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Keeping things Cracking in a Down Economy

360realhometours is enjoying our 8th year as a Belmar virtual tour provider. I tell you things just keep getting better all the time. I love you RTV for making so many enhancements to the virtual tour software this year. I love that I’m able to keep a high level of excitement about my virtual tour company. Hey, does the market suck out there, yeah it does but stick to your business plan and work on getting referrals and the order will keep on coming in. Remember what Jerry said on the show!

In this tight market with all the competition you must make certain your virtual tour images are impeccable and you WILL get the referrals. Every other day I’ll get a phone call or email and I’m always pleasantly surprised when it is a new realtor or agent and when I ask them how they heard of me it is ALWAYS from another agent. RTV’s superior product with your skills as a photographer (Maybe a little ShutterBot?) combined with solid customer relations WILL bring in the virtual tour business even in a down economy. Offer your customers the very best virtual tour product/service you can deliver and the referrals will come.

If you receive a referral do not forget to send a quick “thank you” email to the agent sending that virtual tour business your way. Stay in touch with all your customers anyway you can. Send quick brief update emails and include anyone you’ve done a virtual tour for. As RTV providers we have a ton of great extra products that can be sent to your customers as updates on a regular basis. Use these as methods of staying in touch. If you are in a particular area or region of your state on certain days send an email letting that customer know you will be in their area in case they need a virtual tour.

I’ve obtained quick VT business that way and it is a show of good customer relations and will always get a thank you back from the realtor. Very best luck out there…back to creating more virtual tours!


Zivko Grcic
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The House Hunt Is On

Part 2:  The Three-Part Story Leading Up To The Launch of a Colorado Springs Virtual Tour Company.

Before we left to Colorado, we were introduced to our soon to be realtor, Pam Palone of RE/MAX Properties, Inc.  From the time we were introduced, she had a custom website for us to keep tabs on properties in the Colorado Springs area that we may be interested in.  She was there day or night if we had any questions along the way.  As far as she knew, we were just as opt to rent instead of buy.   Pam’s concern was that our move to Colorado was smooth and she was there to help us out along the way regardless of purchasing decisions.

The next eight days were filled with driving around Colorado Springs, MLS reports, driving some more, viewing property after property, driving some more, and finally learning that eight days just isn’t enough time to pick out a place to purchase.  The recurring theme was that most of the MLS reports had very few, if any, pictures.  Driving around was the only option to see what many of these properties were really like.  The more we drove around and the more I got to talk with Pam about being a virtual listing professional, the more I knew that this is something I had to do.

We finally settled on a house and after a many negotiations our offer was accepted.   Now that the hard part was done, I had time on my hands.  After days of research and googling for virtual tour software, I e-mailed Real Tour Vision enquiring about the Full Service provider program.   Shortly after hitting submit on the email button, I had a call from a 231 area code.  My first reaction was, “How in the world did a telemarketer get my number?”  Upon answering the call I hear, “Dan, this is Real Tour Vision here, how are you?”

Over the next few minutes, Jason took the time to answer many questions for me.  Never once did he pressure me for a sale.  He asked if he could call me back in a week and informed me he was sending me some additional information.  The thing that impressed me most about RTV that day was that Jason challenged me to check out any RTV virtual tour provider out there, the blog, all of his references, and the Better Business Bureau. They came out extremely clean which told me that they treat their customers right.

Next blog:   “Launching That Business Is More Than Photos!”

Dan Derby
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