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The Virtual Tour Follow-Up

It is now more important than ever to make sure your customers are properly linking their 360 virtual tours. If you are not already following up with your customers after the virtual tours are delivered, then you need to start this as soon as possible. Stop potentially bad habits, oversights or improper linking of your virtual tours before you have a mess on your hands.

From the very start of our TC Virtual tour company I noticed that many of our customers either used the wrong link altogether or did not link the virtual tour onto ALL of their sites. Remember that many real estate agents will have a personal website–, a local company website– , an MLS system– and sometimes an national site– . Your single online 360 virtual tour MUST find its way to all of these websites or you are not doing justice to your work.

That is a LOT of checking up on if you’re doing several virtual tours a month but very little work if you simply make this a standard operational procedure after you bring on any new customer and perform their first virtual tour.

Do what Team BlueLaVa does and write up a nice follow up email and website page that shows linking instructions that use our fancy tour buttons. Send out this follow up email after you do your first virtual tour or two for a new client and you will find this works out any kinks right away. Perhaps then schedule a quarterly maintenance email but typically the real estate agents are good about passing the process over to the assistants or in many cases…you.

Here is a sample of our tour linking page for you to take a look at. We make sure to send this page to all webmasters:

Don’t let it bog you down! The linking of virtual tours is not only very complicated for some real estate agents to grasp but can also be very overwhelming for the virtual tour provider. Use good note taking skills when working with clients so you can keep track of who gets which virtual tour link.

Make sure your 360 virtual tours have maximum reach and impact. The better the tours do the more orders you will get. TRUST ME!

Good luck out there!

Team BlueLaVa
Northern Michigan Virtual Tours
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Traverse City Virtual Tour News

This week BlueLaVa Media unleashed our very first e-newsletter and had an AMAZING response rate. Jim Blue is currently booked to shoot real estate virtual tours from today through July 1st.

Between our regular blogging, once a month press releases, weekly hit reporting, Jim’s office whistle stops, and now our new monthly newsletter the real estate agents around Traverse City and Northern Michigan are starting to see a whole lot of BlueLaVa. If you have a moment please take a quick glance at what our monthly e-newsletter looks like. Click the link below!

Traverse City Virtual Tour News

On a side note, Team BlueLaVa is also very pleased to announce that we now offer our new Stand-Alone Exposure Engine. This new product is made available to real estate agents in the Northern Michigan region who would prefer to lean on BlueLaVa to fully syndicate their listings.

Please stop by our site often as we are about a week away from rolling out two very new and HOT new products that will impact 1500 virtual tour providers worldwide!!!

Stay tuned.

Team BlueLaVa
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Virtual Tours Boost Real Estate Client Base

RTV has boosted my client base in my Real Estate Market and now I am making steady money on superior virtual tours.

I bought a Real Tour Vision complete kit a couple of months ago after the agent who used to produce our “virtual tours” left the company. Little did we know her leaving would be a HUGE benefit to Arlington Properties. I bought the RTV package and NC Home Tours has been producing all virtual tours for Arlington Properties, ever since.

Not only does NC Home Tours produce a product that is infinitely superior to what we were used to offering, but now I use my virtual tours to pick up new clients from the for sale by owner market. Offering a Panorider and single property website greatly increases their marketing potential, and if they are interested in using a Realtor down the road, I have already shown my commitment to excellence and I hope they will call me for that service as well.

Being able to show future clients my virtual tours on is a great marketing tool and everyone loves the weekly and on demand tour hit stats. By posting virtual tours on the home page we are maximizing the exposure of every home that is listed with Arlington Properties.

I have always prided myself on giving people a top quality product and maintaining honesty above all else in my business. I now offer clients, associates, and for sale by owner customers incredible marketing tools at a fair price. I can’t thank the Team RTV enough for getting me started in this wonderful industry. I look forward to years of association and years of providing the best virtual home tours in Eastern North Carolina.

Taylor Keith
NC Home Tours
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Nevada Virtual Tour Company Thanks RTV

Being a business owner since college and looking for a new venture that I could start up using nothing but a cellphone and a laptop, I learned about the virtual tour industry around 5 years ago. After researching the various companies and software available at the time I finally decided to go with RTV due to the postings of various providers that mentioned the great support offered to them from the company. That and the capabilities of RTV’s software made it a no-brainer from that point on.

Everyone that helped to bring me on board from day one…and to this day…have been the utmost professional and truly care about giving quality support and knowledge to an ever-growing field of providers including myself.

I know that I may seem a little wanting at times when trying to figure out a request or solve a problem, but everyone at RTV has always been there with an answer or an idea to back me up. For that I am truly appreciative to all at RTV because you are the backbone to all of the quality service that Robo-Tours prides itself on giving to all our clients.

We produce a wide spectrum of virtual tour types in various states and they have always been there to help make them possible. The fact that I can have questions answered within a couple of hours, if not sooner is an amazing concept that more companies need to emulate. Kind of reminds me of the cellphone company commercial on TV. No matter where you go you have all the team support with you…just not the guy in the shop clothes and nerd glasses!

Thank You for all your help and I look forward to the expanding my virtual tour company.

Rob Lenthe
Mesquite Virtual Tour Company
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Virtual Vista Is In The House

Virtual Vista is now in its third year of operation. We have been steadily building our virtual tour business reputation in Westchester PA on the platform of providing, HANDS DOWN, the best product, exceptional customer service, and building excellent relationships with our clients. Without the customer we do not have a job, so we like to keep them coming back.

Reasons that our customers KEEP coming back:

-We review every single panorama for stitching errors.

-We customize our tour windows with a unique banner and color scheme.

-We implement a consistent style of flow to each tour with our hotspot placement.

-We provide the most EVERYTHING for the dollar, ANYWHERE!

CUSTOMER SERVICE – at its core, has the same impact on repeat customers in any industry. Servers and bartenders at restaurants have regulars, because they consistently provide exceptional, highly quality service to the customers. At Virtual Vista, our customers come first and we don’t hide that!

DEPENDABILITY – As far as Virtual Vista’s exceptional customer service goes, our work ethic is unrelenting. We always answer the phone, making ourselves readily available to our clientele. In addition to our virtual tour customer support, we always go above and beyond their expectations. When the competition is sleeping we are getting the job done right.

PREDICTABILITY – Our customers come back to us because they know us, and they know what they are getting every time. A Virtual Vista virtual tour is always a pleasant, casual experience for the seller, real estate agent, and/or the business owner/manager.

FRIENDLINESS – While we believe in being professional, we like to throw in a good conversation, and always top it off with a smile.

Hasta La Vista, Virtual Vista That Is!!!

All the best,

Brian Castro
Virtual Vista
WestChester PA Virtual Tours