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All Virtual Tours are Not Created Equal

With over 84% of home buyers shopping online, internet marketing has become essential to selling real estate in the Shreveport and Bossier City area. Home buyers are demanding quick, digestible information at their fingertips. If this information is not there for the buyer to see, then the home is getting overlooked. In the frenzy to acquired these shoppers’ attention, virtual tours have become indispensable. The buyers and sellers in today’s market are demanding virtual tours, for many reasons, but foremost because virtual tours are a quick source of a large quantity of information. In competing for these buyers’ attention (and phone calls) it is important to consider what is being placed in front of them.

The term “virtual tour” is a murky one. It seems to include everything from pictures on the internet to slide shows to 360 virtual tours. The real estate agent who is willing to go the extra mile and put a quality product in front of the market is the one people remember. In looking for a quality virtual tour there are several things to consider.

Pictures of a home placed online are important, but do not constitute a virtual tour. The purpose of the virtual tour is to provide the viewer with additional information about the home and to actively engage them in the listing.

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings very true here. It is essential that the virtual tour have high quality, viewable photographs that encourage rather than discourage the viewer. The virtual tour needs to be 360 if the viewer is to obtain real information about the room and the layout of the home. Still shots can’t tell the viewer what’s behind them, only a 360 panoramic photo can do that. Engaging the buyer in actively touring the real estate listing keeps them on the listing longer and provides them the information they are seeking. It is this kind of interaction that generates high interest leads for the listing agent.

In order to set a real estate listing apart from every other listing in the Shreveport / Bossier City area, Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours offers add-ons to customize their 360 interactive virtual tours. Additions such as narrative audio or scene specific text will engage the viewer further and provide a memorable impression for the seller. An impression that says, “I go the extra mile for my client”.

Lastly, Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours aides in virtual tour syndication. Internet marketing is the key to exposure of the virtual tour and the listing. Without exposure, the virtual tour is not doing its job. And if the virtual home tour is not working on behalf of the listing real estate agent, then it is time to reconsider your tours. A virtual tour which just sits on the listing and collects dust is ineffective, but that is another blog…

Rebecca Bolda
Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours
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Virtual Tour Company in Alcona County

As a retired person living in Alcona County in the northeast section of Michigan’s beautiful Lower Peninsula, I find great need to express gratitude for finding a company to associate myself with like Real Tour Vision, their team, and their quest for excellence.

It began when I formed a company that I called Key Solutions in the hope of being able to do a little print graphic work to supplement my inadequate retirement income. With the poor economy, and simple graphic programs available to everyone, I found very little need for my skills. To add insult to injury, I retired before learning the fine-tuned, “ins and outs” of Internet graphics and code writing. This gave me a big learning curve to overcome.

After a great deal of researching, I found Real Tour Vision and became a full service provider. To round out the picture I became re-licensed as a real estate sales associate and here I am, involved with the “best of the best” 360 virtual tour providers.

However, when one talks about needing improvement in some areas, boy oh boy, am I a candidate! The beauty of it all is that Real Tour Vision is a forward thinking company who provides the tools and training to help. Like most Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers, I am constantly looking for different areas that could benefit from a 360 virtual tour.

One thing I’ve experimented with is non real estate virtual tours. It has been interesting! Among other things, I discovered that photographing people is not my strength and photographing a 360 virtual tour in a large area needs really good lighting. Here is my first virtual tour of this kind:

It is still a work in progress but it was certainly interesting to work on this type of virtual tour.

Christine Kuhn
Key Solutions
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360 Perfect Images in Vero Beach Florida

I received a call from someone who was remodeling a house on the island in Vero Beach. My company Perfect Images was referred to him by a real estate agent. This person purchased a single story home and decided to embrace the adventure of remodeling. The house turned out to be more like a three story luxurious residence with a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean, and even though it is not completed the owner decided to do a virtual tour to start advertising. This is the unfinished home:

Of course he will call us back when it is completed to do another 360 virtual tour. The beauty of virtual tours is how they can show a property. Certainly it all depends on the person who is behind the camera, the equipment used and working with a company like Real tour Vision and their technology. This home, although not completed, shows very well and lets the viewer see what could be the finished home.

As an agent myself, I’ve had several properties that are not that special but show beautiful on the real estate virtual tours and has helped me bring people into the house and guarantee a great lead even if they decide not to buy that particular home.

So to all real estate agents out there, virtual tours do sell properties! You get leads and eventually buyers and sellers. I’ve had calls form all over the world, of people interested in one of my listings. Great Photos are the foundation of successful real estate marketing. Virtual tours are a 24/7 open house, requiring no on site effort from you.

I’ve had Realtors tell me after they see the virtual tour I make for them that it doesn’t seem to be the same property. The technology that Real tour Vision uses is outstanding. I am very happy to be a Real Tour Vision provider.

For all real estate agents, renters, and FSBO clients located in Indian River, Saint Lucie and
Brevard Counties, Florida.

Log on to our website, look at our work, call Claudia at 772-559-2364 or Ivan at 772-532-9877.

We guarantee the best work ever, thanks to the best virtual tour software provider out there, Real Tour Vision.

Claudia Jaramillo
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Florida Virtual Tour Provider Branches Out

When I made the decision to become a virtual tour provider for Real Tour Vision I had no idea how many different doors would eventually open. I was an amateur with a camera, but, when people saw me shooting virtual tours in my early days they saw a professional photographer, who certainly knew what he was doing.

I find that people are responsive to your talent because, as virtual tour photographers we are performing a task that isn’t seen on a day to day basis. Now it seems that people who become aware of my photographic skills in virtual tour production also presume I can perform other, similar, photo and film related tasks.

I was asked recently to film the basketball season at our local community center. My job is to make a DVD that will be sold to parents after the awards night. There is already a buzz around the center and parents are looking forward to the final product. I am also the correspondent covering the season for a local paper. The Sun newspaper is paying me to write the story and is also paying me for my images, Wow! I am being paid for my photo’s, how cool is that! We will be adding voice to virtual tours and other media in-house and we will be up and running in the next two weeks, and get this…

All this is happening because I am a Full Service provider for Real Tour Vision! Like the guy in the hair commercial, this was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life, I can tell you that!

Click here to see the images I got paid for last week and the story I wrote.

Click here to see the virtual tour we created for the center.

Chris Grumley
Florida Eye Tours, LLC
Bradenton Virtual Tour Company
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PRESS RELEASE – Middlesex County New Jersey Virtual Tours

Press Release – Real Tour Vision™ Announces New Full Service Provider in Middlesex County New Jersey

EDISON, NJ – February 27, 2008— JVT Photography & Virtual Tours (JVT) has recently partnered with Real Tour Vision™ (RTV), the world’s largest and fastest growing virtual tour software provider spanning 26 countries worldwide. As a Real Tour Vision full service provider JVT will offer state-of-the-art virtual tours and innovative online marketing solutions to local real estate agents and businesses. JVT is a certified RTV full service provider and will also offer their clients and customers expert advice on internet marketing.

Rick Simons, President of Real Tour Vision said: “As a virtual tour builder, Frank Nicolato has combined his real estate marketing experience with his love of photography. Having the eye of a photographer, the knowledge of a real estate agent, and now being armed with a great virtual tour building system—-all adds up to a winning combination. Jersey Virtual Tours Company is a welcome addition to the Real Tour Vision provider network and will be a great resource for his customers.”

Frank Nicolato, Real Tour Vision Provider and owner of JVT Photography stated, “We’re very excited about our partnership with Real Tour Vision. We can now offer the highest quality interactive virtual tours and photography to area Realtors and other business people, helping them to stand out from the competition and maximize their online marketing in the most cost-effective manner.”

For more information about virtual tours in Middlesex County New Jersey call (732) 261-2569 email or visit their Jersey Virtual Tours Company website. Those interested in business opportunities with Real Tour Vision are encouraged to visit their virtual tour company blog for more information and current provider testimonials before contacting Real Tour Vision.

About JVT Photography & Virtual Tours
JVT was founded in 2007 by Frank Nicolato, a life-long Edison resident, photographer and veteran real estate agent. What began as what Nicolato describes as a “dissatisfaction” with the appearance and presentation of most real estate photography, eventually grew into an independent photography business which today serves dozens of clients from many of the top brokerages in Central NJ, including, Prudential, Weichert, ReMax, Keller-Williams, Century21, Ontrack Realty, MJHomes Realty, Realty Advantage NJ and others.

Frank Nicolato
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