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Proactive and Customer Focused Virtual Tour Business Owner

Never underestimate the value of being proactive and customer focused. About two months ago, I received a call from Coggin Honda of St Augustine, a local car providership which had just opened a new location. They were interested in getting a virtual tour added to their website but were only in the initial stages of their search. Their Internet Specialist had found my virtual tour company (Ad Vantage Virtual Tours) on the internet and was calling for basic information.

Instead of just providing a quick overview of pricing, I took the additional time to review their website and suggestion how to integrate the virtual tour.

She really appreciated the information but needed to do some additional research. I knew they would be calling ‘the competition’ so instead of just waiting for a call back, I made sure to proactively follow up and offered to stop by and do some test shots when I was down that way on another virtual tour shoot. They were very appreciative of the focus on customer satisfaction.

I also made sure to bring examples of how we had customized virtual tours for other clients to align with their marketing and how we could add individual scene descriptions – both things that differentiates RTV tours from the competition.

Yes, they did talk to the competition but were concerned that they weren’t willing to really work with them and provide the service they were looking for. Bottom line, they selected Ad Vantage Virtual Tours for their new car providership virtual tour specifically because we had been proactive, took the time to understand their needs , and produced the quality virtual tours they were looking for.

Never underestimate the value of customer service and our ability to ‘go above and beyond’ as independent business owners.

Trish Edmonds
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Restaurant Marketing and Virtual Tours

How many times have you heard about a new restaurant and thought about trying it, but ended up going to one of your old favorites because you weren’t quite sure of the atmosphere?

Real estate professionals have been taking advantage of an incredible marketing tool for years and other industries are starting to catch up. Virtual tours are an excellent way to give potential diners a feel for a restaurant without being there.

We recently produced a virtual tour for Zambrano Wine Cellar in downtown Fort Worth. Look at the difference between viewing the photo above or the virtual tour of the same facility.

If a photo is worth 1000 words, how many is a virtual tour worth? With this technology it is as if you are walking through the door and viewing the restaurant yourself, except you aren’t spending close to $4.00/gallon in gas to do it.

Imagine if you needed to book a facility for a special event or party. Would you rather look at a few still photos or a virtual tour to narrow your decision. You may even be willing to book the facility based on the virtual tour alone. If you are the person in charge of marketing a restaurant to the public, why would you not want to take advantage of this cost effective marketing tool?

Pro 360 Virtual Tours and Photography can create high quality virtual tours of the public and private dining areas of your restaurant with state of the art, 360 degree technology. The power of the picture does not stop with real estate and restaurants.

Does your place of business, or product, have visual appeal for those who you would like to attract? Then a virtual tour may be just the boost your website needs to take business to the next level.

Lisa Castro
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Virtual Tour House Hunting From Iraq

About 10 days ago Claire Crawford from Keller Williams (a regular client of ours) called to place an order for yet another BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual Tour ( She ordered her team’s usual services, including a basic virtual tour, submission of the tour to the MLS/MRIS and, music and photos for marketing. While BakerB Solutions provides services for property brochures and postcard mailers, Claire uses our photos to create her own brochures and postcards and does a great job!

The virtual tour order was for a nice single family 2-level home in Germantown, Maryland with an updated kitchen. We went out and met John Lee and the owner at the property to do the photo shoot the next day. After posting the tour online

John added the link to his team’s website

So far, nothing unusual right? Well, this is where the story gets interesting. Claire was contacted by an agent 2-days ago who was putting in an offer for the property on behalf of her out of town clients. The husband is currently stationed in IRAQ and the wife is still in Mississippi. They were home shopping the only way they could…by using the Internet!

As it turns out, they viewed The Crawford and Lee website and saw the home, our photos and the BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual tour. Claire just called me to let me know that contract is now ratified even though the buyers haven’t even set foot in the house!

This particular example illustrates the power of online marketing. Many Realtors in our area are struggling with the current market conditions. But those like the Crawford and Lee team who understand the power of Internet marketing are leading the Realtors in Germantown Maryland, showing how a house, even in this market, can get sold for a fair price if it is marketed well!

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Montgomery Virtual Tour Company Beats Competition

My Montgomery virtual tour company kicked off business in March and since then we have been able to maintain 4-10 virtual tours per week plus Single Property Websites, Print Publications, Floor Plans, etc. So, we’re excited about the summer and have a lot of pending jobs on the table for New Homes and Rentals.

The changes to the TMS tools have been excellent and I’m able to complete publishing the tour very quickly.

The RTV technology is blowing others in my area away. I’ve beaten out two companies, Visual Tours, and our own RTV technology! I had a real estate agent in Auburn, Al who purchased all the equipment to shoot his own tours from RTV.

Long story short he managed to create some terrible tours and made a mess. Since then he gave it up and called us back-in to shoot all their virtual tours from this point forward.

The RTV technology is easy to use but it still requires someone with an eye for photography to produce a nice tour. I’ve taken some trainees out a few times and they can’t believe what actually goes into shooting the virtual tour and the things you have to set-up for.

Anyway keep up the GREAT WORK and I’ll continue to sell as many services as you can crank out.


Mark Milton
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Trade Show Advice from Panorama Jack

The key to trade shows is proper planning, getting lots of sleep the night before the show, and not getting too nervous during the show.

Remember that, at the end of the day, people are coming to the event to get free food, win prizes and hang out. So, you will have to do your best to snag their attention and leave a lasting impression. While most of us can’t afford purchasing a dunk tank or having a movie star co-host your booth, so you have to find another way to catch their eye.

You want to be memorable — make people remember at least one thing about their encounter with you.

The sole purpose of your booth is to generate leads so you can do your follow up and emails after the show. What I have discovered over the years is that paper material gets tossed, recycled, or if you are lucky it is saved long enough in a paper bag and used during a summer camping trip. In this case they may or may not notice you just before the fire sears away your phone number.

Use something that stands out like miniature sized business card CD’s. You can find some great deals on the web if you look hard enough. I recommend using for their great low prices.

Business card sized CD’s have a VERY long shelf life because who really wants to throw that away, right?

They make an excellent conversation piece that reflects on how tech savvy you are. The other advantage to these is that they can hold up to 50 MB of YOUR data. That will leave you enough room to include your information packet, your order form, a sample virtual tour, your PowerPoint presentation, and one other miscellaneous item that you might put on there.

But how do you pull that off and make it look slick when the CD is placed into the on board computer cup holder? It’s simple and if you read last month’s newsletter then you are already enjoying the benefits of The combined use of this nifty software and your business CD will also save you hundreds of dollars on printing costs. The total cost of one of these burned in full color is about $.40 and even cheaper if you buy a system and do the printing yourself. Look into it!

Now that you have all of your company information packed into one tiny conversation piece that will last a long time, you are ready for additional planning. Sadly, 80 percent of all trade show leads never get followed up on so it’s very important to plan out prior to the show exactly how leads will be gathered and follow up on. I recommend that you setup a raffle at your booth to win a free virtual tour that will be announced at the end of the show. Purchase a nice fishbowl or other attractive table piece that your visitors can drop a business card into. And always remember (as you hand out your business card sized CD) to ask if it is ok for you to follow up with them at a later time. (While asking this question always shake your head yes and smile.)

Next you need to setup your booth. Remember that booth graphics are the eye candy that will bring people to your booth…unless of course you have that dunk tank or movie star standing there. The first impression must grab attention, because you only have that 3 to 6 seconds in which to work. Formulate an effective graphical statement and it is here that I recommend you have a nice printed sign for your company. Most camera and digital print shops can do this for you on a stiff corrugated plastic sheet. Don’t try to put too much stuff into your graphical message. Simpler is always better. Graphics should be colorful, eye catching and tell your story. Your sign is certainly not the place to showcase 31 reasons to use your technology or other lengthy complicated textual statement. Those turn people off quickly.

When at all possible, never place a table across the front of your booth. That places a barrier between you and your prospects. It makes them more likely to just keep moving. If you do have to have a table I highly recommend that you just stand in front of your booth. You are sure to see the slackers sitting in chairs behind their booths and those should never be your role models. NEVER SIT at a trade show. “Tough it out, soldier”, as Ray Kroc would say. Your feet will hurt and your shoulders will tire but at the end of the day you will have impressed those around you.

Finally you need to remember that if you don’t jump out and reach your customers you will probably lose 80% of your prospects. Attract their attention by being fun and contagious. Don’t be afraid to bounce around a bit and look excited to tell people about what you have to offer. It makes people want to stop and be part of what’s going on. It makes them remember your booth too and also improves your chances later for when you follow up. When you do get their attention, be sure to shake hands immediately and look your prospect directly in the eyes. Repeating their name two or three times during your conversation will not only attract them more to you as people love hearing their own name, it will also help YOU remember it. If you are like most people you forget a name within five to ten seconds after meeting a person. This is because a million things are racing through your head during this first encounter. By saying their name right after they tell it to you, and a time or two during your conversation, you will be able to exit the presentation with confidence.

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