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Virtual Tours Google Style

Great googley moogley I thought to myself the first time I saw the virtual tour camera in the article below. Leave it up to Google to get into virtual tours …..Continue Reading

Going for the Referral

Of all the years I’ve been in sales, I’m always amazed when an unexpected referral source appears. I think we all sometimes have the tendency to prejudge sales and referral …..Continue Reading

Virtual Tour Company Fringe Benefits

I had gotten a call from a Realtor(r) that was needing a 360 virtual tour done on a house soon because the owner was getting ready to visit family in …..Continue Reading

The Goldberg Test

Let me tell you how and what I did to decide which Virtual Tour Company I would sign up with as a professional virtual tour provider. It was easy and …..Continue Reading

My competitor and his One Shot Lens

A year ago we received a call from a competitor, stating that he may be referring about 6 tours our way per year. It seems that some of his agents …..Continue Reading

360 Virtual Tour of Law Offices

We received a phone call from from an office asking if we could do a virtual tour of a law office for them. Sure, I told ’em! The 360 …..Continue Reading

NAR Survey Shows Demand for More Technology

The results are in and the spending dollars are up!!! You will find this recent survey from the NAR very interesting. Real Tour Vision’s mission always has been to provide …..Continue Reading

Virtual Tours…Why?

What is the upside and or benefits of utilizing virtual tours? I mean really. What would a potential client see when you are marketing YOUR services as a virtual tour …..Continue Reading