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Photo Editing Fix for Too Dark Windows

Do you have problems with too dark windows in your virtual tours? It’s a fairly easy fix.

It is almost impossible to get a steady exposure all the way around in a room with lots of windows. I have found that using any version of Photoshop can fix this.

First thing to do is select the shots that are dark. You should also select photos in front and in back of the dark ones too. Say for instance shot 4 is exposed right, 5 is a little dark, 6 and 7 are too dark, shot 8 is slightly dark, and 9 is exposed right. Select shots 4 throught 9 and go into Photoshop. Even Photoshop Elements will work.

Pull up your shots, and go to the enhance bar at the top of Photoshop. Then go to adjust lighting, and select brightness and contrast. When you select brightness, it will automatically push the number to 50. Set it back to 0 and adjust the lighting accordingly.

I have found that for slightly dark, I use 20 in brightness, and for really dark I push it to 30-35. This does the trick. You can also adjust contrast too but be careful not to overdo it. You can also use this to make your sky shots a little bluer outdoors. Just use the contrast and slide accordingly. It really helps.

This is a link to a hotel I just shot. The lobby windows were way too dark, and I fixed it with Photoshop. Same with the breakfast bar windows.

Bob Busser
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Unique Selling Proposition

Do you have a USP?

A USP is a Unique Selling Proposition. Every successful business has at least one (maybe more). A USP gives your business an unfair advantage over your competition. This means that your customers will have only one place to turn if they want to take advantage of your USP.

One USP you can leverage in your business is the PanoRider(TM). This unique offering marries the use of a Single Property Website (a URL address forwarding to your Virtual Tour) with one of your attention-getting panoramic images of the property.

Why is this USP so powerful? By placing the URL and the panoramic scene together on a customized sign, you are giving your customers their own USP. That’s right, many agents will use the PanoRider against their competition. After all, if you were an agent using the PanoRider, wouldn’t YOU bring it to all your listing appointments?

To start marketing your newest USP you don’t even have to spend any money! Just use the images we provided to you to show off your newest product. Get started creating a compelling USP for your business and clients today!

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Building My Tampa Virtual Tour Company…For Free

I just started my Tampa virtual tour company about 2 years ago. Last year I cleared about two hundred and fifty virtual tours and this year is shaping up to be even better. Here is how I grew my virtual tour business and spent little to no money at all.

When I first got started in this I went all out and had some fancy flyers and high quality business cards printed. I spent quite a bit on those items as well as getting my website up and running. I knew image was everything on the web, in print and most of all…in person.

I want around to all of the local real estate offices, handed out business cards and flyers and introduced myself in person. That is really where it all began. I got a few orders from that campaign then I refined my process and stared the routine all over again.

After my second pass I realized that being a one person operation I was soon shooting virtual tours and did not have time for all of the sales anymore so I sat down and began working out a way to put my business on autopilot.

I already knew that most of my new business was coming from referrals. People loved my product, my deliver, prices and level of service so they naturally talked about me to other people. That’s when I decided to take that simple fact and make it work faster and faster for me…even while I was out in the field shooting virtual tours.

I immediately stopped printing the expensive flyers and dropped down to marketing with just the website and a nicer business card with an attractive panorama printed on it. To get the ball rolling I implemented a few basics that I had learned along the way and then simply amplified them. I was now ready to make word of mouth my primary form of advertising!

I had made it a habit to follow up with my customers weekly after each shoot that I did for them to make sure everything was in order. On this call I began asking for a referral. “Do you know anyone else in your office that may need a virtual tour?” “Have you visited any homes recently that do not have a virtual tour but could really use one?” Questions like these did not always “Pan Out” but on many occasions they did and I started landing more deals using less money and less time overall.

Next during my 360 virtual tour photo shoots I made sure to give my customers some extra business cards and told them that every new agent they sent off to me who gave me at least two virtual tour orders I would give them a free virtual tour in exchange for the referrals. That free single virtual tour that I gave away was well worth the twenty or thirty virtual tours that I would get from that new customer over the next year or two. After handing out my business cards to agents for a few months some of them actually started asking me for more cards from time to time. Why wouldn’t they? They were getting free virtual tours for simply handing out my cards to their peers and talking about my services from time to time.

Next I implemented a “Constant Contact” program into my business. (From one of the Ask Jack columns in an old RTV newsletter). My constant contact approach here meant that if I had not heard from a particular customer in three to four weeks I would call then and ask them how things were going. If they had placed a CD order with me I would drop those off at their office in person. Yes that’s right…I stopped mailing out my CD’s. It takes a bit more time to do the drop but it gets the gate keepers familiar with you at the front end of the office and it creates an amazing opportunity for you to meet the key players in the office. The more they see you around the better so long as you don’t become a distraction. The key to a successful drop off is to get in, make the delivery and get along your way. Keep in mind they are typically very busy but the fact that you hand deliver your goods shows a lot and will stay with them.

Finally I made a big focus on making my tour production as fast as I possibly could without sacrificing the quality. Turnaround time is key especially when other national companies take weeks to deliver the virtual tours. They all will remember you and talk about you more if you have fast turn around time.

Well everyone out there, I hope some of my ideas help you out and I wish you all the best.

Thank You
Chuck Small
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Tapping the FSBO Virtual Tour Market

While I have had good success lately in uncovering new real estate and commercial business, I have been looking for new outlets to gain additional business.

After talking to a number of my real estate friends they directed me to the local cable channel where agents buy time to advertise homes. While watching the channel, I came up with an idea to gain new business that I am in the process of incorporating into my business model.

One of the programs that the channel has is the “For Sale by Owner” channel. It is obvious that people who are trying to sell their homes on their own don’t have websites to house a virtual home tour of their property nor do most of these people know the importance of them .

We are currently building an area into our website to advertise these “For Sale By Owner Homes”. We are going to place the tours under my Sample Gallery pages where I will have a dedicated spot for these For Sale By Owner tours.

It is a win win because I can now sell them on virtual tours as well as hosting fees for placing on my site and they now have access to a website where they can direct potential customers. I have already spoke to several friends that I know selling their own homes who are lining up to have virtual tours done of their homes.

Once I get this up and running my plan is to place an ad on Craigslist where people are all about selling things on their own. Depending on how that goes I will then take out a spot in the local newspapers real estate section. As the economy changes the way people do business, I believe it is only prudent to come up with new ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Charles Gise
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Kudos to Team RTV

Dear RTV,

Everyone on your team has been absolutely great! I created and have been running this business for going on thirteen years, and I must say that I do not recall any company being so organized and responsive in assuring success of us guys “in the trenches.”

While trying to keep our two stores going until our soldiers come home, I am simultaneously trying to get this virtual tour company up and running quickly. We have our new “division,” SyberVision, and the web site is already up at Your free website template that comes within the marketing department allowed me to get this up and running quickly. I am finishing up on the email server, price and sign up sheets, and everything else. Good thing I didn’t have a life before, I might miss it! Again, thanks for the support!


Jerry Barker
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