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11 Ways To Effectively Market

..using your Aurora, Ontario Branded Virtual Tour Link!

Every 360 Home Tour we create in Aurora, Ontario comes with a Branded and Unbranded Link. The Unbranded link should only be used on the MLS. It beautifully showcases the property however no agent info is permitted and only minimal property information is allowed.  If you are using the unbranded anywhere but the MLS, you are missing out on the powerful marketing tools included with your Branded link.

When you promote your listings, you not only are promoting your clients property to buyers…you are also promoting yourself to potential home sellers and showing them what you can offer them. Presenting your listings and yourself in the best light at all times is ideal – being able to do at the same time is…priceless.

Here are 11 ways to help you get the most out of your PanaPix Virtual Tour Branded Link:

1.    Website IDX: Most Real Estate websites automatically import your listings from the MLS…including the Unbranded Virtual Tour link attached to the actual listing. Home shoppers on your website are only able to view your listings  with the unbranded link. Remind them it is your listing! Simply login to your website’s Content Management System (CMS), find your listing’s information area and swap the Unbranded link for the Branded. Voila! Now your smiling face greets all website tour viewers! If you don’t have CMS access, make arrangements with your Webmaster to change the links for all new listings.

2.    Embed: Take it one step further on your website to secure customer retention. All Aurora, Ontario Virtual Tours come with coding that can be used to easily embed your branded Virtual Tour directly into your website. Potential buyers can just press play to view the tour WITHOUT leaving your site!

3.    Use Your Words: Speak directly to each viewer – literally. Engage and impress potential buyers by getting in front of our camera to introduce yourself and your listing!

4.    Online Advertising: If you advertise your listings on sites such as Craigslist or Kijii,  you can easily copy and paste the Branded Tour link into the ad. Not only will the tour viewers be able to learn about the property, all your contact information is prominently displayed!

5.    Email: When responding to listing inquiries by email, don’t forget to invite potential home buyers to view the Virtual Tour by adding the Branded Link to your email. Imagine a 24/7 Open House at your fingertips!

6.    QR Code: Each Aurora, Ontario PanaPix Virtual Tour comes with a tour-specific QR code that is printable in any size.  Log into your Agent Toolbox and under the tours Deliverables tab, you can generate, save and add the QR code to any type of print material . Tech-savvy home shoppers can scan, view and contact you – while on-the-go!

7.    Print Ads (Newspapers, Flyers, Brochures, etc.) : In addition to adding the QR Code on your print media, you can also add your Branded Virtual Tour’s custom URL – directing even more traffic to your Aurora, Ontario virtual tour…and contact info!

8.    Update the Tour: Your PanaPix Virtual Tour  contains stunning pictures that should be updated to match the current season.  It is also pre-populated with the property description, amenities, price and so much more. If any of this information changes, be sure to update the tour text, to keep home buyers properly informed… and to keep you looking current and consistent.

9.    Banner Screen: Potential home buyers are most engaged during the first quarter of the virtual tour – while they are deciding if the home has the features they are looking for. Incorporating a brand-matching screen – about you and your services – will definitely get their attention!

10.    Social Media: When promoting  your listings on Social Media sites such as Facebook, posting the Branded Virtual Tour link gives home shoppers access to all the property info and as well as your complete contact info!

11.    Customize: Matching your Aurora, Ontario Virtual Tour to your current branding makes you look like a polished professional.

Call us today at 905-713-9690 to discuss how our comprehensive Aurora, Ontario virtual tour system can help maximize your marketing efforts, giving you an extreme competitive advantage. Stand out from your competition…we do!

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

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Don’t just show it – Show it off!

RTV Launches Multi-Language Virtual Tours

RTV is pleased to announce the offering of Multi-Language support for the Fusion virtual tour system. With customers in nearly 50 countries, we’re dedicated to our continued growth outside of the USA and Canada. Our international customers can now set up a default language for their virtual tour productions. In addition, property investors living outside of the USA, shopping for real estate in the USA and Canada can now view property descriptions, MLS information, scene captions, and virtual tour instructions in their own language with a single click.  The RTV Fusion system is the very first virtual tour system to support several languages VS one or two.

Our Multi-Language Engine allows the virtual tour creator to either setup the default language on a per-customer or per-tour basis. The virtual tour will start off using the selected language, but the user can change it at any time simply by clicking the flag in the lower right hand corner. Preview a sample virtual tour here:  To change the language, simply click on the flag in the lower right corner of the presentation.  Adding a new language is quite simple now that the bulk of the programming in place. If you need a language added to our Fusion virtual tour system just let us know!

With the explosive growth of our system outside of the USA and Canada, as well as so many outside property investors purchasing property in the USA right now, our Multi-Language Support Engine was essential. We’re excited about future opportunities with our company, including the expansion of our product line to more countries.

Thanks for your continued support!


Team RTV

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For Agents: The Strange Thing I’ve Noticed About Real Estate Branding

While creating Aurora Virtual Tours in Ontario, I’ve been working very closely with Real Estate Professionals and have the opportunity to see different marketing techniques at work.
In Real Estate, it is common knowledge that creating a brand for yourself will help you distinguish yourself from the bzillions of other Real Estate professionals out there. You need to stand out, be memorable and be uniquely YOU!

Branding one’s business is a commitment and an investment (in time and money)…and also, a whole other blog topic. So, we’ll skip that part for now (sorry, I have a guest blogger currently working on a piece about that).

Once you’ve developed your brand, here are the two most important factors:

Getting Your Brand Out There – Exposing potential clients to your branding on a frequent basis  will help them remember your name when the time comes for them to choose their Agent. Utilizing different media platforms for your marketing will help you reach more people, more often.

Keeping Current & Consistent – While the homes you advertise will change, every piece of marketing material with your name on it must ‘match’. Same colour, same format, same fonts, same picture of your pretty face and so on. Not only does this consistency make you look like a polished professional, it helps potential clients recognize you – over and over again.

Strange thing I’ve noticed while watching the local Aurora, Ontario agents….

Almost ALL the agents that have made the commitment to branding their business have overlooked an absolutely HUGE opportunity to get their branding out there and show consistency.
That’s right, if you know me – you’ve guessed it….the Virtual Tour. Actually, I meant OUR Virtual Tour, as we have the only customizable Virtual Tour available on the market in Aurora, Ontario.

Every PanaPix Virtual Tour comes with branded and non-branded virtual tour links. The non-branded tour is MLS compliant and meant ONLY to be used on the MLS. It beautifully showcases the property anonymously, no agent details are allowed to be present anywhere on the 360 tour.

Our Branded Virtual Tour is a very powerful marketing tool that can be totally customized with your logo, tagline  and even your choice of background  colors. Your picture and information shows in many places within the virtual tour – on the loading screen, on the top right hand corner of the tour while the tour plays, in the Agent Information section on the Tools page, just to name a few….and we can even create a custom screens (like your website banner) that can show anywhere within the tour.

Matching your Virtual Tours to your current branding adds an additional level of consistency to your marketing – helping you build that repeated recognition in buyers and sellers alike.

Call us today at 905-713-9690 to discuss how our comprehensive Aurora, Ontario virtual tour system can help maximize your marketing efforts, giving you an extreme competitive advantage. Stand out from your competition…we do!

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

Carolyn Noel, Owner
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Don’t just show it – Show it off!

RTV’s Fusion Adds More Amazing Features

We at RTV are just so excited to have launched so many great features over the last six months.  Fusion has come a long way since its launch last July and is now supporting over 800 of our virtual tour providers.  If you’ve been watching our virtual tour announcements lately you’ve seen that we’ve launched some amazing new features like RTV Radio which lets you choose several music tracks for your productions, MySize that allows you to upload images at any compression level and at ANY resolution.  We’re live with all but one of our syndication partners making RTV’s Exposure Engine any syndication more powerful than that of any other virtual tour company in the world.

 Many of you love that you can upload ANY video format and Fusion handles it perfectly without error.  Our new single property website engine is up and running and I highly encourage all of you to take a look.  It’s awesome!  Even better is our all new AstroZoom feature that slowly zooms in on your listing from space, giving your customer a bird’s eye view like never before.

Fusion is packed with so many great features and friends, RTV is just getting started. We’ll be taking the next couple of months to get ready for our up and coming virtual tour convention, then we’ll be getting started on Phase 3 of Fusion which will continue taking the RTV virtual tour software further and further away from our competition.

If you’re not signed up for this year’s convention in Las Vegas please you need to do so.

We would love to see you out there for four days of hands on training and fun.  We’ll also be announcing some new strategic partners at this year’s show. 

Finally if you’re not yet setup on the new Fusion virtual tour system please call our setup team today and we’ll transfer you on over for free.  There’s nothing stopping you from using the worlds best virtual tour presentation.  Thanks for your continued support!

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RTV Increases Image Resolution & Launches MySize

The new RealTour Fusion system just got some major system updates over the holiday weekend.  First of all we’re very excited to announce that we’ve increased the resolution on the images in the system considerably without sacrificing load time.  In fact, using a new compression method, we’ve been able to keep the still images the same size (kb) if not smaller than the images we were previously serving up that we’re smaller in pixel size. 

View some recent productions at

This update will apply to any NEW virtual tours that are created using the RTV Fusion virtual tour software and users will notice the increase in image quality when comparing the sharpness of images in a previously created virtual tour.  This update will be most noticeable when viewing a virtual tour in HD Full Screen mode. While we won’t be making any edits to previously created virtual tours, any user that would like to take advantage of this update are encouraged to re-upload the still images of any previously created Fusion tour to take advantage of the higher resolution.

For those of you that are blazing your own trail and have your favorite settings for stills and panoramas we’ve created our new MySize feature.  Before you publish your images to the Fusion servers simply check on the MySize button and the Fusion system will not attempt to optimize or resize your images in any way.  We have given you FULL CONTROL of your image resolution and compression.

For those of you that are familiar with resizing images and applying compression please feel free to try out this new feature and send in examples of your productions to RTV for showing on the Home Page of our website.  For those of you that are new to this we encourage you to come to our MySize show or watch it online at

Uploading images that are too large in KB size will result in your productions opening much slower than desired and in turn your customers not being happy with you.  There’s a fine balance between an amazing looking presentation and the time one will wait.  We believe very strongly that Fusion is the world’s finest and most elegant looking virtual tour platform.  If you allow RTV to manage your compression and image size we’re certain that your customers will say the same. Use our new MySize feature only if you’re 100% certain that you’re capable of balancing image size and compression with load times.

Keep your eyes out for more updates coming real soon from RTV!

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