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Demystifying the Google + Beast

It’s show time my friends and tonight (September 18th at 7:00 PM), Nancy Bain, who was recently recognized as one of Canada’s top social media experts, will be talking about Google +.

For those of you that don’t know, you need a Google account to create Google + profile pages and Google business pages. You can’t make a Google business page without a Google profile page. Three things are needed here, and they must be done in a very specific order.  We’ll be going through this process from start to finish on tonight’s show.

Stop on by, bring your note pad, your favorite beverage, and listen to Nancy demystify the Google + beast.
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If you’re serious about your business you’ll want to do this.  Before tonight’s show please take some time to create a Google account if you don’t already have one.  If you have more time you can also create a Google profile page. If you already have those two things setup you’ll be ready to see Nancy show you how to create your Google business page, optimize it for search, and find followers.

Get started at and also here

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The FORMULA 64 – Fusion Exposure Engine II

The FORMULA Virtual Tour TalkshowSeptember 11th, 2012 at 7:00 PM Eastern
Please join me TONIGHT!! — Tuesday September 11th at 7:00 PM Eastern for a more in depth review of the powerful Fusion Exposure Engine. During the show I would like to show you how you can create a gorgeous virtual tour listing ad by hand, and I’ll also show you in more detail how the craigs posting software works. RTV has recently released two versions of our Craigslist ads for you to rotate between; a simple ad as well as a complex graphic intensive ad.

Additionally I plan on having a thorough discussion on how to setup your YouTube virtual tour feed as I believe that was missed on our last show. Many of you have also been asking how the entire syndication and reminder system works so we’ll run through that as well.

Finally we’ll talk about the process that’s involved in setting up your feedburner account so you can autoblog your virtual tours and burn a hotsheet each week to your client list.

Before the show be sure to check out our blog at and a recent Hot Sheet at : BlueLaVa Hot Sheet  See you tonight on The FORMULA!

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Social Realty Episode 3 – Google +

Hello RTV Virtual Tour Providers! On our last Social Realty webinar we discussed Google’s new Penguin update and the importance of social sharing. You heard me say, “Google Plus has become a necessary evil”. Here is why: On our next show (September 18th) I’ll show you how to setup and optimize your virtual tour company Google+ account.

Rumored to increase your search engine ranking, First came the +1 button, Google’s way of tracking your interests to ensure it serves up the content you like. Shortly after, came Google+ and at it’s one year anniversary in June 2012, it had a total of 250 million registered users of whom 150 million are active.

What makes Google Plus a game changer is that it integrates search engine optimization and social with your identity into the Search Engine Results (SERPs) page. This is perfect for your virtual tour business!

Then came Google Inside Search – When signed in with Google+, you’ll find personal results and profiles of people you know or follow. This is where the importance of identity comes in calculating your search engine results…

Google Authorship in 3 easy steps
1. With Google Plus came the rel=author tag, which verifies you as the author of content you write.  If you have noticed photos of people in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), this is why.  They’ve linked their Google Plus profile to their content. Google’s Authorship in 3 easy steps: Read our how to blog here:   * The more they see YOU, the more they associate you as an authority in your field. 

2. Google Places have been entirely replaced by Google+ Local pages. Merge your Google Local page with your Google Plus Business Page  and have a one-stop Google portal for your virtual tour business on the web.

3. Google favors social sharing over SEO – It’s All About Relationships. Your relationships to other Google Plus users will determine your Google rankings in the near future.

4.  Keywords in Google Analytics are disappearing – Google began encrypting keyword searches in October 2012 that normally would appear in your Google Analytics reports as “(not provided).”  If you are logged into Google, your Google searches are encrypted.  The number of “not provided” keywords will continue to decrease.


5. Link your YouTube virtual tour company account to your Google Plus profile.  – if you use Google+ and YouTube for personal branding and to build your presence online, there are advantages to making this change:
•    a) brand consistency
•    b) increase the seo power of your channel and your author rank
•    c) ability to share private videos to your circles

6. You can use Google Analytics to monitor your Google+ traffic and engagement. As with Facebook you have to create a personal page and from that you then create your business page. Get your personal page setup (just the bare bones) for the show.

To create a business page first create your personal page and then follow this link to create a Google+ Business Page

You’ve got 6 reasons you can’t ignore, and a guide to setup and optimize your account. Now… get out there and add us to your Circles! Follow our RTV Inc. Google Plus page:

See you on the next episode of Social Realty!! Sign up now in your RTV TMS!

Nancy Bain
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Beware The Penguin – Social Realty Episode 2 Draws Huge Attendance

Social Realty - Social Networking for Business Owners RealtorsLast’s night’s show was a huge success. We talked about the Google Penguin algorithm and it’s update being first announced in April 2012.  The Penguin was aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that use SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, link schemes and duplicate content. It’s Google’s way of cleaning up spam and rewarding sites that follow the rules. 

Don’t get me wrong….  You still need to have your geographical keywords in place so that search engines know what your site is about. Your images should still be optimized by keyword names and of course your title should have your keywords first.

Content is (still) king! Update your virtual tour blog regularly. We try to blog at least twice a week. Share your content and industry research. People love information, guides and tutorials. We love to share our expertise and how we do things. Check out our Slideshare marketing tutorials for business.
You want to keep Google happy right? Design your site and write your content so it follows Google’s best practices. 

This is what we know:
Monitor the health of your site regularly. View our Guide to Google Webmaster Tools to learn how to add your site, check indexing status, see 404 and crawl errors. Use Google Analytics to get interaction metrics on Facebook and Twitter. View our Guide to Google Analytics.

69% of people access the net via mobile device DAILY. Your site should be mobile friendly. Google loves a responsive web design.Write to the human and not to spiders. Google loves great, unique content that inspires people to share. It’s about the excitement you create and the value you provide your followers.

“Google favors social sharing: likes, shares, tweets,  and +1′s, with less emphasis on people linking to your site. It’s all about social “shares” and engagement on your site”. Read full article

The great news? If you write about a subject you are passionate about, you’ll write often. Google loves a site/blog that is updated regularly. The more fresh content you add to your site, the more often your site will be indexed and crawled. Writing from you heart to (real) people and not spiders should feel natural and fun.

Now, get your “blog on” RTV and make sharing your blog (across your social networks) part of your blogging routine. Don’t forget to send a copy of your blog in to RTV for our virtual tour provider blog here too.

On our next episode of Social Realty, we’ll talk about the (necessary evil) Google Plus. I’ll show you how to set up and optimize your Google+ account, sync it with your Google Local account and strategies for getting (G+) reviews.

Please login to your Google account, visit my Google+ business profile, follow me and share a review. I’d be happy to return the favor.
And please don’t forget RTV. Check out our Google+ profile and be sure to give us a review!

See you on the next episode of Social Realty!!

Nancy Bain
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Fusion Tour Track – The Movie

Gabe Clark, a lonely wanderer is pulled into the grips of the Tour Track Special Forces where he risks his life editing hours of photos.  Joined by his Handler, Jacqueline and her enforcer Michael, the trio are pulled down into the seedy underbelly of virtual tour photography.  See their harrowing maneuvers as they navigate through the new Fusion system avoiding villains like the deadly Doctor Didn’tbuildaTour and other nefarious traps.   Will they survive to thrive in the new World of Tour Track?  Or, more importantly, will you?

Join us for this action packed movie on September 4th at 7:00 PM Eastern

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