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New From RPM Marketing – Fall in Love Series

Fall is officially upon us now and it’s time to let your customers “Fall in Love” with your virtual tour services all over again with some very special promotions.

This month we have four pieces for you to choose from to announce your special services and unique fall promotions.  From our one page leave behind, to a double sided flyer we’ve got you covered. Simply customize, print, and distribute!

Each of our pieces this month were created using Microsoft Publisher allowing for nicer looking marketing pieces, easier customization, and much more flexibility when doing your editing.

Moving forward we’ll be making all of our new marketing pieces using this format.  The pieces that we’ll be delivering to you will be much nicer than the ones that we’ve been able to make for you in the past due to the limitations of Microsoft Word.

Download these new pieces now at

Please don’t forget that you’ll need to download and install “Microsoft Publisher”.  We’re working very hard to keep new and fresh marketing pieces coming your way. 

Thanks for your continued support!

Team RTV

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Defining & Redefining Your Strategy

When we started our virtual tour company, we had a clearly defined strategy of building a local virtual tour business photographing North Georgia residential real estate virtual tours.  Instead, we ended up with a national virtual tour company providing healthcare virtual tours and vacation rental virtual tours to clients all over the country.

 Our strategy didn’t fail because we didn’t try hard enough to make it work.  Our strategy failed because there was a better path for us that emerged as a result of the obstacles we faced and overcame.

We thought that we would do a few vacation rental virtual tours and healthcare virtual tours as a way to make a little extra money while we waited for our North Georgia virtual tour real estate business to take off.  What happened instead was that the Healthcare virtual tours and vacation rental virtual tour business skyrocketed and our new strategy became crystal clear.  As a matter of fact, residential real estate virtual tours now make up about 5% of our business and healthcare and vacation rentals make up about 85%!!

We had a well thought out business plan and IT failed. WE didn’t fail because we never stopped moving forward.  It wasn’t that we didn’t try hard enough to make our intended strategy work but rather that as we pursued that initial strategy a better strategy emerged.  Henry Mintzberg describes this “emergent strategy” as a set of actions, or behavior, consistent over time, which resulted in “a realized pattern [that] was not expressly intended” in the original planning of strategy.

We have a thriving virtual tour business now simply because our initial plan was replaced by something more suited to our skills, experiences and lifestyle.  While business planning is valuable, any business should be flexible enough to take advantage of new and different opportunities as they appear.  We’ve heard the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” but we must remember that the saying doesn’t specify that we need to try the same thing over and over again if it’s not working.  The key to finding your strategy is to define and redefine as many times as necessary until you find the right one.

New From RTV Marketing – Spring Email Blast!

Hello RTV Virtual Tour Providers! Spring is JUST around the corner. Don’t waste any time right now and delay marketing your Fusion virtual tour system and professional photography services.  Most RTV virtual tour providers see the biggest push in the months of April through September.  This is your time to shine and show off your services and amazing virtual tour technology. 

If you have been putting off email marketing, wait no longer!  The time is now to join your local real estate board and let the members of your local real estate association know that you mean business.

Show off Fusion and all of the amazing features.  This email marketing pieces is easily customized using and we highly recommend that you put in some of your own unique features as well as a few samples to your best real estate presentation.  If you have not already done so we also highly recommend that you put together a fusion overview tour for your company like so:

Make sure you’re letting your customers and prospects know about amazing new features like AstroZoom, Lead Capture Tools, Fusion Slim (for those business owners), and of course we want you to show off your full motion video skills!  Good luck out there RTV!

RTV, Inc
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Professional Photographer VS Realtor

Andre Carriere, owner and operator of this locally owned business
specializes in Professional Real Estate and Property Photography.
Andre Carriere is a professional photographer based in Bracebridge,
Muskoka and shoots HD virtual tours of Listings or Projects. In the video below

RealEstateTalkShow host Erin McCoy has a photo taking contest with Andre Carriere an RTV virtual tour provider to see how important it is to have a professional photographer take real estate photos to help sell the home.  Check out this video now!!

Virtual Tour Visions is part of the worlds largest network for Virtual Tour Providers. Our propriety software is number one in the world. We are backed by the best in the business and always on top of the newest technology to hit the market.

Andre is currently shooting with professional Nikon equipment and industry leading software to produce the best quality interactive virtual tours, photography and HD Video. Andre has the trained eyes for capturing your products in their best light, angles with the proper composition and also using the latest in photography to get stunning results. VTV images have been featured in many home publications.

Andre Carriere
Virtual Tour Visions
Order a virtual tour: 705-644-1144

Five Tips for Better Use of Mobile Tools

Tablets, smartphones and cloud computing, oh my! Five tips for better use of mobile tools when meeting with clients:

When it comes to mobile technology, the numbers tell half the story. Apple sold over 25 million iPhones last year. IDC estimates 166,000,000 tablets will sell worldwide in 2013. Even modest e-readers are selling faster than ever. Take a walk through an airport or drive down a highway to witness how consumed we’ve become with our little, mobile screens.

Oh, and the apps, right? Hundreds of thousands of tiny little programs that make our products sing, dance, store, share and spend our way to a better life. We love apps – at least fifty of them, or so – that make our day easier. Who can beat the price, either? Free, mostly, or a few dollars. Long live the app!

Now comes the hard part: If everyone’s looking at their screens, how can we do the most important part of our job: Earning trust with our virtual tour clients. Which, as you might suspect, involves looking someone in the eye.

Selling virtual tours to real estate agents and local business owners is pretty simple: build rapport, identify a need, demonstrate how you fill that need. The rest is pricing and process, which are meaningless if the first parts don’t go well. Price and process look great on screen – slides, pdf’s, videos to explain and entice – but we must be careful not to disconnect ourselves from the person too early by injecting our tablets.

Even an iPad doesn’t work without a human touch.

That’s why we’ve collected five simple ideas to help you use mobile tools to enhance your virtual tour sales activities, without getting in the way of making contact with the person who will eventually shake your hand.

  • Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. The most important thing about using any mobile technology with clients is timing. Depending upon your sales cycle, you need to position technology at the right moment, for the right reason. For example, a real estate broker might want to have an iPad in-hand, ready to reference, when taking existing clients to see homes. Referencing the database, photos, maps and videos in real-time enhances their ability to explain features and benefits of each home. On the other hand, a salesperson might want to reserve their tablet until the end of the process, at an open house: Greeting prospective buyers with a smile and kind words to put them at ease will make it more likely they’ll take their time touring the home. They can tap their email address into your tablet on the way out, when it’s a barrier to leaving (not entering). The same holds true for similar retail experiences, as well.
  • A Picture, Not a Thousand Words. The last thing customers want to do is read lots of words. Any presentation apps or content should contain few or no words. Pictures, videos, virtual tours, and graphics that convey a scene or emotional appeal create a backdrop for a discussion. Some things are better said than read. Images should be full screen and easy to understand. Skip screenshots, especially if they’re small or fuzzy:  Go online entirely if you must show a web tool and use the Fusion virtual tour system to make a full presentation about your virtual tour business. It works GREAT!
  • Less is. You know the ending to that one, right? Which proves the point. You don’t need to fill up the time together with endless slides, videos, content, and use of apps. Use the tablet only where most important to enhance a message or meaning. Otherwise, talk. Maybe even use a pencil and paper, too.
  • Be One with The Folder. Before meeting with a client, put everything you might possibly need in one folder. Think ahead to any slides, pictures, charts, videos, forms, whatever you might need to reference, and collect it into a single folder. Nothing is more distracting to customers – and damaging to your conversation’s momentum – than suddenly having to hunt-swipe-tap your way through multiple screens to find something to reinforce your discussion.
  • Let their fingers do the talking. The beautiful thing about tablets is their simplicity, even for novices. Which also makes them perfect tools for getting customers involved. Launch your fusion presentation or website or photo library, and hand over your tablet. Let the customer explore, while you sit back and watch. Take mental notes about what catches their attention, then adjust your conversation to incorporate it. No matter what you sell, giving customers your tablet during your time together also conveys a subtle message: To earn their trust, give some of yours, first.

Your “presentation” isn’t your “presentation materials” simply arranged all shiny and neat on a tablet. Make sure you can create a conversation, listening, verifying and then conveying solutions without materials (this holds true for paper, too!). Then think of the right times and right types of content your tablet might display, to enhance the discussion. First arrange your thoughts, then arrange your tools, and you’ll ultimately arrange the best experience for your virtual tour clients every time.

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