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Floor Plans Made EASY — Too Easy!

 I hate being new at something.  I love learning new things but I hate that period between trying something new and being competent at it.

When I first saw the demonstration of Magic Plan at the RTV national convention, I was blown away and immediately saw the value of adding floor plans to our vacation rental virtual tours.  I was very enthusiastic until my husband informed me that his plate was full with photographing and building virtual tours and that if we were going to add floor plans, I was going to have to learn how to use the floor plan software.

Another RTV provider showed me how easy it was but I was intimidated and overwhelmed by the thought of learning something new.  I am NOT a detail person.  I am NOT a techie person.  I am NOT good at spacial orientation.  And like I said, I DON’T  like being new at something so I set the idea of offering floor plans on the back burner for almost a year.

One of our big clients called and asked if we could do floor plans for her 35 properties – I said no.  Then another of our big clients said they wanted to do floor plans for their 115 properties – I said maybe.  Then a huge client I have been trying to close for 5 years called and wanted to know if we could do floor plans for their 185 properties– and I said well of course we can and set out to figure out how to do floor plans.

The first one took me FOUR HOURS.  I could not figure out how the pieces fit together, I could not visualize how the doors and windows and plumbing fit.  The second one took me two hours but after about the third one, it all clicked.

In the past 30 days, we have done 76 floor plans so far!  For this client, we are doing mostly floor plans and still photography and on smaller condos or houses, I can get in and out of the house in not much longer than it takes Greg to shoot the stills. We just did a floor plan for a 12 bedroom house and I was finished in less than two hours even on that.

RTV provides us with the best virtual tour software available but just as importantly, they provide us with the tools and relationships we need to grow our Charleston virtual tour business.  I would never have known about Magic Plan without RTV forging a relationship with them.  Floor plans are certainly not going to replace what we are currently doing but they are an additional weapon in our arsenal that has allowed us to take our virtual tour business — and our income — to new levels.

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Choosing the Best Tripod For Your Camera

When it comes to professional photography, having a stable camera and a solid tripod is crucial if you want to produce the best photos. The cost of a tripod really depends on the name brand, features, and quality of material used. Technically you could go to Wal-Mart and purchase an inexpensive tripod for $30 but you are not going to get a professional product for that price and nor will you get professional looking virtual tour photography either.

So what should you look for when purchasing a tripod and is spending the extra money worth it? Let’s look! A recommended tripod is the Vanguard Tracker LT-28 series. This one can be purchased online for just a little over $100 and it is worth every penny. Built out of sturdy aluminum, this tripod can hold a lot of weight without causing you a backache due to heavy lifting.  Since it only weighs about 1lb, this is a great choice for traveling to different locations. Featuring a quick-flip leg lock and hexagon-shaped center column, the Tracker will be able to hold your heavier gear with ease.

A professional tripod must be able to adjust and be fine tuned so that you can take the perfect shots and setup those nice shooting angles. Even if you are looking to take photos low to the ground, you can adjust the tripod to three different angles. The Tracker LT-28 series has a SBH 100 ball one, which is one fluid-like ball head that rotates 360 degrees and allows fine tuning. The tripod itself also features tension adjustments for the legs, large foam grips, a patented premium magnesium die-cast canopy, and non-slip rubber feet. All of these great features create an unshakable foundation and will help you produce professional photos.

So when you are searching for your next piece of photography equipment, make sure that you have a stable tripod and that you pay attention to the fine details. You will be happy that you did and your virtual tours will look better than ever!

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The IMAGE 51 – Methods to Maximize Your Profit

RTV WebinarsAs virtual tour photographers we make our living off of photography and virtual tours.  Like any business, when we sell our photography and virtual tours services, we need to make a profit.  I am sure that most of us would like to make as much profit as we can.  Well, don’t you?

There are several factors that contribute to our profitability.  We have photography equipment we need to maintain, computer equipment that we spend more time fixing than using, websites, internet services, business cards, forms, vehicles that need gas ($$$) and maintenance, our time, travel, and on and on the list goes.
But we are not going to focus on these things.

In this IMAGE webinar series “Methods to Maximize Your Profit” we are going to focus on photography methods that directly affect your profit margins.  Whether you shoot quick turn virtual tours for a lower price or you shoot high end property virtual tours and business virtual tours, we will address many different photography methods that will enhance everyone’s profitability through this IMAGE webinar series.

Dan Conklin, an RTV virtual tour photographer, will be our special guest in the first IMAGE webinar of this series, as we show you how many tips and tricks of the trade that allow you to MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS. 

Join me, Ben Knorr, your IMAGE webinar host and our special guest, Dan Conklin of on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 for the IMAGE 51 the first IMAGE webinar in our new series – Methods to Maximize Your Profit. 

Register now in your TMS!

See you there!

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World’s Best Floor Plan Maker

When building a virtual tour of a real estate property, adding a floor plan can be a great selling point and provides additional information to potential buyers. A floor plan is the best way to show off the dimensions of a property, while showing the exact layout of a home or building. A floor plan can easily be uploaded to a 360 Home Tour within the RTV Fusion virtual tour software and if you do not have one created, it is simple and fast with the MagicPlan App from the Apple or Droid Play Store.

MagicPlan is one of the top rated floor plan apps for iPad, iPhone, and Droid devices. This easy-to-use app allows you to walk around a location and map out each area using the interactive 3D interface and augmented reality. By using your mobile device at a property, you can work on your photography AND the floor plan during the same session. This makes creating a real estate tour so much easier for you and your clients. MagicPlan is user friendly and is integrated within our virtual tour system so that once you have your interactive floor plan created, you can quickly sync it up with the corresponding virtual tour that you are working on. Talk about easy!

The days of drawing out a floor plan by hand and spending hours on the computer are over and RTV is here to make sure you stay updated with the latest in property marketing technology to make your life easier. Next time you are asked to add a floor plan to a virtual home tour, you will feel more confident in saying “YES I CAN!”

Create incredibly accurate interactive floor plans in a fraction of the
time it takes your competitors. To see the finished product in action,
click the following link:

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Goodbye XP

At this point, I’m sure you are aware that the Windows XP game will be ending on April 8, 2014. And, just like a simple pawn can sneak up and attack your king, this deadline is approaching and could mean game over if you don’t act first and make your move.  Your virtual tour company could depend on you taking action here real soon!

Windows XP and Office 2003 will go out of support on April 8, 2014. If your virtual tour business has not started the migration to a modern desktop, you are already late. To ensure you remain on supported versions of Windows and Office, you should begin your planning and application testing immediately to ensure you deploy before this deadline and the end of support.

Technical assistance and automatic updates will no longer be an option leaving your king vulnerable to attack from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software, which can steal your personal information.

Feel free to give the RTV Support team a call if you have an older system that needs to be updated.  We’ll be sure to do our best to help you update your OS or computer before April.

Thank you all for you continued support!  Let’s have a great year.


RTV Support Staff

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