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Potomac, Maryland Photographer Receives T4 Accreditation

tinyt43 Deborah Stevens of Potomac, Maryland has worked in the photography industry since 1971. She started as a freelancer for sporting events, commercial real estate, and portrait clients and hasn’t looked back. In 2002 she added realtor to her list of abilities. As a realtor and a virtual tour photographer Deborah can provide her clients as well as RTV’s clients with professional quality imagery in the Maryland/Washington D.C. markets. She joined the RTV network in 2014 and has utilized our virtual tour system successfully since.

As part of her T4 certification Deborah has learned to produce high quality Google tours for businesses as well. These tours are unique as they are visible on a businesses Google profile in search results. While most Google photographers are unable to get the best quality on their tours, T4 accredited photographers receive advanced training to avoid the common pitfalls often seen in these tours.

Deborah works hard to provide great quality photography and virtual tours for her clients. RTV is proud to grant her T4 accreditation, and we know she will continue to provide the best images for her clients.

If you need a virtual tour of your home, real estate listings, or businesses in the Potomac or Washington D.C. area give her a call to learn which options are best for you.

Congratulations Deborah, and thank you for your hard work!

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Deborah Stevens

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New From Rock Pointe Marketing Center

This month we’ll revisit a few of our older virtual tour marketing pieces and give them a nice facelift.  These three pieces were originally made for our Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software platform but we’ve revamped them with a new look and feel along with updated information pertaining to RTV’s advanced Fusion virtual tour system.

We think you’ll enjoy sending out the two flyers and postcards this Winter to keep your brand ‘front and center’ in your customers eyes.  Remember that if you have not done a virtual tour for a customer in three months you should send out a postcard, direct email, make a phone call, or plan a visit to their office to say hello. If you have not done business with anyone in over a year they’re most likely not a customer anymore.

We cant stress enough the importance of your continual marketing plan.  Do you have one?  Remember that you’ll need Microsoft Publisher to customize and edit these three marketing pieces.

As a reminder please keep your eyes open for this month’s webinar lineup and from the RTV marketing team we sincerely thank you for your business.

Login now to your account and snag these awesome Winter marketing pieces.

Let’s have a great 2014!

Team RTV

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Tour Track 2014 – Getting Ready For More!!

Are you ready to make more money with your RTV virtual tour system than ever before?  Are you aware that RTV is sending out hundreds of tour track dispatches to our professional photographers all the time?  If you’re not properly setup in our new Fusion virtual tour system you’re missing out on several thousand dollars a year in revenue that could be yours for the taking.

With new large accounts coming in at a faster pace than ever before you’ll want to be on this show so the Tour Track department can get you ‘On Track’. During this show the team will assist you with creating an account, setting up your profile, and finding jobs in your traveling area. We’ll also be discussing the necessary tools that we recommend you have for receiving jobs as well as a whole new set of standards and expectations that some of our new accounts require.

Make sure you attend this show as it will cover the key elements that you need to get started, such as:

• Creating a descriptive profile so that Tour Track can match you with the perfect jobs.
• Setting up your personal Gallery of tours and photography work. We will show you how to get creative!
• Creating a tour, starting from uploading your photos to completing the order.
• How to add voice-overs and other extras to your tours so that they look professional.
• The basic layout and features of your Tour Track system.
•  Devices, software, and tools you should have in your arsenal
• Answering your frequently asked questions.
• The Do’s and Dont’s while on a shoot
• When to walk away or contact RTV
• Other great tips!

Even if you were receiving tour track orders in our 4.0 virtual tour system you’ll need to take a few minutes to setup your new Fusion Tour Track profile.  With more national hotel chains signing up with RTV the standards for quality are beginning to change on some of these more lucrative accounts.  Please join myself and Gabe Clark on October 1st 2013 for a full one hour overview on our Fusion Tour Track system and what’s expected of you when you’re on site.

See you there!   Register for this show NOW in your TMS!!

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New From RPM Marketing – Fall in Love Series

Fall is officially upon us now and it’s time to let your customers “Fall in Love” with your virtual tour services all over again with some very special promotions.

This month we have four pieces for you to choose from to announce your special services and unique fall promotions.  From our one page leave behind, to a double sided flyer we’ve got you covered. Simply customize, print, and distribute!

Each of our pieces this month were created using Microsoft Publisher allowing for nicer looking marketing pieces, easier customization, and much more flexibility when doing your editing.

Moving forward we’ll be making all of our new marketing pieces using this format.  The pieces that we’ll be delivering to you will be much nicer than the ones that we’ve been able to make for you in the past due to the limitations of Microsoft Word.

Download these new pieces now at

Please don’t forget that you’ll need to download and install “Microsoft Publisher”.  We’re working very hard to keep new and fresh marketing pieces coming your way. 

Thanks for your continued support!

Team RTV

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Defining & Redefining Your Strategy

When we started our virtual tour company, we had a clearly defined strategy of building a local virtual tour business photographing North Georgia residential real estate virtual tours.  Instead, we ended up with a national virtual tour company providing healthcare virtual tours and vacation rental virtual tours to clients all over the country.

 Our strategy didn’t fail because we didn’t try hard enough to make it work.  Our strategy failed because there was a better path for us that emerged as a result of the obstacles we faced and overcame.

We thought that we would do a few vacation rental virtual tours and healthcare virtual tours as a way to make a little extra money while we waited for our North Georgia virtual tour real estate business to take off.  What happened instead was that the Healthcare virtual tours and vacation rental virtual tour business skyrocketed and our new strategy became crystal clear.  As a matter of fact, residential real estate virtual tours now make up about 5% of our business and healthcare and vacation rentals make up about 85%!!

We had a well thought out business plan and IT failed. WE didn’t fail because we never stopped moving forward.  It wasn’t that we didn’t try hard enough to make our intended strategy work but rather that as we pursued that initial strategy a better strategy emerged.  Henry Mintzberg describes this “emergent strategy” as a set of actions, or behavior, consistent over time, which resulted in “a realized pattern [that] was not expressly intended” in the original planning of strategy.

We have a thriving virtual tour business now simply because our initial plan was replaced by something more suited to our skills, experiences and lifestyle.  While business planning is valuable, any business should be flexible enough to take advantage of new and different opportunities as they appear.  We’ve heard the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” but we must remember that the saying doesn’t specify that we need to try the same thing over and over again if it’s not working.  The key to finding your strategy is to define and redefine as many times as necessary until you find the right one.