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Mobile Websites From Virtual Digital Images

Our video today is taking a look at mobile websites and some of the advantages that a good mobile website brings to realtors, brokers and property management companies.
What makes a mobile web site different from your standard website is that the site is formatted for the limited screen size of your mobile telephone. So information is very concise and fits within the limits of the physical screen size.
Our mobile website can be accessed in three ways; a QR Code, Web Address or a Text Message.

Often clients are exposed to our mobile website through a sign rider, sales flyer or some other print medium. In this video demonstration we are using a text message; the phone number for our text service is 43766 and the message is our short code, BUYIDI6.
One of the nice features about this mobile website is that you can show multiple property virtual tours on the site so your prospect can find out more about the home that they are in front of as well as about other properties that you represent.

When you look at the property you can see all of the pertinent information about the property including price, bedrooms, baths, square footage etc.
The contact button provides your contact information including one button dialing to your phone, sending you a text message, or an email and links to your full website as well as your social networking pages. Each perspective client phone number that texts to access your mobile website is captured and forwarded to you giving you the opportunity to personally follow up with each new lead.

What an easy way to capture new customers!
Our mobile web sites are very easy to sign up for, through our website; and selecting mobile website from the side navigation bar. The mobile website is just $29.95 per month. It’s easy to get started with your mobile website, and a snap to maintain as you close properties and add new listings. If you would like we will manage your mobile web site for you as part of our full service virtual tour option.
If you would like more information on this inexpensive and powerful tool, call or email us today.

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Florida Virtual Tours on the Rise

Virtual Florida Tours is proud to present this fabulous property that realtor Mohammed Morsy is offering for sale placed at 10250 SW 66 st Miami, Florida this totally fenced property sits in a lot of more than one acre in one of the most secluded neighborhoods in Miami Dade County.

The property has a big pool and a basket practice area with multiple fruit trees that will allow your children and their friends to enjoy exercising in the outdoors while they are in the safety of their own home. The elevated ceilings with natural light can allow you to place works of art to show your art collection. This home has a spacious living room, a huge family room attached to the kitchen area.

The Master bedroom and his master bathroom are spacious and have a big Jacuzzi. The other two bedrooms in the first floor are an exercise room and a guest room that both have their own full bathrooms.

On the second floor you have two bedrooms with a Jacuzzi and a guest bedroom with its own bathroom. The loft area is spacious and will allow you to have your own pool table. The nice office space is just by the entrance of the home. There is an additional cabana bathroom that has access to the pool. The spacious pool area will allow you and your family to entertain your guests and family.

Our virtual tours are chosen over the competition on a daily basis by intelligent business owners who demand the best virtual tours to showcase their properties online. As a virtual tour provider using RTV virtual tour software technology, we can provide you with professional 360° home tours as well as 360° commercial tours in a timely fashion.

All of our virtual tour packages will ensure your success as you begin marketing your properties with virtual tours. Start using the virtual tour company that you can count on, the virtual tour company that has been using technology that has been in the industry from the start, and the virtual tour company that has the systems in place to back you up!

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It’s Convention Day in Traverse City!!

The alarm goes off at 5:45 AM and I spring out of bed.  It’s convention day in Traverse City!!  The annual Strawberries and Toast show put on every year by the Traverse Area Association of Realtors (TAAR).  It’s our chance to get in front of our customers and showcase everything we’ve been up to over the past year.  It’s an event we’ll never miss.  This was our fifth year attending the show as BlueLaVaMedia, LLC. A Traverse City Virtual Tour Company. Now with over 150 local real estate agents as customers, we’re used to seeing many familiar faces as they all stop on by our booth throughout the morning.

This year was especially exciting as there seemed to be more new agents than ever before just entering the profession.  A wonderful chance for us to hand out cards, give away pens, and of course collect business cards to build our email list and allow one lucky person to win a virtual tour, complete with our new AstroZoom feature.  I sit down to eat my French Toast, sausage and eggs and find myself next to an old friend of mine who had just become a Realtor.  A perfect chance for me to catch up and let her know about all of our amazing services that we offer.  It was great! 

Jim and I wanted to go all out this year so we brought with us a HUGE flat screen LCD television to showcase our Fusion virtual tours. The scene was nothing short of breathtaking.  Before the show, Jim spent a few hours preparing an “Overview” tour complete with full motion video, panoramas, stills, hot spots, lead capture, 3D mouse instructor, voice overs, TrueBlue Photography, night shots, traffic reports, printable flyers, QR codes, and AstroZoom. Check it out:

If you’re a virtual tour provider with RTV, I would highly recommend that you make a Fusion presentation like this for your virtual tour business.  It’s a wonderful sales tool. 

Throughout the show nearly a dozen of our customers came up to Jim and I and shared with us their appreciation of our top level service and their delight of our new Fusion system.  Over and over we heard that it was one of their first pages they include in their listing presentation.  Many told us they are using the printable flyers and QR codes.  Some are even pulling out the iPad and turning on Gyro during a sales pitch.  It was amazing to hear all the great compliments on the technology and photography!!

Those that had not yet used us just stared in awe at the presentation on the screen, shook their heads and exclaimed that they had never seen anything like it before.  “Is this video or something different?”, they would ask.  Of course we told them that it was far beyond video!  None left our booth without taking a card.  It was great to see the excitement.

As the trade show reached the end,  Jim had taken several new virtual tour orders and we found each other staring there at the big screen just admiring the presentation that we had setup for the show.  This was indeed our best year so far!! With Jim’s amazing “TrueBlue” photography and Fusion at our side we literally felt bullet proof.  Let’s shoot for 500 virtual tours this year Jim!

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Real Estate Photo Tips

Central Coast, California virtual tour company

Increase Buyer Offers by Taking Great Real Estate Photography

When selling your home, real estate photos have much of the power. Great real estate photography will allow you to increase your price, help to attract more people and improve your marketing exposure. Here are some tips for taking photos to help sell.

Remove the Clutter

Clutter makes it hard to see the room so remove it before taking any photos. The rooms need to look presentable. Empty rooms are much easier to work with but it is possible to attract with furniture. Make sure all pieces match each other and the style of the home; avoid mixing old and new.

For those renting unfurnished, the photos should reflect that, so remove all items. The only time you could consider them is if they help to add character and style.

De-personalise the home by removing magnets, photo frames and decorations. It is harder to draw in buyers and renters. It is easy enough to hide them in cabinets and drawers for the photographs.

Staging the Home

Whether furnished or unfurnished, it is possible to make it look great through staging. When including furniture, it all needs to match. You could look at painting old pieces to update them and make them match. Avoid many different types of materials; they lead to clutter. When it comes to attracting buyers and renters, less is definitely more.

Staging companies are available for empty properties. These companies are excellent if you rent for $2000 per month or more. Property managers are divided on the view of staging. Some see it as a way to stand above the other listings while others see it as a low-return investment. Whichever one you view it as, it is worth being a consideration.

Avoid too many colors in the home and keep it neutral. Brown, gray, white and tan are excellent options; you can also opt for pale and non-vibrant blues. Re-painting your home makes it look like new and is one of the most affordable options; it just takes time.

Keep the decoration around the home simple and clean. Think of fruit bowls and set the dining table, if there is one.

Opt for a Wide-Angle Lens

Now your home is ready for its a virtual tour and pictures. You just need to decide on the type of photography equipment to use. When it comes to small rooms, wide-angle lenses are the best option. They help to make the room look bigger without stretching the photo.

Full frame cameras with rectilinear wide-angle lenses are great options. Consider the Canon 5D with the Sigma 120in lens. If budget is not a problem, consider medium format cameras for the best real estate photography. Yuri Arcurs, a top-selling stock photographer, states that his best results are from photography with a medium format camera and wide-angle lens. However, full frame cameras also offer good real estate photos.

As well as rectilinear and wide-angle lenses, think about fish eye lenses. These offer a curvature to the photos to curve any straight lines (rectilinear lenses do the opposite). While a real estate photographer may prefer the rectilinear lens because it offers a more realistic look, there is software available to help correct the curvature added with the fish eye. Adobe Photoshop is just one option to help correct the real estate photography; or you can opt for Apple Aperture, DxO Labs DxO Optics and Adobe Lightroom.

Taking Photos at Twilight

A good real estate photographer knows the importance of light. Having the best type of lighting will help the photos stand out from all the rest. The majority of shots are taken during the day but there are benefits of opting for twilight, including the cool colors in the sky.

To make the most of this type of real estate photography, you need to find out the time of sunset. This is easy through search engines by searching for your location and sunset time. Get ready to take the photos just as the sky starts to turn blue. You usually have about an hour to take the perfect photos before it becomes night time so you need to be ready. Remember your tripod for any long exposure shots.

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From Viewer to Customer

Including clear calls to action in your virtual tour:

“If you build it, they will come.” The famous line from the movie Field of Dreams seems like it should apply to 360 virtual tours, too—if you create a fantastic and compelling virtual tour, then visitors will show up to see it.

This is definitely true. But you want your viewers to do more than just watch the tour. You want them to act on what they’ve seen: book a stay in your hotel or resort, rent your vacation property, look into purchasing your homes for sale, or become a paying customer of your restaurant, museum, or other type of establishment.

Viewing your virtual tour helps to convince people that they have what you want—but don’t forget to include a way for your viewers to act on their convictions. Here are some tips for building calls to action into your tours.

Introducing: Your Business
Your business virtual tour should start out by informing viewers about you and your business, as well as whatever property you’ll be showing on the virtual tour. You can do this by listing your name, your company name, and your contact information at the start of the virtual tour, either as a caption or text overlay, or by recording a personal welcome message as a tour intro.

If you record a welcome video, keep it brief and to the point. Introduce yourself, offer a sentence or two about the property or business, and let viewers know how they can learn more (by contacting you!).

Leveraging Fusion’s AMAZING Hot Spots
Including hot spots in your virtual tour, such as identifying features in a virtual floor plan, is a great way to convey more information about your property. You can also embed hot spots at strategic points in your tour that contain pop-out contact information, with clickable email or website links, or click-to-call links for mobile tours.  Try linking directly to your facebook fan page at the end of your virtual tour or even allow users to click to book now or purchase!

Curtain call
Finally, be sure to feature your contact information at the end of your virtual tour. This information will remain on the screen once the tour is completed, making it easy for visitors who have just viewed your stunning imagery to take action immediately.

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