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Gather Testimonials For Your Virtual Tour Business

As we look at most of our virtual tour providers around the world we’re seeing that testimonials are a very powerful, yet underutilized, marketing tool.  Getting testimonials for your virtual tour business helps you build credibility, alleviate concerns or uneasiness with your brand and convert prospects into clients. Adding client testimonials to your website can be an extremely effective way to establish trust and strengthen your company’s reputation with consumers.

You’ll see if you visit you can see the traditional virtual tour testimonial layout. It consists of one page on the site with reviews arranged in a list style. As we think about doing some Spring cleaning to our sites, perhaps we should also consider another approach with our testimonials.  Let’s step outside of the traditional formats used for client reviews and create a custom-tailored approach for your virtual tour company.

Display Testimonials throughout Your Entire Site

If your virtual tour company worked hard over the last couple of years and has made it a point to ask customers for reviews:  and have collected testimonials, be sure to take the time now to put them out there for everyone to see!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no longer the job of the consumer to research brands and products before making a commitment; they expect companies to provide that information for them. This isn’t because consumers are lazy or unable to gather the information on their own; it’s because consumers now have the ability to navigate from website to website, evaluating and comparing brands with the click of a mouse rather than traveling from store to store.

The primary function of a website is to promote your brand or products on the web so that you can expand your reach and increase conversions….but wouldn’t you rather have other people promote your virtual tour brand instead? The best way to sell your brand to potential customers is to let your current and past customers do the selling for you.

An excellent way to accomplish this is to integrate client testimonials and customer reviews into the central theme and layout of your website. Testimonials aren’t something to hide – they are something to be proud of and share with others.  Take a quick look at the home page of  Notice how you see past customer reviews scrolling on the home page?  Now look at our order a virtual tour page:  See how there are instant virtual tour service testimonials right there along the side of the screen?

I would like all of you to to work on spreading your testimonials out across your website before the summer busy season comes along. Remember to make time in your schedule to include some website maintenance like this and you’ll be sure to have a leg up over the competition this year!

Thanks for your continued support

Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training
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Fusion Virtual Tour System Testimonial

Dear RTV

WOW! I just created a tour in the new virtual tour system – holy cheese n crackers!  This is the best and most amazing virtual tour software system on the market. You guys out did everyone, it’s fabulous and I love it.  WOW! Double WOW!

Easy to use
Create flyers that have a Wow factor that no one can match
Interface that is easy to understand and time to delivery is very fast.

Everything is great – I am so glad I’m with you guys. I can’t say enough about how great you people did with the new virtual tour system.
Thanks for all that you do to beat out the competition and keep your virtual tour system #1 in the industry. Anyway, thanks ever so much.

You RTV people are the best. 

Black Hawk Virtual Media
Professional 360° tour company
Order a virtual tour: 775-530-0033

Wilmington Virtual Tour Testimonial

I just joined the RTV virtual tour provider family in January and I have been very pleased with the support,and the technology that RTV provides. I feel fortunate to have opportunity to have such a great group of people helping me to develop a virtual tour business in my area. As a portrait photographer for over 20 years and feeling somewhat burned out, I have been stimulated to learn and plan to prosper in a completely different aspect of the photography industry. Keep up the great work!

Jay Curley
Wilmington Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 910-300-8687

Dallas provider Digs RTV

Pro 360 Virtual Tours Dallas/Fort Worth4 years ago I began the search for a home based business, preferably in photography. I heard about the virtual tour business and RTV. After researching other virtual tour software, we decided to use Real Tour Vision because of the quality of the virtual tour.

I have been 100% satisfied with that decision. The service before and after the sale has been tremendous. They have continuing education for providers on photography and growing your business. The virtual tour is easy to navigate and has full screen capabilities. RTV is also my best customer with the Tour Track program for providers. Thanks, RTV and keep up the good work! L Castro Pro360 Virtual Tours and Photography.

Company: Pro 360 Virtual
GeoKeyWord: Dallas Virtual Tours
Contact: Lisa Castro
Dispatch Phone: 817-676-7176
Web Site:

Virtual Tour Testimonial

Our experiences have been great with RTV virtual tour software company. When we first joined they gave us great advice on how to start up our market in the Shreveport Louisiana area. As their product has evolved and advanced so has their support. They now have a marketing system that we have also joined. We have come a long way from just cold calling prospective clients, with all the marketing resources we now have access to since joining the RPM. We highly recommend the RPM for all the webinars and other resources to jumpstart your business.

When we signed up 6 yrs ago RTV had the best looking and fastest loading Virtual Tours out there. We know because we compared them to other companies. The other companies wanted to charge you for something every time you turned around just to do your business and their tours made you dizzy looking at them. The RTV tours function on a different process without the fisheye look. As time has gone by, RTV just keeps improving. Our virtual tours look even better know with the HD Full screen capability on our tours. We also have HD slide shows available to us.

Along the way our company got into website design as an addition to our business. Many things we have learned from RTV such as search engine optimization, we have integrated in other areas beyond virtual tours for our customers.

All I can say is our experience has been great. From learning marketing ideas from Jason and others through the many webinars, to our interrelations with Torie at technical support, we are very happy to be an RTV virtual tour provider and full service provider.

My advice is to definitely check out all the competition. I say this for two reasons. First you will see we have the best product and support, and second you’ll appreciate RTV that much more. We also recommend enrolling in the RPM marketing system. Lastly I would ask them about their websites. As a web designer myself I can say they provide a very good site for a very economical price.

Hope this helps those of you that are searching!

Gary and Rebecca Bolda
Shreveport Virtual Tours
Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours and Web Design