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360 Virtual Tours The New Bionic Revolution

A new generation is upon us where technology has met it’s match in 360 virtual tour software. This is The 360 Virtual Tours New Bionic Revolution. When I signed up with RTV I had no idea that today I would be writing this blog about such a thing. Most of the time it actually hard to find a great topic to keep our blogs moving but this is a graet one and one I feel will benefit you the readers. You see, I was actually quite content with the older RTV virtual tour software they did have in place for us providers to create pretty lavish v-slide and 360 virtual tours for our clients, but today a change literally overnight in the virtual tour technology occurred. This was a change so un-like what I would have ever have expected unleashed for us to build some pretty darn amazing virtual tours.  You really have to see them to believe it.  Check it out:

New custom tours now offer full fledged features like YouTube Videos, QR Codes, scannable on smartphones and pads, Colour Fliers, Social Network Integration and even embed code for your website. In other words this is one powerful virtual tour system and when being able to add a cool new system like this to our already state of the art HDR camera and software technology it just means a perfect and unforgettable tour for your business or real estate every time.

 There are no other other virtual tour systems that come close to ours and point in case our system tops all the others with a ton of new features way too many to mention. Virtual Tours are changing. The method of delivery has definately changed and guess what now you can have the 360 virtual tour you have always wanted and dreamt about.Did you know that most other competitors consider a small box or window on a computer screen a tour? Or how about those folks with the boxy look to them? Ok, so they add a google map and it looks a bit fancier, again nothing comes remotely close to the virtual tour technology that has been put forth so we can create and not hesitate on any aspet of creation for you the customer.

Today Internet is in just about every home both in the USA and outside the USA. Internet is getting faster and jjust about everyone has a smartphone and a pad not just one but both as well as computer so think about it a way to deliver the perfect virtual tour, streamlined, super fast load speeds and plays on just about any device makes sense? Full Screen HD resolution, that makes sense Our new system that really makes smart sense. I am always asked by buisness owners what is this and how can it work for me?

The answer is that this is an amazing new form of digital media, a fully interactive 360 virtual tour that puts you in control. Secondly, it is a great addition to your already super marketing that already have in place. With internet growing isn’t it time you start reaching the masses with one of the most impressive seo driven 360 virtual tour software platforms available? Well, now you can.

Greg Osborne has been in the forefront of the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry for over 25 years. He and Mirage Virtual Tours have the experience in production, lighting, computer graphics, software, HDR, editing and post of HDR to make your next 360 virtual tour sparkle. We are here to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of 360 virtual tours, HDR Photography and how we may help in bringing your your next project into reality.

Please visit our website for more details or call us toll free at the number provided below.

Greg Osborne is the president and Head HDR Photographer for his company Mirage Virtual Tours, Inc.

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More Secrets from The Traveler’s Gift

The company that sends us all of our hotel photography shoots, RTV, Inc. has a national conference that we will be attending in May.  I will be teaching other virtual tour providers about how to market their virtual tour business but the real reason we are attending is to learn from other virtual tour providers about their best practices.  Even after almost 15 years as a professional photographer, Ben is always open to learn better ways of improving his skills and systems as a photographer.

The third Decision of the book is “I am a person of action. I seize this moment. I choose now.”  This decision was shared by a Civil War colonel at a critical time in the war.  Given the choice to surrender or charge, the colonel gave the order to charge and in doing so changed the outcome of the war.

Quitting is often a temptation but as the colonel in the book said, “When I am faced with the choice of doing nothing or doing something, I will always choose to act.”  Most of us will never face a physical battlefield but we must make this same decision on a daily basis in the battlefields of our minds.  Armed with this simple philosophy, we can usually win our battle at least for the day.

I have found a way to work my way through a quagmire is often not to focus on the big picture but instead to break my actions down into manageable pieces.  I have a goal of making at least 100 contacts every week and that number can be overwhelming so when faced with the temptation to take a break or quit before the end of the day, I force myself to make 5 more calls.  Usually, the 5 turns into 10 and the 10 turns into 20 but by deciding to do SOMETHING, I am often able to get over the hump.

The fourth Decision, “I have a decided heart. My destiny is assured” was shared with the traveler by Christopher Columbus during his journey to find the New World.  Armed with little other than a dream, Columbus was passionate about his vision of an undiscovered land.  This passion allowed him to push on despite months of travel with no land in sight…and despite the fact that almost everyone thought he was crazy to try.

Having your own business requires just this sort of determination – especially the sales part.  Like I said earlier, I know that when I am calling for a new area, I need to make about 100 calls in order to book two or three tours.  What that means is that I am going to get no one on the phone or get told NO about 97 times a week.   I got an email last week from a business that said they were interested in doing a tour but needed to pass for now.  I exclaimed my disappointment and Ben said, “I think sometimes you think everybody that shows any interest is a Yes”.

I realized at that minute that there’s a reason that he’s the photographer and technical guy and I’m the salesman.  He’s right…I absolutely believe that everybody that I talk to would benefit from what I am selling because before I call, I have researched their websites to see if a virtual tour would be a good addition to their marketing efforts.  I know the value and quality of our tours so I am absolutely flabbergasted every time someone tells me “No”.  If I did not think that way, I would become overwhelmed by the 97 No’s I get and I would want to quit making the calls.
But like Columbus, even though I may not see dry land, I have a clear vision of where I am going and I know without a doubt that if I put in the hours on the phones, the results and my destiny are guaranteed.  There are many things you can’t control when you own your own business but you ARE in control of your actions and your attitude.

Expanding Virtual Tour Horizons

Learning a new tool is a process you must jump into!  We have seen the advantage of creating V-Slides as an appropriate virtual tour that enhances specific web-site and email distributions. See It Sell Studios, in Corinth, MS., has added this HD virtual tour technology to their tour choices.

First we had to see how to work with this type of virtual tour. What we did was begin a virtual tour that will actually be filmed in September. By loading some non-related pictures, we could see how to create the tour. Although we live in NE Mississippi, we love to vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. When we get to Gulf Shores, Alabama, we will be filming a condo and then remove/add pictures to feature this condo.

The owner of the condo will be able to email this visual to any inquiries they have as well as post it on VRBO (vacation rentals by owner).

Having our virtual tour company name on the tour allows us to get additional SEO exposure as well as additional business. We feel that rentals would especially benefit with this tour type because they are quick, at-a-glance, for someone looking at properties. The V-Slide is faster, easier for us to produce and thus a competitive, economical product can be easily marketed to prospective clients. Generally we will be doing only still shots but we love the feature that a pano or partial pano can be incorporated.

Set up your own “demo” to learn the V-Slide features. Use the demo to cold-call clients to visually show them how this can benefit their internet marketing! Take the plunge, you will love V-slides. NE Mississippi Virtual Tours is pleased to now be offering our client V-Tours.

Hugh Jordan
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HD Slideshow Technology Tip

This months virtual tour software tech tip covers a few updates and hints regarding the new HD slideshows.  We are continually improving how the slides function and recently adjusted the Ken Burns effect so that it no longer zooms in on random points. The overall effect is much more pleasing. In the near future we will add a control option so that a specific point on the image can be chosen for the zoom effect. We also made the thumbnail carousel area less sensitive to mouse location and reduced the speed of the slideshow.

Look for more changes to come as we fine tune this new technology. We are very pleased with how far V – Slides have come and are appreciative of your feedback.  Keep sending comments our way so we can create and deliver the features you want and need!

We also want to make sure you are aware that our standalone slideshows can be sent to  Our slideshows generate automated hit stats reports that are sent out on Sunday, just like the virtual tour reports. The slideshows also have a “Slideshow created by” credit in the lower right corner.

Last of all, if you plan on putting a slideshow on a virtual tour make sure you upload your HD images BEFORE you make the slideshow. If you make the slideshow first, the low resolution images from the tour will be used.   If you do not add HD images, the slideshow will look pixelated when viewed in the full screen version.  So take advantage of the full screen option and make sure your images are NOT pixelated by uploading your HD images BEFORE creating your slideshow!

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Adding Color to Your Snaps

The tech tip this month is on how to add color to the sides of your HD stills. This is a feature that is available in the low resolution tours. The default setting in HD is white on the sides of the stills. I’ve figured out a way that most of you should easily be able to add color to your stills if you wish. I say most of you because I don’t want to promise it will work for everyone. It has worked with all the images I tested from different cameras and that started out as different sizes. In order to do this you need to know how to resize photos, have a calculator, and have an image editing program like Paint Shop Pro.

1.    Open your image editing program and load a still image. Use the resize function to resize your image. In my sample tour I made all the images 800 high. It was very convenient to use one height for all the images.

2.    Use your image editing software to pick a color that matches the color you used in the Tour Builder software. In Paint Shop Pro at least the color currently chosen is what is used when the canvas is extended. Your software may work slightly differently.

3.    Grab a calculator or a pen and paper. Take your new height image, in my case 800 pixels, and multiply that by 1.76. The result is 1408 pixels. Your result will be different if you chose a different height. This is how wide you need to make your image.

4.    Take 1408, the width the still needs to be, and subtract the current width of the still image. This amount is how much wider you need to make the still image.

5.    Use your image editing software to extend the canvas of the photo. Hopefully you will have a window that looks something like this:

Make sure you extend the left and right sides equally as close as possible. It is ok if there is a one pixel differentiation. The viewer will not notice.

6.    Save the image as a jpg file. You may need to compress it below 800k or it may already be under 800k.

7.    Upload it through the HD interface on TMS.
The Flash 3D virtual tour will now have images with color on the size. I noticed that some very wide stills would fill the screen when the full screen tour was viewed. I consider that a bonus more than a bug.

Hopefully these directions will work for everyone!

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