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Rock Hill, South Carolina Virtual Tour Provider

Southern Virtual Images - Rock Hill, SCSouthern Virtual Images has recently selected RTV, INC virtual tour software to drive their digital marketing service. RTV is the world’s largest virtual tour software provider. As an RTV full service provider, Southern Virtual Images will be able to offer state-of-the-art virtual tours and innovative online marketing solutions to local real estate agents and businesses. Southern Virtual Images has completed proprietary training and will also be offering their clients and customers expert advice on Internet marketing.

Joy Cassidy owner of Southern Virtual Images stated, ‘We offer the very best interactive 360 virtual tours, still photography, and property marketing tools. Come look your best online!  We specialize in Real Estate Photography for Charlotte, North Carolina areas and Upper South Carolina communities of Tega Cay, Lake Wylie, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, York and surrounding cities.

I have been a local artist and past President of the Yorkville Artists’ Guild. With my artistic eye and passion for photography and real estate, I can produce a virtual tour that will be sure to help sell your real estate listing or product faster.”

Joy Cassidy
Southern Virtual Images
Rock Hill Virtual Tours
Owner & Photographer
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Happy Labor Day Weekend RTV!

Labor Day by itself differs from every other holiday in that it is not connected to any one man, battle, race or religion. It is a celebration of our workers economic achievements and is an annual tribute to the contributions they have made to the prosperity and strength of our country.

On behalf of all of the virtual tour providers around the world at we wish our clients and clients to be a very happy Labor Day weekend. It is your contributions and belief in our virtual tour software, professional photography services, staff, and products that allows us to make you and your virtual tour business stronger with every day.

Happy Labor Day 2013! Enjoy the long weekend.


Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training
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Sharing Agents Now Live

Here at RTV, we are always trying to give you a better experience with virtual tour creation and this means making necessary changes to improve our virtual tour system. A function / feature that has been requested and talked about often among our customers is the ability to share FSD Agents and Owners within Fusion. This is now LIVE and available in your online virtual tour software

Now FSD agents can be shared using their e-mail by simply clicking the “Share Agent” and “Share Owner” buttons within the Agents and Owner manage sections. Doing so will allow two FSDs in the same area to share an FSD agent or owner. If you are an Agent and would like to work with two separate FSDs, you
will now have the option to share using just one e-mail address.  The secondary FSD will have limited abilities to alter the Agent and Owner account information; however this will allow an agent profile, RSS feed, Map, and virtual tour gallery to reflect all of the virtual tours created for them.

Creating virtual tours with RTV just keeps getting better every day! If you have not checked us out lately take a peek at our latest works of art in our virtual tour gallery: 

RTV provides professional photographers more options for their photography than any other digital marketing system on the market today. We always welcome new ideas and love to hear from our customers. Anytime you have feedback, let us know and we’ll continue offering the best virtual tour software in the world!

Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training
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The IMAGE 48 – The Photographers Best Friend

The IMAGE photography talkshowThe virtual tour business does not allow for any wasted time. Especially when it comes down to shooting four to six real estate virtual tours a day. Don’t you just love it when you find something that makes your life easier.  It becomes some an integral part of your everyday life that you start to wonder how did I live without this device.  Well, I have found one of those and I want to share it with you.

This device is designed for every photographer, including:  Architectural, Panoramic, Portrait, Aerial/Elevated, Landscape, Wedding, Event, Nature, Sports, Travel, Commercial, and on and on the list goes.  No, we’re not talking about the ShutterBot here either.

I am sure you’re asking, “What does this device do?”

Join me, Ben Knorr, as I share a very special device with you that will change your work flow forever and and make your life easier.
Join us September 10th, 2013 at 7pm Eastern for…The IMAGE 48 – The photographers Best Friend. 
Register NOW in your virtual tour manager.

See you there!

Thank You,
Ben Knorr

Virtual Tour Software & Professional Restaurant Photography
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Houston Twilight Photography

We recently picked up a couple of new virtual tour clients in a certain marketing area that have been actually looking for me the past few months… Michaels Photography Studio, a Houston Virtual Tour Company,  does not do a lot of outside marketing but we concentrate on marketing through our present clients.

They loved the look of our twilight photography and they wanted that look for them as well.  Here is the problem… after be someone’s primary Virtual Tour Provider in Houston, Texas for years, your work becomes their work.. so if you do a job for another client in the same community then the photos that you take might look like a certain agent.

This is where we were a month ago.  We tried really hard to explain that the photos we take are not any one agent but are the photographers likeness.  It is like having a business card that you hand out.  It is unique to you and you alone.  No one else in the Houston area has a twilight look like ours.  Trust us… We checked!  We take a unique approach to creating the certain look for our twilights.  So if you are an agent down in Houston and you come across a twilight image It will make you think it was shot by Michaels Photography Studio.  This is a great thing for us. 

We are very well pleased with what the RTV Virtual Tour Minds have done with their new Fusion virtual tour software system. There is soooooo much that RTV offers.  It has really brought our Virtual Tour Photography business to the NEXT LEVEL!

Thank you RTV!

Michael Stolte
Michaels Photography Studio
Houston Virtual Tour Company