erected. Here I am camera and tripod in hand standing in front of 8500 sq feet of house, selling for 4.5 million dollars. Three Floors, seven bedrooms and an Olympic sized pool with its own house measuring almost 1200 sq ft.

The builder smiled as we entered the home, very proud of what he had built. The ceilings were no less than 15 feet high. Each room was adorned with high priced “very fragile” pieces. I was told no shoes, as I walked on tile from a country whose name I could not pronounce. Master bath with his and her toilets, screens and doors that rolled into the walls and on it went. There were 28 zones for heating, alarms if water ran for more than 30 minutes. A Game room, Ice cream Parlor, In house Theater even a temperature controlled wine room.

Okay you get the point. My presumed one hour shoot was going into triple overtime. 500 photos with multiple setups took just short of 4 hours. My head spinning as I rode the service elevator from the basement to the 3rd floor and back again.

Needless to say on my first Multi-Million dollar tour I was a bit nervous. After snapping the first few spins I went to my laptop to check quality of the pictures, stitching and so on. After getting the builders approval on the quality of the pictures I moved on and just kept taking shot after shot. The entire virtual home tour was shot on adrenalin.

When I got into my car, the builder flagged me down. He walked over smiling and thanked me for my professionalism. Not once during my time there did I refer to the agreed price for this average home tour. He knew he got the better of me and told me he would make it up on the next shoot. That night I drove home, not mad at anyone, but actually thankful I had the opportunity to shoot this home. I figured I could use this as a selling point and the pictures came out great. Not long after completing the tour, downloading it to numerous personalized cd’s, I sent him my bill for the agreed price of $150. I received payment within a day or so after that with a note of thanks.

A few days later the builder called me again. This time he wanted me to photo shoot for an 8000 sq ft home that he was building a 4000 sq ft addition to. And yes, he took care of me on that one.

The moral of this story always remember to ask the simple questions. I know I do every time.

David Wolf
PicturesQue Views
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Clients Love Having Virtual Tour Options

On a recent sales call in nearby Hershey, PA (yes, the street lights really are in the shape of chocolate kisses in Chocolatetown, USA), I demonstrated a virtual tour with a standard audio music track. My sales prospect loved the virtual tour, but disliked the music. She said she never likes music playing on web sites.

When I arrived at my next appointment in York, Pennsylvania, still wary of the last prospect’s comments, I reluctantly demonstrated the same virtual tour. This sales prospect not only thought the tour was fantastic, but also loved the music! It just goes to show that it is great having options to give your clients.

From chatting with prospects and clients, I’ve learned that when it comes to audio on virtual tours, some really enjoy the audio playing on the virtual tour. Those that don’t initially like the idea of adding the audio or a music track often eventually decide to include it. That’s because the audio track attracts the attention of the casual web browser. When someone clicks on and starts the 360 virtual tour, the music or audio demands notice. That’s what the virtual tour client should keep in mind.

When consulting with new prospects, I often suggest that the audio should be added to the virtual tour – especially to those that don’t initially like the feature. It’s not about their personal taste, but rather about what will attract the attention of their potential clients and prospects.

George Sheldon
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Houston Virtual Tour Company Applauds RTV

Five years ago I got my real estate license in Houston, Texas and started to work hard. I love the industry!!! When I would work with buyers and searched for listing in the Houston market I kept seeing terrible photos of homes. Some, way too dark, some with dates and so forth. I came across a cool program on my laptop to enhance my listings and started to show others what I was doing. This is how Digital Tours and More was born.

Fast forward to the present, 5 years later, Digital Tours and More offers so much more than just a digital virtual tour. We now offer, thanks to the team at RTV, 360° Interactive Virtual Tours, Professional Brochures, PanoRiders with Single Property Websites, 2D and 3D Floors Plans, 3D Walk through and much more. The staff and I at Digital Tours and More are so excited with what is to come in 2008. Since adding on the Floor Plans and PanoRiders we have received more calls and gotten more orders waiting to be done.

To be honest, I do not think that this company would have been this successful with out Real Tour Vision and their true vision for the providers across the nation and the world. We all applaud the efforts that Real Tour Vision gives to us for us to succeed as the #1 Virtual Tour Provider in the World.

Thank You Real Tour Vision,

Mike Stolte
Digital Tours and More
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