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The Royal (RTV) Treatment

My name is Kim Harrison. I live in Carmel CA. I had discovered RTV online back in April, but did not think I could build a business by myself. Jason …..Continue Reading

Florida’s Housing Market Update

This just in from a University of Florida study: Florida’s housing market shows surprising resilience: Full Story is also Here GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Sept. 5, 2007 – Despite the bleak …..Continue Reading

Starting Our Virtual Tour Business

We started our Virtual Tour business in a relatively small market in Montana. The virtual tour business took right off after our initial marketing campaign. Our repeat business is sensational. …..Continue Reading

Glass Half Full

I have been a fan of watching the news for many years now and am aware of how certain issues can be spun. There are many important issues being reported …..Continue Reading

Virtual Tours and Real Estate Marketing

Today people are so busy that they don’t have time to do anything. Between job, volunteer, and home responsibilities, people have limited time to complete even the smallest of tasks. …..Continue Reading

SOLD! Sight Unseen….Physically

In an internet driven world consumers are looking to purchase online and virtual tours are extremely important to their selection. Recently, my clients sold their condo based on my virtual …..Continue Reading

The Impact of Virtual Tours on the Commercial Industry

Virtual Tours are a necessary investment in the world of travel. Think about it, If customers and potential vacationers could see what your hotels look like before planning their vacation …..Continue Reading

Marketing With 360 Virtual Tours

Marketing With Virtual Tours For Rental Managers Summer is quickly coming to a close. Time to gear up you marketing programs for next season. 360 Virtual tours can be a …..Continue Reading

Online Marketing is Key

Realtors(R) are quickly learning that establishing an online reputation could make them or break them in today’s market. The days where families want to drive from house to house are …..Continue Reading

A Little “Bread” and Breakfast

Recently , while searching for additional business clients, I decided to do a free 360 Tour for a local Bed and Breakfast establishment. The 360 tour was time consuming, as …..Continue Reading