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Mixing it up with RTV

            “As an Indianapolis Real Estate Auctioneer and Broker, RTV’s virtual tour software offers me a distinctive service differentiator. None of my local auction competitors have the ability to offer …..Continue Reading

New Technology & New Year

The New Year is sure to bring new technology to our San Antonio virtual tour company, especially under Jason’s tutelage. While we are embracing new virtual tour software technology, don’t …..Continue Reading

2009 Exposure Engine From BlueLaVaMedia

Our new 2009 Exposure Engine is now including our E-Flyer and Smart Phone Tour. The E-Flyer is an HTML email-ready flyer that our customers can easily send out to prospects …..Continue Reading

How to Setup a Virtual Tour Feed

As an RTV provider one of our main goals is to keep up with our website’s content, but as we all know, we seldom make updates to its content unless …..Continue Reading

Cell Phone Virtual Tour Software HOAX – April Fools!

Ok kids now here is the fun part….YES…this was completely made up. You have Jacque to thank for this little prank…NOT JASON!! Jason is still a good guy here!! That …..Continue Reading

Big Mikes Take on Social Networking

I confess, at first I did not understand or realize the power of blogging sites like Twitter and Facebook. While other professionals have raved about the contacts, referrals, etc. that …..Continue Reading

100K the Graves Carey Story

Tune in March 18 for episode 5 of The Formula. Hosts Jason LaVanture and Cheryl Waller of Team RTV have a live interview with veteran RTV virtual provider Graves Carey. …..Continue Reading

TaylorMade Design on Economic Blues

Let’s face it. Every single time we see the evening news, pick up the morning paper, or get our Fox News feed, the headlines are all the same: Economic Meltdown. …..Continue Reading

Battleground Virtual Tours

Circle Shot Media offers Vancouver virtual tours and specializes in online marketing of Real Estate properties, and business locations. We are located in the Salmon Creek area and will be …..Continue Reading

How to Get a Rhino to Pose for a 360 Virtual Tour

Recently, Tinus le Roux from Virtual Africa had a run in with a Rhino during a virtual tour shoot. You have to watch this video and see for yourself just …..Continue Reading